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MIOWN, PA 17022-2227 

E-Town students show their support Jen Benton and Brian Frost make 
for both the soccer players and the lemonade at Homecoming, 
homecoming court. 

2 Opening 

Simply the 

". . . This is the time to remember 

cause it will not last forever. 

This is the day 

to hold on to 

Cause we won't 

Although we'll want to . . ." 

"This Is The Time" by Billy Joel 

© 1986 JOEL SONGS 

All Rights Controlled and Administered by EMI 


All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. Used 

by Permission 

Goalie, Rick Saulle 
lent save at one of 

makes an excel- 
the many home 

Opening 3 

4 Opening 







Kelly Keane heads back to her room Mark Coassolo and Stephanie Cox 
after one of her classes. hang out in the BSC lounge between 


Opening 5 

Tammy Levengood considers buying 
beads at the Midway. 

Homecoming activities culminated 
with the announcement of Jennifer 
Benton and Dane Delozier as queen 
and king. 

Karen Haldeman, Katie Savare, and 
Mike Tillyer head toward the Jay's 
Nest for a snack. 

6 Opening 

Opening 7 

8 Opening 

At Homecoming, Tracy Seiler lends 
a hand to her club in tie-dying. 

Once the bleachers are full, many 
people choose a closer view of the 

Ronni Bell takes time to read her 

Opening 9 

Ravi Patel studies in the Hess Gal- 
lery in Zug Hall. 

10 Opening 

Fred Noble and Heidi Perry broad- 
cast live from homecoming midway. 

Opening 1 1 

Jen Riley and Ron Demby serenade 
the homecoming crowd at the Mid- 

12 Opening 

Ann McClure, Dale Zeigler, and Col- 
leen Ehret brave E-Town weather to 
support the baseball team. 

Opening 1 3 

Sujatha Pupala, Molly Greist, Jen 
Fidler, and Emily Foster enjoy the 
food, fun, and friends that can al- 
ways be found at the Midway at 

14 Opening 

, Students walk to their next classes 
during an afternoon at E-Town. 

Opening 1 5 

1 6 Special Events 


illizabethtown once again held traditional annual special 
events such as Parent's Weekend, Homecoming, Convoca- 
tion, TGIS, the Jr-Sr Dinner Dance, and holiday dinners. 

This fall, the college sponsored the "Changing Brain" Sym- 
posium. There were no classes held the day of the symposium 
in order to give students, faculty, staff, and community mem- 
bers the opportunity to attend the event. It worked because 
Gibble Auditorium was packed with people waiting to hear 
specialists in the field of psychology lecture. 

Special events such as AIDS Awareness Week and Alcohol 
Awareness Week were also sponsored again with a wide 
variety of related activities. 

The Second Annual Spring Arts Festival was held and 
included a variety of activities including a juried art ex- 
hibition, an art sale, jewelry-making, a photography contest, 
and a battle of the bands event which featured local bands 
made up of students form the college. 

Through events such as 
been Simply Spectacular. 

President Speigler welcomes stu- 
dents and faculty. 


September 25, 1991 marked the 92nd Convocation at 
Elizabethtown College. Convocation signifies the beginning 
of the academic year with a collage of welcome addresses, 
speeches, and music. The ceremony, which acknowledges 
student scholars and professors, is open to all students and is 
held during a Wednesday at 10. The guest speaker for this 
year's event was Dr. Jacob Neusner who addressed the stu- 
dents and faculty along with President Speigler. Everyone left 
the ceremony with high hopes for a great 1991-92 school term. 

Two students provide musical en- 
tertainment for the ceremony. 

Professors join in the pomp and cir- 
cumstance of Convocation. 

1 8 Special Events 

udents and faculty fill Brinser Lec- 
re Hall in preparation for the sym- 
)sium presentations. 


The Congress of the United States designated the 1990's as the 
"Decade of the Brain". In recognition of this, Ehzabethtown 
College sponsored a series of lectures and discussions bringing 
scientists, professionals, scholars, and lay people together to 
reduce the bridge between research and practice in our knowl- 
edge of the brain. 

On November 19, 1991, classes and laboratories were cancel- 
led so that students, faculty, and staff were free to observe the 
Fall Symposium sessions. William T. Greenough, Ph.D., offered 
a plenary session entitled "The Developing Brain", which ex- 
plored the development and life-long plasticity of the brain. 
James L. McGaugh, Ph.D., explained the Adult Brain and 
Michela Gallagher, Ph.D., explored the Aging Brain. Finally, 
musicians from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 
Ethnomusicology Program performed music of non-western cul- 

To maintain the theme of the Fall Symposium and to follow- 
up on the highly technical presentations, the Wednesday at 10 on 
November 20, 1991 presented a panel discussion on "The Dec- 
ade of the Brain". 

Michela Gallagher, Ph.D. explains 
her view of the changing brain. 

Special Events 1 9 


The vacuum cleaners are humming, there's a huge line in 
the laundry room, and E-town students are busily running up 
and down the hallways. This could only mean one thing — the 
parents are coming. Yes, Parents Weekend ascended upon us 
once again. 

A talent show which was once again sponsored by APB, was 
held during the weekend. The large audience was entertained 
by a comic lip sync and dance group, as well as various 
soloists and piano compositions. 

As is college tradition the annual Parent of the Year Award 
was presented by the Parents Council. This year's recipients 
were Mr. and Mrs. Lesh, the parents of Jayne Lesh, who is a 
junior at E-town. 

Beside the traditional weekend festivities, an added at- 
traction visited E-town. Many people gathered at the high 
school in order to see Ken Richard in his portrayal of Mark 

APB calls for a final curtain call as Julie Urland singing for all the world 
the audience gives the participants a to hear, 
standing ovation. 

20 Special Events 

Carmella Hoppie, Udochi Amachi, Ferd Bikle, Paul Chell, and Mike 
and fellow member make up the Bardzik rock the house as US. 
dance group, Chill Out Charlie. 

Special Events 2 1 


Homecoming '91 was an exciting day for both alumni and 
current students. The activities at midway and the many 
sporting events were all great successes. Faculty, friends, and 
family joined students by participating in the many events 

The court consisted of freshman Marc Herrick and Voula 
Kyriakopoulos, sophmores Edward Savino and Tracy Seiler, 
juniors Donald Blyler and Dierdre Hendrie, and seniors Scott 
Helsel, Mike Testani, Angela Maxton, and Udochi Amachi. 
Jennifer Benton and Dane DeLozier were crowned Queen 
and King of 1991. 

The Brotherhood of Blue won their game by a score of 1-0. 
The game's single goal was scored by junior Pat Walsh. 

Homecoming evening included a buffet style dinner and 
Roberta Flack concert. All of the participants in Homecoming 
'91 will hold the day as a fond memory. 

Four alumni were honored with 
awards during the men's soccer half- 
time festivities. 

22 Special Events 

E-town's Tony Suozzo fights Hav- 
rford's David Felson to gain pos- 
ession of the ball. 

Myer dorm council joins in on all of 
the action by selling cotton candy. 

Special Events 23 

One of the Homecoming Queen Phil Good, assistant men's soccer 
nominees, Angela Maxton, was es- coach, receives one of the many 
corted by Mike Bouscaren. awards presented. 

24 Special Events 

Special Events 25 

Tracy Raine makes Halloween a lit- Deb Hooker adds her support to the 
tie better for some kids. Halloween festivities. 

26 Special Events 

Augie Avecedo helps Michael 
McGinnis get ready to scare. 


Halloween at E-town was an unusually successful holiday 
this year. An unprecedented number of groups and organ- 
izations participated in the Halloween festivities. There were 
three different haunted houses across the campus for students 
and staff as well as the community to visit. The health center 
as well as parts of Zug and Esbenshade were transformed into 
rooms of horror and suspense. Pumpkin carving in the Dell 
brought not only students out of their rooms but also attracted 
many children from the community. 

Those students who attended the event not only decorated 
their own pumpkins but also assisted the kids present in 
creating a Halloween masterpiece. Halloween night brought 
much activity to campus as Schlosser and Royer, sponsored 
by Residence Life Council, handed out candy and goodies to 
all those dressed up for the evening. 

Other students and guests formed the live audience for the 
WWEC Live Halloween Radio Show, sponsored by the So- 
ciety of Collegiate Journalists. Scary stories and sound effects 
sent fright through the night. 

Augie Avecedo prowls the campus 
for potential victims. 

Heather Florin attacks a helpless vic- 

Special Events 27 


With eye-catching scenery, professional acting, and explo- 
sions that rocked the house, "Oh What a Lovely War" com- 
bined history and comedy into a wonderful night at the 
theatre. Under the direction of Michael Sevareid and tech- 
nical direction of Jim Hunter, the musical showed that 
Elizabethtown has a positive future in theatre. The long 
hours, tech rehearsals, and dedication proved successful with 
record attendance pushing the Alumni Auditorium to its full 
capacity every night the show was run. Congratulations to the 
cast and crew of this production for making history an en- 
joyable experience. 

The English, portrayed by Marc 
Ahrens, Marty Rapp, Sandy Warren, 
and Celia Lemming, try to listen in 
on the German's plans. 

28 Special Events 

Erik Rommel and Luke Livingston 
catching a sneak peek at their 
;nemy's war plans. 

11 Murray, a Serbian spy, insults Marty Rapp doesn't believe Marc 
the Archduke Ferdinand's wife. Ahren's plan is good enough to de- 

feat the Germans. 

Special Events 29 

Debbie Shafer and Augie Avecedo Coach Roderick helps serve the stu- 
are happy to spend their Thanks- dents, 
giving dinner with close friends. 

30 Special Events 


Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends. Two weeks 
before the actual Thanksgiving day, the Elizabethtown Col- 
lege family joined in their annual dinner. The students 
dressed-up and prepared for a relaxing meal to be served by 
their own professors. 

The cafeteria was transformed into a beautiful dining room, 
complete with candlelight and tablecloths. The meal included 
everything from turkey with all the trimmings to cider and 
pumpkin pie. 

An enjoyable evening was had by all who attended, in- 
cluding the professors who volunteered their time to help out 
with the annual tradition. 

Deb Hooker and Renee Zeigler relax 
after the sumptuous meal. 

Special Events 31 


It/ Mi A 

"Us" provides musical entertain- 
ment in the Dell. 

Dancers perform in Thompson 
Gymnasium for the Spring Arts Fes- 


This spring, students had the opportunity to experience not 
only the artistic ability of their fellow classmates, but also the 
talents of many guest performers. Two weekends were de 
voted completely to the Arts; these were the Instrumental 
Music Spring Symposium and the Spring Arts Festival. 

The Symposium included concerts, clinics, seminars, and 
demonstrations, which allowed Elizabethtown's musically 
gifted students to work and perform with experts in the world 
of music. The symposium also provided music education and 
a source of relaxation for all students. 

The annual Spring Arts Festival provided musical enter-l 
tainment from some of our college-based bands. In additioni 
to this, there were also vendor stands and the presentation of 
the spring production. 

32 Special Events 

The student band. Velvet Elvis, per- 
formed for students and parents in 
the Dell. 

Special Events 33 

34 Special Events 


Lights, camera, and action; that is what drew "Merton" out 
of the country and into the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. 
"Merton of the Movies" typifies the struggle of the movie 
business; as well as, the tricks producers used to satisfy the 
actors, the audience, and themselves. 

The production of "Merton of the Movies" was attractive 
to the audience by the use of elaborate sets and lighting. A 
particularly effective element was the silent movies and their 
use of strobe lights. The audience was especially responsive to 
the relationship between "Merton" and "girl", which is at- 
tributed to the acting abilities of each member of the cast. 

Ed Lee, Heidi Carter, Michael 
Scharfenberger, and Lisa Tarsi pose 
in character after a long night under 
the lights. 

Phil Billoni practices his golf swing 
while on stage. 

Special Events 35 

John Lerch and Lisa Marie Hunter Seniors, Sherri Shaffer and Barbi 
take advantage of the bar. Moore, and their dates take time to 

pose for the camera. 

36 Special Events 


This year's Jr-Sr semi-formal was held on April 11,1 992 at 
the Marriot Hotel in Harrisburg. The evening included food, 
dancing, and friendship for the many students who par- 
ticipated in this year's event. The hotel served as a weekend 
get-away for many of the students, as they had the oppor- 
tunity to reserve a room for the evening; this meant that they 
had full access to all of the hotel's recreational facilities. A 
great time was had by all of the guests. The Junior Class is 
deserving of a huge amount of appreciation for their time and 
hard work in the preparation of the evening. 

Keith Monaco and his date dance 
the night away. 

Special Events 37 

The evening gave friends a chance to 
spend time together. 

38 Special Events 

Students await the commencement 
of dinner. 

Eight students clown around for the 

Special Events 39 


A college's excellence lies in the quality and involvement of 
its students. Elizabethtown is indeed fortunate to have the 
rich resource of committed and outstanding students. This 
ceremony, in some way, recognizes their contribution to that 
milieu which makes our college distinctive. No recognition 
can be comprehensive. Many of those who have helped make 
Elizabethtown College a special place are, of course, regret- 
fully omitted, but the gratitude of all in the College com- 
munity for their efforts is offered. 

Rebecca Wagner receives her award Joan Austin congratulates Dwight 
from Deb Rebman. Lefever for his award. 




40 Special Events 


Mr. Jack Hedrick gives an award to 
Debra Krause. 

Scott Helsel and Tracy Raine em- 
brace at the awards ceremony. 


Udochi Amachi happily receives her 
award from President Gerhard 

Special Events 41 

42 Special Events 

Rick Saulle takes his show on the 
road in hopes of reaching a larger 


The circus fun began Thursday afternoon as a clown hand- 
ed out helium balloons in an attempt to boost excitement and 
participation in the upcoming events. The TGIS weekend was 
packed full of activities and fun; from movies to a costume 
dance party. APB, sponsored several bands which performed 
in the Myer/Ober breezeway. Another popular event was the 
Scavenger Hunt sponsored by Residence Life Council. This 
years hunt had the largest number of participants and was the 
most successful yet. The traditional TGIS dinner was held in 
the gym which was transformed into a circus wonderland. 

Many people enjoyed the food under 
the big top. 

Special Events 43 

Students, family, and friends filled 
the church for the worship service. 


At 10 a.m. on May 23, the day of graduation festivities 
began with the annual senior worship service. This service 
was held at the Church of the Brethren and is conducted by 
and for graduating seniors, to give them one last opportunity 
to be in worship together. Many senior class members par- 
ticipated in this memorable event ranging in roles from sing- 
ing to speaking. Several graduates even shared special mem- 
ories of their college careers with the audience. Many tears 
were shed, but many smiles also appeared at this joyous time 
of celebration. 

Tonya Kramer reflects on her four 
years at Etown. 

"All things bright and beautiful"-the 
theme of the senior worship service. 


CLASS op 1992 

44 Special Events 


Dr. James Dively was the professor 
chosen to speak at the service. 


Dwight Lefever delivers his message. 

Brenda Norris performs at the ser- 

Special Events 45 

Seniors wait for the conferrence of 
their degrees. 

Graduates listen intently to the 
Commencement speaker. 


On May 23, 1992, the 89th Commencement at 
Elizabethtown College were held. The event took place in the 
Dell under hot and humid conditions. The commencement 
address was given by Ida K. Chen, Judge of the Court of 
Common Pleas of Philadelphia County. After her inspiring 
speech, Judge Chen was presented with an honorary degree 
and similar degrees were conferred upon Ernest W. Lefever 
and Malkia Roberts. 

The chosen Teacher of the Year was then announced; it was 
presented to Otis Kitchen, Professor of Music. 

The degrees of Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts 
were conferred upon approximately three hundred seniors. 
Although graduation brings many tears, for it marks the end 
of a student's college career, it also marks the beginning of a 
very bright future. 

46 Special Events 

Graduates show appreciation 
many different ways. 

A friend helps Jennifer Hester put on 
her academic hood. 

Special Events 47 

The Concert Band provided all mu- 
sical accompaniment for the festiv- 

Seniors applaud the Teacher of the 
Year, Otis KJtchen. 

48 Special Events 

Judge Ida K. Chen gave the com- 
mencement address. 

Maryann Lampart prepares to re- 
ceive her degree. 

AMSK^-W Graduates process into the Dell. 

Special Events 49 


50 Clubs 



Elizabethtown offers many opportunities for involvi 
ment through the numerous student organizations. The; 
clubs provide members of the college community wi 
insight and experiences in the activities and fields of th 

Clubs allow students to broaden their horizons by getting 
together with people who share a common interest or 
desire and get involved with things they are truly interested 
in or concerned about. They are also a good opportunity to 
network for the future. 

To gain recognition as a college club, a group of 
terested people must first submit a constitution to 
accepted by Student Senate. After this is passed by Stude 
Senate, the group officially becomes a club and from thei 
they must elect officers and plan 
meetings have been Simply Organiz 



This has been a good year for the senior class. They started 
out the year at Homecoming where they successfully sold 
their entire stock of t-shirts. The seniors then proceeded to 
beat last year's defending champions in the tug-of-war contest 
and became the reigning tug-of-war champions. Homecoming 
also provided the seniors with the opportunity to boast some 
of the best in their class. Dane Delozier and Jen Benton 
represented the senior class as Homecoming King and Queen, 

The senior class also sponsored a trip to Baltimore Inner 
Harbor during the first semester. The trip proved to be quite 
successful. There was a great turnout with 68 members of" the 
class attending. 

Spring Semester also proved to be a fun and exciting se- 
mester for the senior class. The class officers were in com- 
munication with the administration and planned a number of 
special class events including community service and proj- 

The Senior class decided to show appreciation to the college 
by buying a new Elizabethtown College sign for the corner of 
College Avenue and Mount Joy. 

Senior Class Officers-Herb Nix. Heather Frank, Scott Helsel, Ronni Bell. Junior Class Officers-Don Blyer, Brandi Tallman, Tracy Raine, Meaghan 


52 Clubs 

Meaghan Ettl persuades Pam Diaz to 
buy a Jr. Class t-shirt. 

Sophomore Class Officers-Tracy Seiler, Kevin Pugh, Michael Griffiths. Freshman Class Officers-Row 1 : Ann Madden, Julie Brown, Sandy Hartman. 

Row 2: Creighton Faust, Jenn Forney. Brian McCall. 

Clubs 53 

Christine Garabrant puts the final One step in completing the paper is 
touches on a story. laying out the pages. 

Conestogan Editors and Advisor-Row 1: Elisa Kaplan Miller. Row 2: Kelly Conestogan-Row 1: Christine Nichols, Heather Steiner, Pam Schuette, 
Carlson, Brett Preston. Shanita Starks. Row 2: Tammy Hershberger, Jen Fidler, Ann Loose, Missy 

Woodfield, Eric Paules, Karen Myers. Row 3: Gary Landis, Todd Eicker, 
Mindy Burrell, Renee Hatter, Karen Enright, Laura Greger, Andrea Berry, 
Patti Bolanowski. Row 4: Rebecca Fisher. Debi Wright, Monika Freitag, 
Stacy Koll. Melanie Davis. Jennifer Hock, Nicole Files, Jennifer Reedman. 

54 Clubs 


TO 6 

■ • • i i 





1 ' 






The theme chosen for this 
years edition of the Cones- 
togan, Simply Divine, fits the 
book perfectly. The theme 
was chosen to motivate the 
staff and editors of the 
Conestogan to produce a 
book which in its simplicity 
is divine. And that is just 
what they created. The pro- 
cess began in September, 
when staff selections were 
held. Advisor, Elisa Miller, 
and editors, Kelly Carlson 
and Brett Preston put the 
yearbook together with the 
help of 49 staff members, 1 2 
section editors, and two as- 
sistant editors. 

Many hours of hard work 
were put into the book by 
everyone involved. With 
great effort from all of the 
dedicated staff members, the 
December deadlines were 
met. The book was finally 
completed in June, enabling 
fall delivery at homecoming. 
The Conestogan staff used 
the resources available to 
them to create a yearbook, 
which in itself is "simply di- 

The Etownian underwent 
many positive changes this 
year. A lot of new computer 
equipment was acquired, en- 
abling faster and easier pro- 

duction of the weekly news- 
paper. The layout program 
was switched from Ready- 
Set-Go to Pagemaker, up- 
grading the look of the paper. 
On top of all of these me- 
chanical changes, the paper 
was expanded in a variety of 
other ways. Features and 
Spotlights on Elizabethtown 
graduates were added to the 
sports section. Expanded 
coverage of world news was 
added through features such 
as "Our Turn," a weekly ed- 
itorial expressing one view on 
a controversial issue of con- 
cern. As for community 
news, an Elizabethtown po- 
lice blotter, including infor- 
mation concerning any indi- 
viduals on campus or in the 
town itself, was added to the 
paper in February. The staff 
of the paper was also en- 
larged. Positions for assistant 
editors were opened in order 
to broaden the number of 
people involved. Everyone 
involved was responsible for 
the quality paper that was 
produced. Editor Dale 
Zeigler stated, "The Etown- 
ian staff really pulled togeth- 
er this year to make the paper 
a more quality production. 
They are all good workers." 

Etowian-Row 1: Tara Jennings. Dale Zeigler, Christine Garabrant, Lynn 
Chatterton, Melanie Wagner, Ronni Bell, Casi Clocker. Row 2: Rick Saulle, 
Julie Borst, Ann McClure, Paul Muschick, Mandy Cushman, Amy Noble, 
Jennifer Walter. Craig Hergert. Row 3: Elisa Kaplan Miller. 

Jen Walter grins and bears another 
late night in the Etownian office. 

Clubs 55 

ECTV "Talk of 
toe Towns" 

ECTV's production "Talk of 
die Tuvmis" lias been a giuup 
of people that has been grow- 
ing together with each passing 
week. Since most of the pro- 
duction staff last year was 
made up of seniors, they were 
forced to start from scratch 
this year. From the first show 
that they put together they 
have been growing with leaps 
and bounds. 

Dr. Neil Dominas has been 
"tremendously impressed" 
with the job the staff has done. 
Even though there have been 
up and down days in the stu- 
dio, for the most part the out- 
come is better than could have 
been expected. 

Now that they have one se- 

mester under their production, 
they a r e ve r y eager tu start 
blending their talents even 
more and having specialized 
shows. Unsure of exactly what 
they will be doing they can 
only tell us to wait and see. 
They have although promised 
that whatever it ends up being 
they will surprise all of us. 

Motivated by their purpose 
to inform the College and the 
local community on newswor- 
thy events, they are doing their 
very best. As they plan on 
showing us, their best is yet to 
come. We cannot wait to see 
the magic that is produced by 
the dedicated students of 
ECTV's staff. 

Krysta Randies concentrates on set- 
ting up a shot. 

Brian Wauhop spends another 
Thursday afternoon behind the 
scenes of ECTV. 

ECTV-Row 1: Green Siyani, Eileen O'Donnell, Ed Johnson, Amy Fink, 
Heather White, Marcus Grimm. Row 2: Rich Amatulli, Alison Billoni, Kelly 
Masso, Paul Muschick, Krista PfeifTer, Mike Rubinkam. Brian Wauhop. Row 
3: Karen Zimmerman. Carol Siekierka, Bridget Hayes, Kim Powers, Megan 
Thompson, Tara Jennings, Tara Hunt. 

IABC-Row 1 : Christine Garabrant, Dale Zeigler. Row 2: Alicia Dolan. Sherri 
Bjornestad. Sandy Warren, Eileen O'Donnell, Kimberly Hall, Amy Fink. 
Row 3: Kelly Carlson, Debi Wright, Ed Johnson, Michelle Buonanno, Alison 
Billoni, Karen Zimmerman. 

English Club-Row 1: Douglas Reynolds, Paula Patton, Emily Foster, Kris 
Snook, Sheila Landis, Angie Heffner. Row 2: Bridey McGuire, Allison 
Leytham, Miki Obuhanick, Tammy Grasso, Abbey Shoemaker, Derek Scott. 
Row 3: J. Morrin. 

56 Clubs 

SCJ-Row 1: Sandy Warren, Tammy Hershberger, Sherri Bjornestad, Dale 
Zeigler, Amy Fink, Eileen O'Donnell. Row 2: Michael Sevareid, Jennifer 
Fidler, Kelly Carlson, Brett Preston, Heather White. Marcus Grimm, Brian 
Wauhop, Wendy Mayer. Row 3: Sheryl Campbell, Ed Johnson, Kelly Masso, 
Paul Muschick, Ronni Bell, Casi Clocker. 

WWEC-Row l:Christine Garabrant, Sherri Bjornestad, Alicia Dolan, Heidi 
Perry, Sandy Warren. Row 2: Karen Zimmerman, Brian Charles Keller, Fred 
Noble, Rob Napoli, Renee Jacobs. 


Sigma Tau Delta-Row 1: Bridey McGuire. Kimberly Chew, Tracy Zim- Computer Science-Row 1: Daniel January, Gregory Grohotolski, Eric Paules. 
merman. Row 2: Deirdre Pocase; Tammy Hershberger, Jennifer Fidler. Row 2: Ceri Davies. Denise Diehl, Richard Evans. Glenn Plott. Dave 


Clubs 57 

Prc-I-aw Club-Row 1 : Dave Helms. Frank DeAngelis, Christy Zakis, Jennifer 
Breen, Jennifer Miller, William Friedmann. Row 2: Bridget Hayes, Kerri 
Slavin, Michele Kurczewski, Ann Madden, Brian McCall, Michele Norton, 
Stephanie Gibson. Row 3: Allison Leffler, Robert Ellis, Susan Weiss, Brett 
Preston. Mindy Burrell, Beth Robinson, Pam Diaz. 

College Democrats-Row 1: Donald Lewis, Jen Gates, Beth Foster. Row 
Anne Bonnette, Rob Saienni, Tara Jennings. 

College Republicans-Row 1: Matt Lawrence. Row 2: Dave Helms, Stephanie 
Gibson, Lynn Chatterton, Lisa Coleman, Bridget Hayes. Row 3: Kevin 
Schuman. Jennifer Miller. Christine Hannigan, Kim Watkeys, Ann Madden, 
Beth Robinson. 

Students For Choice-Row 1: Beth DaRamus, Michele Johnston, Jennifer 
Schork, Sandra McColgan, Erin Whitney, Julie Crawford, Kristin 
Montaperto. Row 2: Tara Jennings, Kelly Melcher, Tami Levengood, Dana 
Secor. Kristy Savidge. Angie Grubb. Row 3: Darby Whitmore, Beth Whelan, 
Michelle Reiner, Debi Wright, Len Eiserer. 

58 Clubs 

Political Science Club-Row 1 : Bridget Hayes, Frank DeAngelis, Pam Diaz, 
Dave Helms, Christy Zakis, Susan Weiss. Row 2: Brett Preston, Stephanie 
Gibson, Bill Friedmann, Ann Madden, Brian McCall, Mindy Burrell. Row 3: 
Robert Ellis, Kerri Slaven, Michele Kurczewski, Jennifer Breen, Michele 
Norton, Jennifer Miller, Beth Robinson. 



io v 




Science Club 

The Political Science Club 
is based on the intention to 
promote involvement in the 
political processes as well as 
to increase awareness and 
knowledge of the American 
political system. The club 
participated in the Home- 
coming festivities by having a 
stand at Midway. The club 
also sent delegates to a model 
United Nations at the Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania in 

November, and followed up 
with a trip to the UN in New 
York City in the spring. Cam- 
paign '92, a radio broadcast 
on the issues of the forthcom- 
ing election, is also an activ- 
ity of the club designed to 
keep the college community 
better informed on the po- 
litical issues of today. 

The Political Science Club 
has 112 members and is ad- 
vised by Dr. E.F. McClellan. 

Advocates for Peace-Row l:Christa Koppenhoefer, Abbey Shoemaker, Gene 
Clemens. Row 2: Denise Germond, Debbie Cyr, Jennifer Riley, Rachel 
Zenhausern, Jennifer Fidler, Emily Foster. Row 3: Brian Charles Keller, Ferd 
Bikle, Michael Bardzik. Beth DaRamus, Tami Levengood, Jenny Mahan. 

History Club-Row l:Kelly Strayer. Sarah Cole, Miki Obuhanick. Pam Diaz. 
Row 2: Kristin Spader, Rob Saienni. Eric Reinbold, Harry Heckler, Jr. 

Clubs 59 



and Cultures Club 

International languages and Cultures Club-Row 1 : Dionne Williams, Katrina 
Lewis, Jessie Nalpathanchil. Becky Uber, Marisa Burgener, Row 2: Gin 
Whealley. Marie Andersson, Isabei Ordeix, Susan Weiss, Patricia Wilson. 
Diana Faust. Row 3: Leslie Nichols, Karin Gustavsson, Jov Bearlev, Terri 
Hoffman, Laurie Stoltzfus, Kathv Roberts. Row 4: Hein Takkenberg Willi 
TegethofT. Mark Schravesande. 

This year, the Modern Language Club and the International 
Club have joined together to form the International Lan- 
guages and Cultures Club. Included in the group's approx- 
imately sixty members are foreign students and foreign staff 
members at Elizabethtown College, students who have stud- 
ied or would like to study abroad, and students who are 
interested in learning about foreign cultures. One of the 
organization's main goals is to facilitate the adjustment of 
foreign students to living within our culture. In addition, 
through interaction between the foreign and American stu- 
dents, members are given the opportunity to learn about other 
societies. The Club holds three annual receptions. The first is 
held in the fall to welcome the new foreign students and staff 
members to our campus. The second, which is held in the 
winter, is used to interact with foreign students, such as high 
school exchange students, who are living temporarily in the 
area. In the spring, the club holds its last reception of the year 
to culminate the foreign students' and staffs' intercultural 
experiences. In addition to the three annual receptions, the 
club has three regular business meetings with special speakers 
and has sponsored its own theme weekend. This year's theme 
weekend promoted the awareness of foreign cultures through 
activities such as having the cafeteria offer a wide selection of 
foreign foods to the students. The club also presents a series of 
foreign films and sponsors trips to various cities such as New 
York and Washington D.C. 

Dr. Trachte meets with two foreign high 
school students at the International Banquet. 

Deaf Awareness Club-Row 1 : Beth Miller. Dana Knorr. Row 2: Sharon 
Kurkis, Pam Fillebrown. Row 3: Debbie Sackin, Debbie Shafer. Row 4: 
Kirsten Akehurst, Liz Yunger. 

AtS^#>f* — - 

I.V.C.F.-Row 1: Steve Camilli, Faye Carter, Amy Hernandez, Mark Makary. 
Row 2: Eric Paules, Annette Cashner, Becky Uber, Beth Miller, Jayne Lesh, 
Karen Woodeshick. Row 3: Wendy Marsh, Dana Knorr. Harry Heckler, 
Debbie Shafer, Carolyn Bolich, Rob Spencer. Row 4: Jen Merhar, Dina 
Zerrella, Michele Bell, Nicole Simon, Debra Haight. 

60 Clubs 

Black Student Union-Row 1: Laura Handel. Row 2: Lisa Evans, Angel 
Gonzalez, LaShonda Herring. Row 3: Monica Lindsey, Tova Ashby, Norma 

Newman Club-Row 1: Sue Todd, Joe Guarino, Jen Merhar, Sandy Childs, 
Laura Greger, Renee Hatter. Row 2: Jennifer Shady, Gin Wheatley, Sandy 
Warren, Matt Sahd, Chuck Greiner. Row 3: Anita Paynter, Paul Muschick, 
Maryann Lampart, Becky Wagner, Brenda Oswald. 

Math Club-Row 1: Dawn Pinard, Andrea Thornton, Ellen KJeinstuber, 
Denise Polin, Missy Snyder, John Koontz. Row 2: Michelle Baker, Heather 
Frank, Renee Hatter, Sarah Steuber, Angie Grubb, Gina Baldwin. Row 3: 
Donald Lewis, Patrick Halpin, Chris Roscoe, Matt Sahd, Mark 
Schravesande, Dave Zachary. 

Campus Gold-Row 1 : Sandy Childs, Jane Gockley, Amie Stutler. Row 2: Jen 
Merhar, Deborah Hooker, Beth Fletcher. 

Habitat for Humanity-Row 1 : Jennifer Allegra, Julie Brown, Sandy Hartman, 
Jessie Nalpathanchil, Augie Acevedo. Row 2: Michael McGinnis, Donald 
Lewis, Kim Lehto. Kristin Niedbala, Beth Whelan, Kristin Montaperto. Row 
3: Betsy Thomas. Herb Nix, Steve Camilli. Nicole Simon, Annette Casher, 
Becky Uber, Jennifer Schaeffer, Wanda Jacobs. Row 4: Sue Westerfield. 
Trina Tillman. Wendi Hutchinson. Jen Merhar. Brett Preston, Amy Fink. 

Brethren Student Fellowship-Row 1: Mary Miller. Jessie Nalpathanchil, Me- 
lanie Detwiler, Beth Miller. Michael Reddig. Row 2: Beth Rhoades, Denise 
Germond, Betsy Barnes, Debra Haight. Wendi Hutchinson. Ravi Patel. 

Clubs 61 

I dtuatiun-Row I: K. Slrayer, S 

Nagle. Row 2: A. Kuspa, A. Pc( 

Alleera. M. Baker. Row 3: M. Principe. 

ObuhanickJ 1 arkas, K krulVa. I). Helms. I . Whitney. H. Rhilc. Row 4: A. Lcfl 

Davis. M. Ocone, S. Roll. H. Trexlcr. R Saienni. k. Wise. .1 llathawa>. Row 5: M. 

( ardamonc. A.J. Brocato. W. Hutchinson. H. Parkes. A. Hilc. J. Riley. J. Putnam, E. 

ReinboUL M Pierantozzi. 

Jen Bankard concentrates on tuning 
her violin before the fall student per- 

Alpha Mu-Row 1: Ann Loose, Bethany Sabaka, Andrea Simon, Jennifer 
Jordan, Diane Van Buren. Row 2: Amie Stutler, Lynn Cole, Mary Anne 
Miller. Row 3: Scott Anstey, Molly Griest, Karen Haldeman, Kathryn Mc- 
Cluskey, Becky Hassinger, Cathy McHose. 

Amy Stutler gives her first public 
performance in the Zug Recital Hall. 

Ellis R. Wolfs works were featured 
in the Zug Art Gallery. 

APB-Row 1: Steve Lisa. Row 2: Kristin Morris, Debi Wright, Gina Hun- 
sicker, Lisa LaPorte. Row 3: Anne Marie Mohr, Chris Hannigan, Melissa 
Edwards, Bechy Smith. Row 4: Udochi Amachi. 

62 Clubs 

Band Staff-Row 1: Jennifer Riley. Ellen Kleinsluber, Eileen O'Donnell, Cathy 
McHose, Bethany Sabaka, Elizabeth Rohrer. Row 2: Jen Merhar, Mary 
Troutman, Danielle Mertz, Jennifer Jordan, Diane Van Buren, Andrea 
Simon. Row 3: Scott Bacon, Brenda Norris, Raleigh Francis, Pamela Wolf, 
Melanie Detwiler. 

Arts Appreciation Club-Row 1: Amy Hernandez. Karyn Tufarolo, Krista 
Pfieffer, Liz Aigner. Row 2: Jill Pomroy, Kathryn McCluskey, Katie Shan- 
non, Terri HofTman. Row 3: Sujatha Puppala, Bethany Kirkner, Leslie 
Nichols, Allison Leytham. Patricia Wilson, Kristen Watts. 


For a newly organized club, 
the Arts Appreciation Club has 
been extrememly active in its 
quest to support all aspects of 
art including music, drama, 
and dance as well as the visual 
arts. The club traveled to the 
Philadelphia Comtemporary 
Art Museum and also viewed 
museums in New York City. 

In December, the club was 
able to see a ballet produc- 
tion of the Nutcracker Suite. 
The Arts Appreciation Club 
also sponsored several work- 
shops with speakers present- 
ing different aspects of art. 

A future goal of the club is 
to plan the annual Spring 
Arts Festival. 

MENC-Row 1: Ann Loose, Katy Savare. Sarah Perry, Je 
Scott Bacon, Colleen Jung, Lynn Cole. 

ifer Riley. Row 2: 

ALD-Row 1: Jennifer Hahn, Dana Secor, Tricia Hardick. Donald Lewis, 
Gina Baldwin, Tara Jennings. 

Clubs 63 

S.M.I.L.E. Club-Row 1 :Viv Smither, Gina Baldwin, Alison Pedrick, Marites: L 
de las Alas, Missy Woodfield, Bethany Kirkner. Row 2: Dawn Pinard, Ailinr j 
Tu, Tracy Bidle, Stacy Kain, Fred Noble, Donald Lewis. Row 3: Starlent 
Keeney, Angie HefTner, Lisa Richardson, Denise Germond, Betsy Barnes. 


The S.M.I.L.E. Club is a 

new addition to the 
Elizabethtown College ser- 
vice organization communi- 
ty. The purpose of the club is 
to provide an opportunity for 
college students to interact 
with residents of nursing 
homes, hospitals, and those 
that are shut-in. The Smile 
Club conducts weekly visits 
to such people and provides 
different activities that en- 
rich the lives of all those in- 
volved. The members also 

engage in such activities as 
clowning and caroling during 
the holidays. 

The club consists of forty 
active members, led by Joan 
Austin. The members meet 
monthly to exchange differ- 
ent ideas, create different 
holiday projects, and to talk 
about their weekly visits with 
their friends. The club also 
sponsors all campus movie 
nights at Elizabethtown Col- 

Tracy Bidle puts the final touches on 
a box to brighten someone's Thanks- 

Social Work-Row ^Madeline Fieldhouse, Gina Baldwin, Christine McGay. 
Row 2: Rosemary Miller, Julie Heffner, Betsy Holran, Beth Rhoades. Chris- 
tine Calabrese, Donna Tiefenthaler. Row 3: Beth Miller, Lynn Hacker, Tricia 
Hagedorn, Wendy Rehling, Heather Bailey, Cindy Arnold. Row 4: Beth 
DaRamus, Sue Westerfield, Deanna Lucas, Beth Bacon, Dina Zarrella. 

Pi Theta Epsilon-Row 1: Jennifer Carbaugh, Gina Menzo. Sue Todd, Kelly 
Slazinski. Row 2: Stacy Kain, Betsy Barnes, Traci Bidle, Beth Salva, Amy 
Rieck, Sandy Childs. 

64 Clubs 

•si-Chi-Row l:Ann Loose, Cyndi Blecker, Karen Cvrkel, Tanya Lazuka, 
laria Amatucci. Row 2: Maryann Lampart, Brenda Campbell, Susan 
nyder, Krista Mastrangelo, Sujatha Puppala, Ray Howell. 

Psychology Club-Row l:Amy Trexler, Maria Amatucci, Viv Smither, Beth 
Miller, Tricia Hardick. Row 2: Holly Wolff, Angela Shin, Madeline Field- 
house, Nicole Concodora, Len Eiserer. 

Karen Ramsay is busy making dec- Stacy Kain and a friend fill boxes 
orations for the Thanksgiving boxes. with food for the needy. 


SOTA-Row 1: Sandy Childs, Karen Ramsay, Amy Rieck, Jenny Davis, Sharon 
Clark, Kerri Slavin. Row 2: Natalie Stephan. Aimee Zeloski. Heidi Smith. Marisa 
Bowman, Elizabeth Rohrer, Laurie Strehl. Tara Latzo, Marcy Warner. Row 3: 
Barbara Willison. Jennifer Carbaugh, Traci Bidle. Betsy Bames. Julie Urland, 
Julie Boring. Teresa Ritchie. Monica Byington. Row 4: Melissa Dalton, Karin 
Nord, Cindy Alphin. Sue Todd. Beth Christie, Stacy Kain, Heather Sheldon. 

Circle K-Row 1: Stacy Gallagher. Katy Sweeney, Ray Howell. Linda Piatt. Nicole 
Concodora. Row 2: Sherry Bowman, Julie Urland. Kristin Hoffman. Colleen Schmehl. 
Pamela Penglasc. Jen Weeks. Rebecca Wolyniak. Row 3: Stacey Dougherty. Marcy 
Warner. Mary Beth Simpson. Glenn Hartman. Colleen Bol. Roberta Moore. Laura 
Greger. Angie Weaver. Row 4: Gretchen Yeager. Ann Fntchey. Charlene Silvestro. Janet 
Kenedy. Brooke Allison. Jennifer Kenned). Row 5: Lisa Coleman. Kelly Hannon. Anne 
Mane Mnhr. Melissa Edwards. Becky Smith. 

Clubs 65 

Delia Mu Del'a-Row 1 : Scott Habecker. Debra Krause, Cyndi Blecker, Dawn 
Pinard. Gwyn Habingreither. Row 2: Bob Mott, Professor Muston, Staci 
Worley, Jackie Schiavoni. Barbi Moore. 

SAM-Row 1: Holly Wolf, Christy Zakis, Jen Greentree, Jennifer Shaeffer, 
Barb Russo. Row 2: Leslie Bedwick, Keri Fielding. Heather Conway. Brian 
Panella, Eric Paules. Jackie Schiavoni, Gwyn Habingreither. Row 3: Kelly 
Hannon, Martin Bruegel, Laurie Stoltzfus, Bob Mott. Row 4: Mark Landis, 
Tony Tavares, Megan Maguirc. 

Four members of Sock & Buskin 
work together to give another suc- 
cessful performance. 


. \ 


Rr J 


Marketing Club-Row 1: Hope Puro, Barb Rus 
Napoli, Kevin Akerman. Christine DeLong. Row 
Meoli, Jennifer Nice. 

Kevin Schuman, Rob 
Kelly Carlson, Jennifer 

Accounting/Finance Club-Row 1: Ken Hammakcr. Debra Haight. Joanne Verdel- 
li. Bob Mott. Row 2: Jennifer Miller. Kim Watkeys, Gina Hunsicker. Mindy 
Burrell. Pamela Gulko. Jennifer Reedman. Row 1: Debra Krause, Noelle Stiles. 
Deb Wilson. Knsty Miller, Brandy Paul. Row 4: Linda Lawrence, Nicole 
Garrett, Cheryl Cinkutis, Tim Guhl. Judy Reigart, Mark Landis. Row 5: Dawn 
Pinard, Gina Wiessner. Allison Poore, Lisa McDonald, Tami Noll. Scott 

66 Clubs 

Sock & Buskin-Row 1: H. Feeney, K. Sitzabee, M. Etll. J. Hall, G. Berry. K. Slavin, H. 
Florin, B. Murray. Row 2: P. Wilson, H. Carter, C. Dechert, K. Sweeny, A. Risser, B. 
Hayes, R. Zenhausern, S. Knerr, C. Caggiano, E. Foster. T. Oberst. Row 3: M. Artz, T. 
Hoffman, A. Coucoulas. Row 4: J. Hunter, M. Sevareid, B.C. Keller, E. Lane, E. 
Rommel, M. Cushman, A. Hernandez, A. Gibson, K. Snook. Row 5: T. Finlan, J. 
Luciano, E. Lee, C. Leming, M. Heufing, B. Falck, J. Guber, J. Morrin, M. Rapp. 

^m ^4 •"* ■ 

Pi 5 ** 


m Mbl _M 

J '*% ?*v*- *'■ 


Sock and Buskin is the 
oldest club on campus. Al- 
though it has been in exist- 
ence since the late 1950's, it 
has been recently reactivated 
to allow for the interest in 
theatre that has been found at 

The club is a growing or- 
ganization that is active in 
the campus community. 
They help other clubs and or- 
ganizations with their college 
related activities, including 
events such as the Renais- 
sance Theme weekend co- 
produced with the Schlosser 
Residence Hall. They have 
also worked with S.A.D.D. to 
portray a D.U.I, mock trial 
for College Drunk Driving 

Terry Oberst prepares for a perfor- 

Awareness Week; and they 
actively participate in the 
College Spring Arts Festival 
every year. 

Along with these activities 
are Sock and Buskin's own 
sponsored annual events in- 
cluding the Annual Theme 
Dinner. This year the theme 
was 1920's Speak Easy. "The 
Rocky Horror Picture Show" 
was presented to campus in 
cooperation with APB. And 
the major theatre presenta- 
tion for the spring semester 
was "Merton of the Movies". 
This is produced through the 
Theatre Department. Also, 
Sock and Buskin presented 
the Spring semester one-act 

. I .' 

Track & Field Club-Row 1: Alec Belsky, Rob McManus. Row 2: Alyssa 
Hummel. Sue Westerfield, Mark Scharr. Barry Wiles, Trina Tillman, Beth 
Havener. Row 3: Martha Ladd, Monica Byington, Angel Beck, Michelle 
Aitala, Carol Schappell, Joan Rossini, Faye Carter. Row 4: Jaimie Farkas, 
Barb Rhile, Michelle Steeley, Alison Smith, Marisa Bowman. Ann Fritchney, 
Gretchen Yeager, Lisa Mudd. 

Outdoor Club-Row 1: Annette Cashner. Beth Robinson. Allison Leffler. Gina 
Hunsicker, Jennifer Moran. Row 2: Lisa McDonald. Gina Baldwin. Mandy 
Cushman, Madeline Fieldhouse, Robert Flower. Donald Lewis. Rosemary Mill- 
er. Row 3: Kelly Slazinski. Sue Todd. Kern Slavin. Lynn Wischner. Derek Scott. 
Harry Heckler. Row 4: Michael McGinnis. Aimee Zeloski. Natalie Stephan. 
Hein Takkenberg. Mark Schravesande. Steve Camilli. 

Clubs 67 

Student Senate 



Changes. No other word 
could describe the 1991-1992 
Student Senate. From the used 
book sale to the extremely suc- 
cessful Homecoming festivi- 
ties, on and off the Midway, 
Student Senate has been mak- 
ing the kind of subtle changes 
which makes Elizabethtown 
College a better place. Student 
Senate along with the faculty's 
help, implemented the Aca- 
demic Code of Integrity for the 
first time this year. Along with 
this code, Student Senate has 
tackled the issues we, as stu- 
dents, deal with daily: grade 
inflation, parking, and student 

Two of the Senate's hottest 

issues include the revision of 
their constitution and the dis- 
tributing of the student activ- 
ities budget. The Senate plans 
to have revision of its consti- 
tution completed by next year 
and will contain many 
changes. Student Senate is pro- 
posing that it be responsible 
for distributing the over 
100,000 student activities bud- 
get, which is currently distrib- 
uted by the administration. 

Once again-changes. Ac- 
cording to Student Senate 
President-Scott Helsel, "This 
year, there has been an in- 
crease interest in Student Sen- 
ate. Students really want a say 
in decisions made here." 

« a 

Hcsidinif I. ifi- ( iium ii-pM... ! Inhn l'ion/io Greg Mann. Kc\in Rough. Mi\s\ Wood- 
field. Chuck Grciner. Row 2: Chin Ko. Beth Havener. Pamela Penglase, Sarah Cole. 
Karen Ennght. Michele Johnson. Abbie Stoler, Kelly Hcnning. Mark Makary Row 3: 
Anne Weidncr, Stephanie Turnbull, Melissa Edwards, Melissa Bush, Holly Waff, 
Michelle Degler, Diana Faust, Dec Smith, Joe Guber, Laura Lehn, Ginger Yingling. 
Stephanie Lander. Row 4: Jacqueline Bartell, Mandy Sandford, Kelly Strayer, Sue 
Kirouac. Harry Heckler. Matt Lawrence. 

S.A.A.C.S-Row 1: Brett Preston, Cyndi McHarness, Michael McGinnis, Jen 
Green, Dave Bachand. Row 2: Kelly Sullivan, Michael Schaeberle, Kim 
Kaunitz, Ray Emig. Wendy Marsh, Alec Belsky. 

68 Clubs 

Scott Helsel takes a break as Tara 
(ennings gives the Invocation at a 
Senate meeting. 

These senators brace themselves for 
another problem with parliamentary 

Physics Club-Row LKatie Shannon. Troy Heagy, Lynn Wischner, Mary Jo 
5tuckey, Mark Stuckey. Row 2: Gregg Troutman, Renee Hatter, Sarah 
Steuber, Matthew Heinz, Joe Hnat. Row 3: Daniel January, Chuson Chang. 

Biology Club-Row 1: Mark Makary. Marc Olson. Jen Greenlree. Jeanette Digwood. 
Jackie Reid. Brenda Oswald. Dana Innersl. Row 2: James Blythe. Heather Parry, Kim 
Kaunitz, Becky Wagner, Liz Yunger. Charlotte LeFevre. Michelle Sleighter. Row 3: 
Patty Logan. Benjamin Motz. Jenny Hull. Wendy Jacobs. Megan O'Brien, Julie Brown. 
Sandy Hartman. Kenneth Westervelt. Row 4: Sandra McColgan. Meaghan Hessenhauer, 
Katie Scattergood. Stacey Hachenberg. Mansa Burgener. Knstie Bombaro. Karen An- 

Clubs 69 

70 Seniors 






For the past four years, the Class of 1992 has grown and 
developed in both their professional and personal lives. 
Many changes have occurred since the class entered in 
1 988, including campus renovation, the construction of the 
High Library and conversion of Zug to a fine arts facility. 

Members of the class took a great interest in campus and 
community events. Throughout the four years, members 
held leadership positions in departmental clubs, Student 
Senate, and administrative committees. 

In April, the class spent time reminiscing over fond 
memories of years past at the Senior banquet. The tra- 
ditional slide show featured personal photographs from the 
past four years submitted by members of the class. The 
slide show itself was developed by the Senior Class officers. 

The Senior Class gift to the college was a replacement for 
the current Elizabethtown College sign located in front of 
Schlosser Residence. The sign is dedicated to students who 
have died while attending the college, including Gary A. 
Lloyd, Dave Snyder, and Dave Salmon, who passed away 
in previous years. 

This senior class has showed all that it is Simply Superb. 


-f ' '31 


F ' :**: 


Joanna Lee Adelrnann 

Early Childhood /Elementary Education 

Michelle LaRoi Aitala 


Cindra A. Alphin 

Occupational Therapy 

Udochi I. Amachi 

Elementary Education 

Richard P. Amatulli 


Karen L. Anger 

Elementary Education 

Michelle R. Andrews 

Business Administration 

Cynthia A. Arnold 

Social Work 

George D. Bachand 


Lisa Marie Bachman 

Business Administration 

Scott D. Bacon 

Music Education 

Heather Bailey 

Social Work 

72 Seniors 

Susan Banda 

Kurt Barbagallo 

Social Studies/Secondary Education 

Linda A. Barnhurst 


Joyce E. Bearley 
Political Science 
Ronni Ellen Bell 

Tracy A. Belzek 
Business Administration 

Michelle Benamati 
Mathematics/Secondary Education 
Jennifer LeAnn Benton 
Occupational Therapy 
Philip J. Billoni 
Biology /Pre-Med 

Sherri Lynn Bjornestad 

Aaron Blanding 

Cynthia L. Blecke 
Business Adm\ 

Seniors 73 

Susan B. Bogu 

Business Administration 

Carolyn Elaine Bolich 

Occupational Therapy 

Stephanie Brubaker 

Political Science 

Michael A. Bubnis 

Business Finance/Computer Science 

Edward V. Bucher 

Mathematics/Secondary Education 

Jessica Ann Buhl 

Modern Languages /French 

Marisa Burgener 


Susan Butch 


Christina Calabrese 

Social Work 

Brenda Campbell 


Sheryl A. Campbell 


Kelly Michele Carlson 

International Business /Marketing 

74 Seniors 

Wayne E. Chappel 

English/Professional Writing 
Judson C. Christopher 

Sharon L. Clark 
Occupational Therapy 
Mark D. Cline 
Sarah Cole 

John Corbett 
Business Administrat 
Stephanie Joy Cox 
Business Administrat 
Mark A. Crane 
Business Administrat 

Kimberly A. Crozier 

Elementary Education 

Karen Cvrkel 


Melissa Marie Dalton 

Occupational Therapy 

Seniors 75 

Ceri Lynne Davies 

Computer Science 

Jennifer C. Davis 

Occupational Therapy 

Dane L. DeLozier 

Business Administration 

Jeff DeStefano 


Christine M. Devlin 

Occupational Therapy 

Lisa M. Dianno 

Elementary Education 

Jeanette Digwood 

Biology /Pre-Medicine 

Alicia M. Dolan 


Colleen Patricia Dougherty 

Elementary Education 

Amy Elizabeth Douglas 

Early Childhood/Elementary Education 

Elizabeth A. Doyle 

Early Childhood Education 

Michelle Lee Dubois 

76 Seniors 

Alexander P. Dunnigan 


Mark D. Ebersole 
Reiigious Studies 

Colleen M. Ehret 

Early Childhood/Elementary Education 

Diane Eickemeyer 


Stephen J. Enoch 


Jaimie Farkas 

Mathematics I Secondary Educate 

Maureen Ferrari 

Political Science 

Danielle Ferro 

Business Administration 

Timothy A. Finlan 
Occupational Therapy 
Stephani-Jo Fisher 
Early Childhood Education 
Mary-Elizabeth Forlin 
Biology/Secondary Education 

Seniors 77 

Jeffrey J. Francis 

Heather L. Frank 

Mathematics/Secondary Education 

David J. Frazier 

Political Science 

Karen L. Fryer 

English/Secondary Education 

Nona Garlick 

Modern Languages/French 

Louise Gates 

Elementary Education 

Ganese L. Geib 

Elementary Education 

Bill Georgelis 


Denise L. Germond 

Early Childhood/Elementary Education 

[ennifer A. Gieniec 


Amy V. Gills 


Melissa A. Godfrey 


78 Seniors 

Tamara Jean Grasso 
English/Secondary Education 
Jennifer Greentree 
Business Administration 
Phillip H. Gunther III 
Computer Science 

Melinda S. Guthrie 

Elementary Education 

Scott D. Habecker 


Stacey Hachenberg 

Biology /Pre-Med 

Stephanie L. Hackenburg 

Navid R. Haghdo. 
Biology /Pre-Med 
Karen Haldeman 

Kimberley Jo Hall 


Kenneth E. Hammaker 


Julie Lynne Heiser 

Chemistry/Secondary Education 

Seniors 79 

Scott Helsel 

Occupational Therapy 
S. Frederick Herr 

Business Administration 

Meghan M. Hessenauer 


Jennifer Lynne Hester 

Elementary Education 

Angela M. Hoffman 

Early Childhood '/Elementary Education 

Jennifer L. Hoffman 

Elementary Education 

Rebecca N. Hollinger 


Jonathan W. Holm 


Deborah Lynn Hooker 
Elementary Education 
Carmella A. Hoppie 
Political Science 
Donald C. Hummer II 
Sociology {Anthropology 

80 Seniors 

Lisa Marie Hunter 
Patricia Ellen Ivey 
Renee Lynn Jacobs 

Christian J. Jetter Jr. 
Business Administrati 
Michele R. Johnston 
English Literature 
Jennifer L. Jones 
Business Administrati 

Kristin M. Keefe 
Elementary Education 
Sandra L. Keeler 
Occupational Therapy 
Starlene A. Keeney 

J. Edward King 
Business Administra 
Diane L. Kipp 
Elementary Educatit 
Lisa Christine Kiret 

Seniors 81 

Ellen Louise Kleinsiuber 
Amy S. Kline 

Psychology I 
Kristin A. Klun ' 

Suzanne Knepper 

Early Childhood Education 

Dana Knorr 

Elementary Education 

Heather Lynn Kostick 

Elementary Education 

Tonya Ann Kramer 
Occupational Therapy 
Debra Anne Krause 

Business Administration 

Leslie B. Krum 


Michele Kurczewski 

Political Science 

82 Seniors 

Sharon Leigh Kurkis 
Occupational Therapy 

Maryann Lampar 

Tiffany Landis 
Business Administration 
Tara Marie Latzo 
Occupational Therapy 
Judith Laudermilch 
Business Administration 

Tanya L. Lazuka 
Dwight E. Lefever 
Kristin E. Lehn 
Social Work 

Dennis J. Lepold 

English/Secondary Educatiot 

Debra Lesher 

Business Administration 

Katrina E. Lewis 

Modern Languages/Spanish 

Seniors 83 

Beth Ann Little 

Early Childhood j Elementary Education 

Ann-Marie Loose 

Music Therapy/Music Education 

Gretchen Lusch 

Elementary Education 

Jennifer S. MacNair 

Business Administration 

Nicole Madzelan 

Political Science 

Jennifer Massey 

Business Administration 

Kelly L. Masso 


Krista Mastrangelo 


Kristin Rae Mateer 

Early Childhood/Elementary Education 

Angela M. Maxton 


Wendy Gail Mayer 

Ann P. McClure 

84 Seniors 

J. Kevin McFadden 
Business Administration 
Christine J. McGay 

Michael B. McGii 

Carla Catherine McGowan 
Elementary Education 
Brigid J. McGuire 
English /Professional Writing 
Gina Marie Menzo 
Occupational Therapy 

Tricia M. Mikolor 


Thomas J. Miller 

Business Admin 

Melissa P. Mitchell 

Early Childhood/Elementary Education 

Anne-Marie Mohr 

Social Studies/Secondary Education 

Barbi Moore 

Business Administration 

Jennifer Lee Moran 


Seniors 85 

Robert E. Moct 


Tract Lyn Musser 


Michele Lynn Neary 

Early Childhood Education 

Missy Neely 

Occupational Therapy 

Kathleen S. Neff 


Cathy Newton 

Elementary Education 

Herbert W.E. Nix Jr. 
Business Administration 

Frederick E. Noble 

Karin Michele Nord 

Occupational Therapy 

Brenda Jean Norris 

Music Therapy 

Eileen Patricia ODonnell 


86 Seniors 

Michele Lynn Oehme 
Business Administration 
Brenda L. Oswald 
Biology/Secondary Education 
Helen L. Parkes 
Elementary Education 

Christina E. Patton 
Business Administration 
Susan Lyn Pearce 
English /Secondary Educatii 
Alison Pedrick 
Elementary Education 

Monique Pelletier 
Karen L. Peters 
Occupational Therapy 
Stephen A. Peterson 
Business Administration 

Deirdre C. Pocase 

English I Professional Writing 

Denise M. Polin 


Jill Louise Pomroy 


Seniors 87 

Tiffany Lynn Poole 

Social Work 

Wendy Leigh Potter 

Elementary Education 

Kimberly Ann Powers 


Eve Puhalla 
Elementary Education 

Sujatha Puppala 


Jennifer M. Putnam 

Elementary Education 

Susan M. Rainey 

Elementary Education 

Martin G. Rapp 

Political Science 

Susan Reed 

Early Childhood/ Elementary Education 

Wendy Rehling 

Social Work 


Jacqueline S. Reid 


Judith C. Reigart 


John Reissner 

Business Administration 

Lynn Nicole Repko 

Early Childhood/Elementary Education 

Barbara Rhile 

Elementary Education 

Keirsten Ann Rhoads 

Business Administration 

Roberta Beth Rhoades 
Social Work 
Robin Ricketts 
Political Science 
Jennifer Eileen Riley 
Music Education 

Lisa Riotto 


Melanie D. Robin 


Linda K. Robinson 

Business Administration 

Seniors 89 

Elementary Education 

Ashley Ross 

Elementary Education 

Andrew Paul Roughgarden 

Jeffrey J. Rowley 

Social Work 

Rebecca Lynn Runkle 

Music Tberapy/Music Education 

Donald E. Ruth 

Economics/Business Admini. 

Robert W. Saienni 

Social Studies 

Elizabeth M. SaJva 

Occupational Therapy 

Stephanie L. Sauder 

Elementary Education 


Lynn Scattergood 


Michael D. Schaeberle 


Bryan R. Schaper 

Modern Languages/Spanish 

90 Seniors 

Mark W. Scharr 


Jennifer L. Segletes 

Occupational Therapy 

Debbie L. Shafer 

Elementary Education 

Sherri Shaffer 
Business Administration 
Moira S. Shaughnessy 
Melissa Shaw-Young 
Elementary Education 

Ann-Marie Sheaffer 

Occupational Therapy 

Angela A. Shin 


Abigail A. Shoemaker 

English/Professional Writing 

Jessica L. Shue 
English Literature 
Rachel J. Sinay 

Kerianne Sitzabee 

Seniors 91 

Kerri Ann Slavin 
Occupational Therapy 

P. Kelly Slazinski 
Occupational Therapy 
Kimberly L. Smeltzer 
Occupational Therapy 

Alison L. Smith 

English/Professional Writing 

Corinne R.L. Smith 

Sharon Ann Smith 

Vivian Lee Smither 


Melissa L. Snyder 


Susan Kay Snyder 


Susan B. Standbridge 
Elementary Education 

Joseph Stanzione 
Elementary Education 

Philip H. Stauffer 

92 Seniors 

Sarah J. Steuber 


Noelle Lynne Stiles 

Business Administration 

Kelly Ann Strayer 


Amy M. Strieker 


Michael R. Testani 


Megan S. Thompson 


Sharon Thrailkill 
Business Administration 
Suzanne J. Todd 
Occupational Therapy 
Patricia A. Trala 
Biology /Pre-Med 

Susan A. Tressler 
Elementary Education 
J. Scott Trimble 
Industrial Engineering 
AiLinh N. Tu 
Occupational Therapy 

Seniors 93 

Mara Beth Tucker 

Occupational Therapy 

Rebecca J. Wagner 


Sandy Warren 

Brian C. Wauhop 


Patience A. Weaver 

Business Administration 

Wayne D. Weis 

Business Administration 

Clyde Weitkamp 


Douglas A. Wells 

Political Science 

Kenneth C. Westervelt 


Douglas Wetmore 


Heather M. White 

Computer Science 

94 Seniors 

Deborah Lea Wilson 

Occupational Therapy 

Krista Wosiski 

Early Childhood/Elementary Educatio 

Merrie Beth Wyrick 

Business Administration 


Gretchen M. Yutzler 
Elementary Education 
Dale Brooke Zeigler 
Renee Anne Zeigler 
Elementary Education 

Rachel Zenhausern 
Denise Zeoli 
Elementary Educatii 
Jennifer A. Zerbe 

Heather E. Zii 


Tracy Lynn Zimmerman 

Psychology/ English 

Seniors 95 


.the former library, Zug. 

. , .Baugber Avenue, which connected 
College Avenue and Cedar Street passing 
by the BSC and Brinser Hall. 

96 Seniors 



v ^bii ji 








T s--&£zs& 



S3S5-— ifs3? 






. . .the location of the tenni 
the Commuter parking lot. 

.the temporary location of Public Safe- 

. . .one of the first buildings on campus, 
Rider Hall which housed the Depart- 
ment of Fine and Performing Arts. 

Seniors 97 

Ken Westerte/t and Karen Anger enjoy Melissa Mitchell and Joanna Aldemann 
a dance together, are having a good time at the Jr-Sr. 

98 Seniors 

Kristin Maleer and Noel/e Stiles discuss 
future plans. 

Barbi Moore smiles for a picture. 




4 A* 

fSk. * 







f ,.'.¥* 


(»::■ > 



Gina Menzo, Kelly Carlson, Ann Loose, 
and Angie Maxton celebrate New Year's 


Wk m * 

Seniors 99 

100 Underclassmen 

■'■J" :*. / '*%,>*&*' 


Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are all pushing them- 
selves toward graduation and the "real world". Through the 
years, they build their strengths, skills, and confidence in 
order to be the best they can. Each year is another step in the 
climb toward their future. As the college grows and builds 
upon itself, these students grow along with it. 

This year marked the beginning of construction of the town 
house complex located behind the soccer field and the ad- 
dition of the BSC. For sophomores and juniors, there is the 
loss of Rider Hall; but for the freshmen, they are only aware of 
the new statue and fountain located adjacent to Alpha Hall. 

Changes must occur for there to be growth and new ex- 
periences; these changes put underclassmen Simply Under 
Pressure. SfinH ftnfinfiffi 


Brinser is an all-male residence hall that houses 137 stu- 
dents. Over the years, Brinser has acquired a reputation of not 
caring, but the guys are working hard to build a new rep- 
utation. As Head Resident Tina Hill states, "This will take 
time, but when you have a group of dedicated people working 
towards the same goal, only good things happen." One of the 
special events that Brinser planned for this year was 
Winterfest '92. Good luck to the guys as they try to create 
their new image. 

A. ft IT* -J -^3^/?5pt vf£ 4| 

Brinser 1-North-Row 1: Kenny Wilson, Damian Dell'Oso, Shawn Seagrist. Brinser 1-South-Row 1: Do Sunho, Chris Black. Chris Tressler, Kevin Pugh. 

Row 2: Fred Herr. Marc Brown, Kevin Schmalenberger, John Rorick, Chris Row 2: Nick Nushbaum, Joe Dimino, Eric Hosier. Billy Shipman, Mat 

Rumbaugh. Row 3: John McGinley, Rob McManus, Jim Lowe, Mike Wickenheiser. 


102 Underclassmen 



Brinser 2-South-Row 1: Karl Uftring, Frank Fierro, Matt Lawrence, Damon 
Parrish. Row 2: Doug Wandell, Gary Sprengel, Robert Franz, Kevin 
Akerman, Brian Torbeck. Row 3: Jeremy Casey, Andrew Ciesielka, Scott 
Esworthy, Chuck Hartsell, Brett Hamsher, Bill Friedmann. 

Brinser 3-North-Row 1 : Dave Helms, Jeff Leidig, Philip Gale, Matt Mack- 
owski. Row 2: Nick Guarente, Garth Greer, Sean Rowe, Mitch Groh. Row 3: 
Scott Elsworthy, Eijiro Uciyama, Steve Bell, Chris Roscoe. Marc Ahrens. 



t. ^ 

Brinser 2-North-Row 1: Paul Colella, Dan Mink, Tony Guerrera, Chris Brinser 3-South-Row 1: Chris Grubb, Mike Sgrignioli. Row 2: Dominic 
Walker. Row 2: Navid Haghdoost, Matt Gilbert, Justin Palmer, Rob Pezely. Perazza, Piyush Bhatnagar, Harry Heckler, Lee Riley. Row 3: Scott Mc- 
Row 3: Denis Seric. Caughey, Mike Schlotterbeck, Mike Dando, Jeremy Blanche. Row 4: Greg 

Todd, Gary Harner, Jeff DuBosq, Rob Gratalo. 

Underclassmen 103 


According to the head resident of Founders, John Pionzio, 
Founders residence hall is best described as a "growing com- 
munity". Each resident plays an "important role of respect" 
in this community. Throughout the year, the residents join 
together and sponsor six programs for the benefit of the entire 
campus. One such event was the tie-dye party that was held in 
correlation with the National College Alcohol Awareness 
Week. Students from every part of campus met in Founders' 
main lounge to dye their shirts, shorts, and pillow cases. Free 
pizza and "mocktails" were served to all who participated in 
the event. Founders is also the site of the dances that are held 
on campus every Friday and Saturday night. 

m rES 

Founders A-l-Row 1: Udochi Amachi. Row 2: Jennifer Schork, Christa 
Arscott, Michele Whitmeyer, Ann Richardson, Alyssa Hummel, Michelle 
Sleighter, Rae Lynn Cox. Row 3: Christine Hannigan, Amy Goodling, Angie 
Grubb, Ann Pichiarello, Danielle Tully. Row 4: Debi Wright, Terry Oberst, 
Sandra McColgan, Eileen Studders, Daniela Mollar. 

founders A-2-Row 1: Andrew Spragg. Aric Pedersen. Row 2: Steve Lisa, Andrew 
Rilchev. Todd Cooper, Michelle Lagassic. Jocelyn McArthur. Jennifer Kabatt, Pam 
Stiner, Karen Schott, Rob Spencer. Dean Lehman. Row 3: Michael Reddig, Jacqueline 
Baughman. Ida White, Donna Mackowiak. Lambi Coroneos. Erica Austin, Carla Hel- 
fnch. Michael Wise, Sherry Weaver. Row 4: Rob Reeder, Sue Hyman, Laurie O'Hop, 
Michael Chesire. Heather Showalter, Tanya Stevens. Joe Guarino. 

104 Underclassmen 

Founders B-l-Row 1: Kristi Yacklovich, April Gandy, Jessica Phillips, Curita 
Goode. Row 2: Karen Delaney, Kerry Cipollini, Kirsten Akehurst, Jennifer 
Moran, Jennifer Hock. 

Founders B-2-Row 1: Brian McCall, David Hancock, Bret PentaJ. Don Blyer, 
Tom Hecker, Mark Ebersole, Jennifer Walter, Marcy Stanson. Row 2: Renee 
Hatter, Steph Wright, Penny Miller, Debbie Frain, Laurie Lehman, Heather 
Sheldon, Jennifer McCleaf. Row 3: Matt Sahd, Allison Poore, Gina Wiessner, 
Scott Sheppard, Mike Balichik, Mark Zehringer, Brian Falck, Harry Barnes. 

A-3-Row 1: Ann Madden, Sandy Hartman. Julie Brown, Kelly Henning. 
Row 2: Kris Colabella. Dana Innerst, Karen Anger, Tammy McAfoose, Jennifer 
Rager, Amy Renniger, Bill King. Row 3: Nicole Concodora. Shanita Starks, Bob 
Mott. Patrick Halpin. Steven Tregea, Tom Buch. Kris Gruin, Dorothy Brown. 
Row 4: Allison Nogami, Alan Gibson, Kenneth Westervelt, Marc Olson, Bary 
Horwitz. Jack Naylay. Rob Ulmer, Mark Markary. 

; B-3-Row 1: Kns Krusc. Cassandra Smathers, Ayelet Roscnfcld. Gin Wheatley, 
Marcy Warner. Row 2: Laura Pisani, Linda Kolo. Stephanie Turnbull. Anne Weidner. 
Pamela Reek. Laura Handel. Julie HefTner. Allison Buck. Row 3: Heidi Carter. Karen 
Brown. Kim Watkeys. Gina Hunsicker. Beth Christie. Beth Robinson. Jennifer Miller. 
Julie Boring. Monica Lindsey. Row 4: Bridget Hayes. Sarah Steuber. Teresa Ritchie. 
Amy Lobaugh, Rebecca Blow, Kristina Hagadone. Megan Gehringer. 

Underclassmen 105 


Founders C-l-Row 1: Matt Schildknecht. Row 2: Drew Whitmore, Michael 
Mohr, Rob Saienni, Dusty Paddock. Skip Simpson, Brian Nevi. 

Founders C-2-Row 1: Anne Marie Mohr. Row 2: Maritess De Las Alas, 
Christine Dechert, Meaghan Ettl, Susan Mazurkevich, Gretchen Berry, Liz 
Aigner. Row 3: Betsy Barnes, Linda Piatt, Karen Ramsay, Stacey Rain, Chris 
Giovanos, Heather Bolich, Megan Miller, Allison Leffler. Row 4: Susan 
Kelley, Celia Leming. Row 5: Jenn Forney, Julie Innerst, Angie Weaver, Tara 
Postens. Row 6: Tish Phillips. Sabrina Johnson. Jen Baumbach, Tina Nace. 

106 Underclassmen 

C-3-Row 1: Linda Lawrence. Crissy Stern, Nicole Garrett, Cheryl 
Tinkutis. Brenda Smearman, Debra Martins. Row 2: Tricia Hagedorn, Michael 
Jardzik, Ike Roh, Mark Williams. John Leaman. Gina Baldwin. Madeline Field- 
louse, Rachel Weber. Tiffany Cummings. Row 3: Jen Weeks. John Murray, 
benjamin Motz. Timothy Guhl. Ron Demby. James Blythe. Steve Brody, Liza 
vlarshall. Becky Smith. Row 4: Todd Eicker, Piotr Tonia. Timothy Gebhardt. 

Founders D-3-Row 1: Heather Hewson, Nicole Donze, Christine DeLong. 
Becky Davis. Row 2: Faye Betsker, Laura Greger, Anne Bonnette. Kim 
Kaunitz. Joey Kandisko, Kim Hoffman, Jessie Nalpathanchil, Paul Chell. 
Row 3: Kevin Rough, Mike Schaeberle. Ravi Patel, Dave Bachand. James 
Dunn, Brad Baer, Rodney Martzall, Chad Corley, Ferd Bikle, Derick 

Underclassmen 107 


The 145 lively, energetic women residents of Myer and 
Preservation Halls had quite an exciting year. Myer residents 
became the unsuspecting victims of the controversial Ober 
initiations and were disrupted by the unforgettable gas leak 
which resulted in numerous evacuations during the night. 
Halloween night, the two residence halls had a special pro- 
gram with a palm reader and time to just relax with friends. 
The women of Myer and Preservation also used their unusual 
flair and unique style to participate in a Christmas decorating 
and get-together night. 

During the spring semester these residence halls partic- 
ipated in the Spring Walk-A-Thon and other fund raisers. 


"• « 

Myer 1-East-Row 1: Angie Heffner, Andrea Simon, Becca Coleman. Row 2: 
Isabel Ordeix, Molly Greist, Wendy Kleinman. Row 3: Katrina Lewis. 

Myer 2-East-Row 1: Jennifer Kennedy, Laurena Ludwick, Kerianne Homza. 
Row 2: Erin Whitney, Lynn Wischner. Kelly Jackson, Jill Hathaway, Jennifer 
Jordan. Row 3: Brenda Fasolka, Viv Smither, Gail Faust, Jennifer Massey, 
Natalie Stephan, Roberta Moore. Row 4: Cindy Herring. Aimee Zeloski, Jill 
Brett, Amy Guyotte, Kelly Hannon, Janet Kennedy, Colleen Bol, Lisa 
Poklembo, Audry Zawislak, Tammy Ireland, Kim Smith. 

108 Underclassmen 

--" r 

Myer 3-East-Row 1 : Jen Hewett. Row 2: Chris Derenzo, Diane Kipp, Betsy 
Holran, Tara Buckey. Row 3: Bethany Kirkner, Kate Savare. Terry Dawson. 
Missy Markey. Karen Smith, Tammy Tag. Row 4: Brandie Tallman, Kate 
Krufka, Bobbi Andrews. Barb Russo, Jo-Anne Baisden, Julie Ogurcak, Kara 
Burkett. Row 5: Kristie Bombaro, Barb Duda, Laura Lehn. Row 6: Ginger 
Yingling, Andrea Thornton, Susie Young, Tracy Raine, Julie Borst. 

Myer 3- West-Row 1: Brooke Allison, Jenn Zerbe, Tisha Frank, Leanne 
Workman, Kim Hampson, Arlisa Snavely. Row 2: Sheri Miller, Allison 
Travas, Beth Puorro, Kim Lehto, Heather Conway, Susan Baulig, Voula 
Kyriakopoulos, Bonnie Williams. Row 3: Amy Messinger, Laurie Strehl, 
Michele Norton, Keri Miller, Dana Dorrell, Kristin Niebala. Melanie Byers. 
Sheri Sandoe. 

Myer 2- West-Row 1: Jenny Allegra, Joanne Verdelli, Mell Detwiler, Jen 
Wyman. Jen Adams. Debra Haight. Row 2: Gayla Love. Barbara Fussaro, 
Colleen Jung. Row 3: Jenny Burd. Karen Koskowicz, Becky Price, Beth 
Gerber, Christa Foster. Amy Mastran. Anne-Marie Brassard. Row 4: Heidi 
Trexler. Lisa Richardson. Jenn Henn. Heather Haldeman, Jennifer Drezga. 
Valerie Kropa. Starlene Keeney. 

Preservation-Row 1 : Nona Garlick. Tammy Grasso. Sheryl Campbell. Denise 
Dorman, Rebecca Wolyniak. Row 2: Rosemary' Miller, Pamela Wolf, Kristen 
Pavlick. Karen Story, Rebecca Margolin. 

Underclassmen 1 09 



Ober A-l-Row 1: Brandon Parker, Ron Swatner, Phil Piercy, Chris Pawl- 
owski, Blake Holly, Steve KaufFman. Row 2: Jeremy Shipley, Ethan Haase, 
Mike Beal, Keith Mahoney, James Greenbaum, Jason Torre. Row 3: Joe 
Guber, Shawn Reynolds, Dave Zachary, Matt Kindon, Larry Dray, John 
Boylan, In Kuk Lee, Scott Shuck. 

Ober A-2-Row 1 : Joe Shafer, Brian Graybill, Scott Speakman. Row 2: Phil 
Fusco, Marc Herrick, Scott MacNair, Jeremy Lewis, Brian Frost. Row 3: Dan 
January, Jason Poley, Chad Hoffman. 

Ober A-3-Row 1: Brian Ogle, John Corbett, Judson Wagner, Matt Garrison. 
Row 2: Matt Maslin, Augie Avecedo, Derek Scott, Ned Hagan, Chris Bentzel, 
Kevin Runk. Row 3: Daryl Miller, Scott Holman, Dennis Lephold, Jim 

110 Underclassmen 

i in 


Ober B-l-Row 1: Lisa Boden, Shannon Leonhard, Amy Hite, Holly Wulderk, 
Amy Murray, Christine Fosko. Row 2: Andrea Coucoulas, Linda Ireland, 
Jocelyn Jarzynski, Jen Coates, Angela Boblick, Tricia Treaster, Hope Lance. 
Row 3: Marci Grossman, Kathy Hensinger, Krista PfeifTer, Katie Shannon. 

Ober B-2-Row 1: Kelly Melcher. Row 2: Laura Nelson, Brenda Norris, Missy 
Neely, Elissa Czetli, Heather Hauer. Row 3: Amy Richards, Kim Martin, Liz 
Yunger, Karen Enright, Patti Bolanowski, Paula McEwen. Row 4: Carol 
McErlean, Shelly Rhodes, Charlotte LeFevre, Pamela Fillebrown, Dawn 

& «* 

J 9 * _n 

Ober Basement-Row 1 : Jeff Ghergo, Barry Phillips, Erik Hess, Chris Stel- 
latella. Ken Jacob, Dave Rich. Row 2: Chris Morris, Lance Beck, Brian 
Panella, John Deitch, Ed Johnson. 

Ober B-3-Row 1: Andrea Bern, Sue Orrs. Abbie Stoler. Dina Zarrella. Monique 
Pelletier, Lori Bentzel. Row 2: Kris Mateer, Sue Richie. Heather Bard. Amita 
Mehta, Betsy Pahl, Heather Parry, Laurie Stoltzfus, Amy Piazza, Rebecca 
Holcomb. Row 3: Can Small, Tess Hoffman, Dee Smith. Pam Harris. Maura 
Munley. Christine Garabrant. Lynn Chatterton, Tami Noll, Steph Gibson, Carol 
Siekierka. Angela Kuspa, Monica Byington, Erin Peterhensel. 

Underclassmen 1 1 1 


Although it is tucked away on the edge of campus, Royer 
Residence Hall is far from isolated. With approximately 1 1 5 
residents, Royer is an energetic place to live. Traditionally an 
all-female residence hall, this year Royer housed three male 
international students in the Royer apartment. 

In this environment, residents were challenged this year to 
communicate effectively and develop a community atmos- 
phere. A family atmosphere was helped by Royer's house- 
keeper, known affectionately as Jackie, who went above and 
beyond the call of duty to make students feel welcome and 

Special events have included a volleyball tournament, 
"Hump Day Havoc," an Occupational Diversity program 
with Dean Moorehead, an alcohol awareness program, and 
various educational programs. 


Royer 1-North-Row 1: Nick Musmanni, Karen Rosetti, Heather Frank, 
Alison Pizanie, Maria Russo, Marie Considine, Mary Anne Miller, Chrissy 
Morris. Row 2: Timo Huisman, Jen Moore, Lisa McDonald, Kelly Geary, 
April Sielski, Keri Killeen. Row 3: Tracie Danzeisen. Hilde Dijstelbloem. 

Royer 1-South-Row 1: Sarah Wilcke, Heather Palmer. Row 2: Megan 
O'Brien, Krista Eagler, Jen Green. Row 3: Denise Diehl, Sandy Childs, Susan 
Mitschang, Michelle Buonanno. Row 4: Marisa Burgener, Carol Schappell, 
Michelle Aitala. Martha l.add. 

112 Underclassmen 





Royer 2-South-Row 1: Bekki Dailey, Julie Crawford. Row 2: Jen Jaskowiak, 
Natalie Eshleman, Natalie Noble, Julie Russack, Michelle Snyder, Sherry 
Bowman, Kelly Strayer, Beth Nagle. Row 3: Beth Havener, Pam Penglase, 
Alison Pedrick, Kristen Coffman. Row 4: Lisa Schellhorn, Sherilyn McFad- 
den, Carrie Uhlig, Beth Whelan, Leslie Nichols, Kristin Montaperto, Susan 
Weiss. Row 5: Amy Evans, Jen Paulus. 

,h sunn 

6* -\\k s : 


L. .**«♦>♦**,*,• qt 

Royer 3-North-Row 1: Kristin Hoffman, Susanna Grubb, Violet Berki, Amy 
Hernandez, Colleen Schmehl, Linda Robinson. Row 2: Sarah Perry, Gret- 
chen Yeager, Ann Fritchey, Tiffanie Aceto, Jennifer Paul. Row 3: Joan 
Rossini, Lynn Cole. 

Royer 2-North-Row 1 : Suzanne Heslop, Chin Ko, Lisa Getz, Lisa Osmund- 
sen, Jen Fouchet, Stephanie Cessna. Row 2: Julie Urland, Beth Bacon, Becky 
Hassinger, Stacy Gallagher, Lisa Hazelwood, Tricia Hardick. Row 3: Chris- 
tina Patton, Monica Kidd, Renee Rainville, Nicole Simon, Annette Cashner. 
Row 4: Courtney Caggiano, Kathryn McCluskey, Laura Phillips. 

Royer 3-South-Row 1: Amie Stutler. Row 2: Alison Guinan, Kelly Hender- 
shot, Kelly Gluck, Lesley Gregory, Maria McNeal. Row 3: Christine Nichols. 
Kelly Donovan, Heidi Sue Adams, Michelle Principe. Marimba Winston, 
Nicole Files. Row 4: Stephanie Lundy, Laurie Munden. Kris Spader, Tracey 
Henry. Row 5: Debbie Manzer. Tiffany Gearhart, Sherri Koontz. Kim 
Harlan, Megan Loges, Sarah Cole, Lisa Mudd. 

Underclassmen 113 


Schlosser residence hall has some of the largest halls on 
campus, however that does not prevent the residents from 
being a close-knit group. One reason for this is the active Hall 
Council which keeps the 207 students busy through organized 
activities. Schlosser residents have sponsored a Renasissance 
Fair in the dell, a Halloween party for local children, and a 
Christmas party at University Hospital. In addition, the wom- 
en sold churros at Homecoming, volunteered their time to 
help build the Fun Fort, and enjoyed several activities within 
the walls of the building. 

Schlosser 1-East-Row 1: Kathleen Welsh, Jenny Mahan, Dana Secor, Kristy Schlosser 2-East-Row 1: Kati Ridgely, Teri Campbell, Jacqueline Bartell, 

Savidge, Sue Barstow, Christine Devlin, Barbara Willison. Row 2: Sue Reed 

Sue Kirouac, Mindi Kensinger, Debbie Cyr, Kathy Roberts, Traci Bidle 

Krist Wosiski. Row 3: Laura Kenlin, Becky Readinger, Deanna Lucas. 

Jennifer Carbaugh, Denise Germond, Beth Fletcher, Jennifer Hanlon, Sheila AmakdTwobonJLee' AnruTsitter 


Athena Mountis, Elizabeth McDonnell. Row 2: Elizabeth Miller, Pamela 
Gulko, Kelly Burk, Steph Sides. Row 3: Katy Sweeny, Hope Puro, Jayne 
Lesh, Beth Markle. Row 4: Denise Miller, Miki Obuhanick, Pam Diaz, 

114 Underclassmen 

w\t ■ 


Schlosser 3-East-Row 1: Melissa Bush. Nicole Vacula. Katnna Lape. Jennifer Hahn. R 
Holly Wolff, Jenn Kmieczak, Jenny Prim, Wendi Hutchinson, Faith Warfel, Ami-Jo Brocato, 
Jennifer Poinsett. Row 3: Christy Zakis, Elizabeth Rohrer, Marisa Bowman, Laura Gilligan 
Kris Snook, Pam Firkal. Tracy Amati. Row 4: Kristea Burnside, Nicole Walper, Amy Watson 
Elizabeth Raimo, Denise Corcoran, Karen Woodeshick, Cheryl Myers. Row 5: Jen Jones. 
Tricia Campbell, Elizabeth Bonardi, Doreen Callaghan, Allison Leytham. Mandy Sandford. 
Row 6: Amy Trexler, Maryann Lampart, Sandy Warren, Gina Menzo, Melissa Leitch. 

Schlosser 3- West-Row 1: Denise Baylor, Katie Friling, Shannon Finnegan. Wendy 
Lamb, Amy Dunn, Kris Landry, Ellen Kleinstuber. Jennifer Riley. Row 2: Becky Uber, 
Michelle Baker. Heidi Smith. Danielle Mertz, Amy Faust. Sujatha Puppala. MaryAnn 
Swenson. Row 3: Sheree Goetz, Leah Stevens, .Alison Smith, Ten Davis, Marcy Trout- 
man, Kristin Hitchner, Beth Sinno, Michelle Papeika, Michelle Artz. Row 4: Jessica 
Perry. Jane Petko, Angel Beck. Deb Wilson, Kathleen Wagner. Stacey Knerr, Diane Van 
Buren, Cathy McHose. 

Schlosser 2-W'est-Row 1: Beth Manfred, Jennifer Shaeffer, Wendy Jacobs, 
^obin Ricketts, Rebecca Fisher, Melissa Mitchell, Melanie Davis, Jennifer 
^eedrnan. Lore Lamoreaux. Row 2: Diana Faust, Gretchen Hartigan, Trisha 
-orney, Jen Putnam, Mary Beth Simpson, Jennifer Shady. Row 3: Kim Rea, 
3eth Foster. 

The friendships in Schlosser are easy to find. These two residents pause in the 
main lounge for a quick snapshot before continuing on their way. 

Underclassmen 1 1 5 


RA's make a genuine commitment to their positions with 
varying work hours in this live-in job. Students can apply for 
RA positions by filling out an application, obtaining ref- 
erences, and going through group and individual interviews. 
Qualified full-time sophomores, juniors, and seniors are el- 
igible for the positions. Qualifications include demonstrating 
leadership, mature character, willingness to work for 
Elizabethtown College, and genuine interest in working with 
the students. RA responsibility roles range from programmer 
to policy enforcer, adminstrator to counselor and team mem- 

Head Residents and Resident Directors are the supervisors 
for individual residence hall staffs, in addition to serving as 
advisors to hall councils. They are the primary people who are 
responsible for the building itself. 

I \ 




Schlosser RA's-Sue Kirouac, Beth Markle, Melissa Mitchell, Mandy Myer RA's-Row 1: Heather Conway, Tammy Grasso, Stacy Freeman, Je 
Sandford, Michelle Baker, Deborah Naradko. Wyman. Row 2: Jill Hathaway, Missy Markey, Andrea Simon. 

1 1 6 Underclassmen 

Matt Simmons looks over mail with 
another student. 


Founders RA's-Row 1 : Ravi Patel, Jeff Hall, Ron Demby, Rob Saienni, Steve 
Lisa. Row 2: Anne Marie Mohr, Udochi Amachi, Julie Heffner, Kirsten 
Akenhurst, Renee Hatter, Lisa Tarsi, Dana Innerst. 

foyer RA's-Row 1: Kelly Strayer, Michelle Aitala, Michelle Principe. Row 2: Brinser RA's-Row 1: Kevin Pugh, Harry Heckler. Row 2: Navid Haghdoost. 
-inda Robinson, Lisa LaPorte, Heather Frank. Jeremy McGuire, Scott Elsworthy. 

Underclassmen 117 


Although the college provides acceptable living accomada- 
tions on campus, many upperclassmen feel the desire to move 
away from campus into a college co-op or a private home. 

— H 

Plum Street-Row 1: Nicole Madzelan. Row 2: Alicia Dolan, Donna White House-Row 1: Sergei Severin, Hein Takkenberg, Mark Schravesande, 
Tiefenthaler, Deb Lesher. Row 3: Carolyn Bolich, Heather Bailey, Amy Willi Tegethoff. 
Noble, Steph Brubaker. 

118 Underclassmen 

International House-Green Siyana, Fidelis Femu, John Asani, Emmanuel 


Rose Garden-Row 1: Renee Zeigler, Jennifer Hoffman, Sue Todd. Row 2: 
Kelly Slazinski, Wendy Rehling, Linda Bamhurst, Deb Hooker. 

Hackman House-Karin Gustavsson, Marie Andersson. Susan Banda. 

Off-Campus Students 

Underclassmen 119 


1 20 Faculty 



Many students look forward to graduation day from 
college but many have chosen to return to the college 
campus-not as students but as professors and adminis- 
trators. These faculty members have worked hard to obtain 
their knowledge and now choose to pass it on to current 

The college welcomed four new faculty members: James 
Hunter, Paul McCormick, Jennifer Meoli, and Gabriela 

The College also bid farewell to many faculty members. 
After many years of service, Robert Dolan and Freda 
Snavely chose to retire. 

The efforts put forth by the faculty and administrators 
have displayed that they are Simply Professional. 

Kurt Barnada 

Modern Languages 

Jill Bartoli 


David Bauman 


Vivian Bergel 

Social Work 

Morteza Bina 

Computer Science 

Ernest Blaisdell 


Terry Blue 


Paula Boothby 


Christina Bucher 


Jay Buffenmyer 


John Campbell, Jr. 


Eugene Clemens 


Paul Dennis 

James Dively 
J. Sue Dolan 
Robert Dolan 

Darrell Douglas 


Pamela Drazkowski 

Physical Education 

J. Thomas Dwyer 


Leonard Eiserer 


Delbert Ellsworth 


Richard Evans 

Computer Science 

Sharon Farley 

Occupational Therapy 

Charles Fazzi 


122 Faculty 

Mary Ferraro 

Occupational Therapy 

David Feruzza 


Milt Friedly 


John Gaffney 


George Giiptis 


Paul Gottfried 


John Harrison 


J. Robert Heckman 


Jack Hedrick 
Patricia Hill 

Frederic Hoffman 

Maurice Hoppie 

Jacqueline Jones 

Occupational Therapy 
Jack Kasar 
Occupational Therapy 
Beverly Kelly 
Occupational Therapy 
Otis Kitchen 

Donald Koontz 
John Koontz 
Donald Kraybill 
Carroll Kreider 

J. Kenneth Kreider 

Ronald Laughlin 
Thomas Leap 
Computer Science 
R. Bruce Lehr 

Faculty 123 

Henry Libhart 


Link Martin, Jr. 

Social Work 

Louis Martin 


Anthony Matteo 


E. Fletcher McClellan 

Political Science 

W. Wesley McDonald 

Political Science 

Linda McDowell 


Dana Mead 


Elisa Kaplan Miller 


Robert Moore 


Robert Morse 


Richard Mumford 


Stanley Neyer 


D. Kenneth Ober 

Physical Education 

Candace O'Donnell 


Jane Palmquist 

Paul Peterson 

Occupational Therapy 

Frank Polanowski 


Laurence Polin 


H. Marshall Pomroy 


Zoe Proctor 


William PufTenberger 


John Ranck 


Raymond Reeder 


124 Faculty 

Paul Rice 

Elizabeth Rider 
Arthur Roderick III 
Physical Education 
Michael Rohrbacher 
Music Therapy 

John Rohrkemper 


Gabriela Sanchis 


Charles Schaeffer, Jr. 


Robert Schlosser 

Physical Education 

Carl Schroeder 


Wayne Selcher 
International Studies 
Ronald Shubert 
Donald Smith 

Martin Spangler 
John Stites 

Richard Stone 
Mark Sruckey 

Stanley Sutphin 


John Teske 


Glenn Thompson, Jr. 

Earth Science 

Sharon Trachte 

Modern Languages 

Randolph Trostle 

Barbara Tulley 
Computer Science 
Hans-Erik Wennberg 
Robert Wheelersburg 

Faculty 125 

President's Office 

Row 1 : President Gerhard Spiegler. Row 2: Rob- 
ert Odean, Bonnie Booth. Denise Gillin. 

Office of College Life 

Row 1: Pat Hoffman, Nancy Parmer, Deborah 
Moorhead. Row 2: Dean Jim Hilton, Dean Rich- 
ard Crocker. 

Provost's Office 

Jean Beck, Provost Frederick Ritsch. Dean Robert 

126 Faculty 

College Relations 

Row 1 : Cheri Way. Row 2: Brad Brubaker, Bruce 
Holran, Jerry Britton. 

Personal and Career Counseling 

Row 1: Cindy Wilhelm-Ernharth, Beverly Piscitel- 
li. Row 2: Doris Hedrick, Debra Rebman, Andy 
Sagar, MaryAnn Waleff. 

Alumni Relations 

Jerald Garland, Betsy Martin. 

Faculty 127 

Business Office 

Row 1: Nancy KaufTman, Helen Hossler. Row 2: 
Delores Mertz. Maria Horner, Edwin Cable. 
Brenda Landwater, J. Robert Hollinger. 

Financial Aid 

Row 1 : Pat Rathsam, Sally Linsey. Row 2: Gordon 
Bateman, Carolyn Wharton. 

Learning Center 

Shirley Deichert, Diane DeArment 

128 Faculty 


Row 1: Grace Rhen, Sylvia Morra. Row 2: Kitty 
Puffenberger, Naomi Hershey. Row 3: Sharon 
Patrick, Carol Warfel, E. Margaret Gabel, Ruth 
Mumaw, Patricia Judd, Peter DePuydt. Row 4: 
Nelson Bard. 

Continuing Education 

Barbara Maroney, Debbie Sagar, Chris Lawson, 
Dave Dentler. 

Treasurer's Office 

Helen Myers, John Shaeffer, 

Faculty 129 

Office of the Registrar 

Martha Eppley. Debra Weachter. Gloria Hess, 
Anita Paynter. Gladys Montgomery- 

College Bookstore 

Marv Weidman. Keith Marks. Susie Kirchner. 

Post Office 

Nanette Spaulding. Mary Hill, Linda Boyer. 

130 Faculty 

Jay's Nest 
Mary Lou Sipe, Ronaire Gaiber, Steve Bender, 
Claudia Lane, Cathy Fleck. 

Conference Services 

Row 1: Tony Tavares, Mark Dittman. Row 2: 
Jonina Dupler, Susan Shearer. 

Chaplain's Office 

Dr. Joan Austin, Wendy Hensel. 

Faculty 131 

Row 1: Linda Heiser, Amy Hagemann. Dan Ev- 
ans. Susan Cupit. Row 2: Margaret McSparren, 
Donna Kritzer. Ronald Potier, Sally Hillman 

Plant Operations 

Row 1: Lorie Kassel. Gene Hartzler. Dick Warfel. 
Row 2: Rick Becker. Terry Cooper. Judy Rodgers, 
Steve Broich, Terry Miller. Row 3: Jim Roth, 
Baron Wanner, John Keener, Jake Hynicken, 
Kathy Fry. Row 4: Scott Nissley, Nate Stahl. 

Health Center 

Row 1: Susan Jacques, Jeanette Ruth. Row 2: 
Sandy Spayd, Pat Stepanchak, Ginger Groff. 

132 Faculty 


,. ; ; % j 

Food Services 

Row 1: Deborah Rulka, Doris Brooks. Row 2: 
Linda Esbenshade, Jane Starke, June Heigel, Pat 
Hood, Arlene Landenslager, Jane Murry, Tammie 
Longsderff. Row 3: Linda Cramer, Cathy Hal- 
bleib, John Max, Shirley Garrison, Stephanie 
Bucks, Nancy Luska, Vickie Williams, Dave Sal- 
mon. Row 4: Martin Cramer, Jennifer Weidman, 
Susan McSherry, Anna May Koser, Jim 
Beamenderfer, Sharon Stahl, Mike Hamilton, 
Randel Rossi. 

Public Safety 

Row 1: Virgina Roland, Gloria Burke. Row 2: 
Mike Gearhart, Daniel J. Benny, Cyndi Atkinson, 
Ed Emery. 

Faculty 1 33 


1 34 Sports 

The athletic teams are an integral part of the college com- 
munity. The athletic events bring together students, faculty, 
staff, and community members. Elizabethtown's teams were 
again proud to be formidable opponents and to provide solid 
obstacles that many opposing teams could not overcome. 

Many teams had strong showings in both Mid-Atlantic 
Conference tournaments and in NCAA playoffs. All teams 
made Elizabethtown fans proud. 

The players devotion and perseverance during each game 
was supported by the college community. The athletes deserve 
to be thanked for their efforts supporting the college. The 
students are Simply Dedicated. 

A 50 year 


The 1991 season marked the 
50th year anniversary of tradi- 
tion and excellence for the Blue 
Jays. It was filled with the ex- 
ceptional plays and unforgetta- 
ble moments we have come to 
expect from the team. Although 
this season was plagued by in- 
juries, the team, led by captains 
Tim Jones and Pete Rath, man- 
aged to pool their efforts and to 
rise to the occasion. 

Confidence became a ques- 
tion of importance for the young 
team. Coach Roderick com- 
mented on the key Messiah win, 

"We won and played well with 
some key injuries." 

As the season continued, the 
Jays clinched the "Blue Jay Clas- 
sic" by defeating Johns Hopkins 
and Allentown. The Jays ac- 
quired the MAC crown by beat- 
ing Moravian in the finals. This 
gave them the bid to NCAA. 
They advanced to the 
quarterfinals where they were 
defeated by a fierce rival, Tren- 
ton State. This game was filled 
with one hundred fifty minutes 
of high intensity emotional play. 
Fans were treated to the game of 

a lifetime which was ended by 
the fate of penalty kicks; a game 
which will become a page in 
Elizabethtown history. 

The Jays ended the season 20- 
3-3, placing them tenth in the 
nation. This is the seventh 
straight year that the Jays have 
been in the top ten. This year 
also marks the ninth season and 
1 50th career win for Coach Rod- 
erick. The season was a thrilling 
tribute to fifty years of 
Elizabethtown soccer. 

Phil D'Adderio prevents his Haverford opponent from gaining possession of 
the ball. 

Ken Jones is one step ahead of the opposing team. 

Row 1: Asst. Coach Small, Asst. Coach Good, T. Shifflet, K. Pugh, M. Giancroce. R. Saullc. D. Webb. Head Coach 
Roderick, Asst. Coach Henriques. Row 2: J. Colella, A. Guerrera, A. Dondero. P. D'Adderio, E. Smith, D. Clarke. T. 
Suozzo, P. Walsh, J. Poley, E. Hoski, C. Stellatella. Row 3: P. Weiss, D. Sullivan, C. Pawlowski, J. Andy. P. Colella, P. 
Rath, C. Condron, T. Jones, B. Blake, E. Musa. K. Wilson, D. Sunho, C. Hess. Row 4: R. Reeder, D. Parrish, M. Groh, J. 
Kirkwood, K. Keppley, R. Hurley, K. Jones, I. Rob, T. Keepers, D. Panner, B. Holly. Row 5: T. Huisman, J. Casey. G. 
Todd, J. Corderv, K. Schmalenberger, M. Herrick, M. Schlotterback, N. Kenien, P. Kukucka, P. Tonia, E. Hess. 

136 Sports 

Paul Colella tries for a shot on goal 
against Haverford. 

Chris Condron battles an opposing 
player during the Homecoming 

Men's Soccer (20-3-3) 
50th anniversary season of men's soccer at 
Elizabethtown College. 
Won the Middle Atlantic Conference Cham- 

Advanced to the quarterfinals of the NCAA 
Division III tournament before losing to 
Trenton State on penalty kicks. 
Head Coach Skip Roderick '75 posted his 
third straight 20-win season. 
Senior forward Tim Jones ended with 47 
career goals (5th on Elizabethtown's all-time 
goals list) and 32 assists. 

Sports 137 


/ v 

Jen Jones, Heather Hewson, and Jocelyn Jarzinski prepares to pass 
Kathy Hensinger work together to the ball to her team mate, 
get the ball past the opposing team. 


Women's Soccer (9-10-1) 
Posted a 7-2-1 mark in the final 10 games. 
All-Conference first team selections Amy 
Hite, Amy Hyde, and Kathy Hensinger 
stood out on a squad that matched up 
against six teams ranked in the Division III 
top twenty. 

138 Sports 

Lady Jay's 


On the move. . .the Lady Jays 
stepped up to the challenge by in- 
creasing the level of competition 
in their schedule. These ladies did 
battle with some of the best teams 
in the country. Unfortunately, a 
lot of these difficult matches were 
grouped together at the beginning 
of the season. The athletic director 
from Dickinson College comment- 
ed that this group probably had 
one of the "toughest schedules in 
the country." The first half of the 
season was challenging; the Lady 
Jays went 2-8. But, as time 
progressed, they bounced back in 

the second half of the season and 
went 7-2-1. Overall, the ladies fin- 
ished 9-10-1. 

Despite a slow start and some 
injuries, the team maintained an 
impressive attitude. They didn't 
give up; they worked hard and put 
forth an awesome effort. Tri- 
captains Helen Parkes, Jennifer 
Jones, and Danielle DiMarco 
guided the team through the com- 
petitive season. Since the pro- 
gram's inception in 1987, Jones 
and Parkes are the first four-time 
letter winners. Coach Batista 
claimed the turning point of the 

came when DiMarco re- 
joined play after being sidelined 
by an injury that was suffered in 
the very first game. Batista de- 
scribed her as a leader on the field 
who contributed a lot of confi- 
dence for the team. 

It's never over 'til it's over. And 
when all of the scores were in, the 
Lady Jays did a terrific job ad- 
justing to the upgraded schedule. 
They made an impressive come- 
back that few teams can boast of; 
the tenacity of this group of wom- 
en is a credit to their season and 
their future. 

Kristen Pavlich, Laurie Cooper, and Karen Delaney keep the ball from the 
opposing player. 

Terri Schultz makes another great save. 


. \i 




^ 'jf* ^ 

• rv= 


j*<ry fpJI 

Row 1: Liza Marshall, Terri Schultz, Kelly Geary, Lynn Wischner. Row 2: Amy Hite, Amy Hyde, Helen 
Parkes, Jen Jones, Danielle DiMarco, Kelly Diven, Laurie Kasper. Row 3: Lisa Boden, Jocelyn Jarzynski, 
Kristie Bombaro, Tiffanie Aceto, Missy Guerrera, Heather Hewson. Row 4: Karen Delaney, Amy Dunn, Lisa 
Schellhorn, Kristine Landry, Kirsten Pavlick, Shannon Leonard, Gretchen Hartigan. Row 5: James Jones, Ed 

Sports 139 

Depth. . .consistency. . .attitude. 
Three words that go hand-in-hand 
when describing the Lady Jays field 
hockey team. Each player on this un- 
usually large team had a tremendous 
amount of skill, which gave them a 
lot of depth. One player could be 
substitiuted for another in the start- 
ing line-up without losing a beat in 
the rhythm of the Jays' brand of 
hockey. This kind of consistency 
plus an awesome attitude propelled 
these ladies to dominate the South- 
east section of the MAC tournament 

Sticking to the 


with an impressive record of 5-0. 

Section champs was the first of a 
series of goals set by the team. Un- 
fortunately, though, a disheartening 
loss to Lebanon Valley in the first 
round of the MAC tournament kept 
the ladies from achieving their other 
two goals: MAC champs and nation- 
al champs. 

At the beginning of the season, this 
group of women was ready to com- 
pete. They came in during pre- 
season in good physical condition 
and were motivated to play ball. 

Coach Kauffman cited winning the 
first game of the season as a turning 
point; that first win raised the level 
of enthusiasm and helped maintain 
the team's motivation and confi- 
dence throughout the season. Tri- 
captains Jen Davis, Jessica Shue, 
and Jenn Zerbe were instrumental in 
providing leadership for the group. 
Zerbe was a top scorer and named 
the team's most valuable player. She 
also gained membership to the All- 
MAC team. Overall, the Lady Jays 
finished with a 12-8 record. 

Jen Zerbe battles for the 1 

Joanne Verdelli dodges two opposing players trying to move the ball down 


Row 1: Cathy Cooper, Jenn Zerbe, Jen Davis, Jessica Shue, Katie Scattergood, Deb Lesher. Row 2: Arlisa Snavely, 
Kirstin McClune, Jen Shaeffer, Faye Betsker, Sabrina Johnson. Row 3: Deb Hooker, Yvonne Kauffman, Charlotte 
LeFever, Jennifer Glynn, Christy Zakis, Joanne Verdelli, Valerie Degler, Tish Phillips, Sharri, Martha Wiley. 

140 Sports 

- ** ^1 

Christy Zakis works to keep the 1 
from the opposing team. 

Kirsten McClune moves the ball 
down field with no opposition. 

Field Hockey (12-8) 
Captured eighth MAC Southeast Section 
crown. • ; ; v 

All-Conference forwards Sabrina Johnson 
and Jenn Zerbe scored 22 of the Lady Jays' 
35 goals. ~^^ 

Conference All-Star sweeper Faye Betsker 
and junior goalkeeper Tish Phillips an- 
chored a tight defense that allowed only 23 
goals in 20 games. 


Scott Trimble and Mark Scharr are try- 
ing to break free of the pack. 

Michelle Steeley rounds the turn by the 
sign near the end of a race. 

Men's Cross-Country (8-6-1) 

Paced by seniors Scott Trimble, Mark Scharr 
and Tom Miller. 

Second consecutive winning season. 
Placed 15th among 23 schools in the MAC 

Women's Cross-Country (9-4) 

5th straight winning campaign. 
12th place finish in the MAC champion 

Junior Michelle Steeley and senior tri 
captains Michelle Aitala, Barb Rhile, and 
Jamie Farkas consistently contributed to 
Elizabethtown's success. 


1 42 Sports 

Cruisin' the 


The goal of any team for a 
season is to achieve a win- 
ning record. This was no ex- 
ception for the Men's Cross- 
country team. And, although 
the season was a see-saw of 
ups and downs, the goal was 
obtained as the Jay distance 
men finished with a record of 

Then, as if a winning reg- 
ular season weren't enough, 
the Cross-Country Jays 
proved themselves further by 
recording the highest ever 
team finish in men's cross 
country history by placing 
1 5th in MAC championships. 

The Lady Jays likewise fin- 
ished an outstanding season 

with a record of 9-4. Their 
regional finish was an im- 
pressive 13th place with 
Coach Dale Luy looking for- 
ward already to next year, 
hoping to get more runners 
out and obtain more depth 
for an even better 1992 team. 

Barry Wiles shows the endurance of a long distance runner. 

; Row 1 : Danielle Tully, Michelle Aitala, Angel Beck, Marisa Bowman, Michelle Steeley, Joan Rossini. Row 2: 
I Elizabeth Havener, Jamie Farkas, Barb Rhile, Alison Smith, Martha Ladd, Carol Schappell. Row 3: Matt 

Simmons, Kirk Zeger, Harry Barnes, Fen Wang Chen, Barry Wiles, Tom Miller. Row 4: Alec Belsky, Dennis Pulea, 

Mark Schaar, Dale Luy. 

Sports 143 

Tammy Tag makes an important 
block as Becky Fisher, and Sonya 
Bockman prepare for the next play. 

Row 1: Tara Latzo, Linda Hennen, Sonya Bockman. Row 2: Becky Fisher, Barb Fussaro, Monica Lehman. Del 
Haight, Trisha Forney, Tricia Campbell. Row 3: Missy Snyder, Pam Drazkowski, Pam Stiner, Beth Puorro 
Tammy Tag, Voula Kyriakopoulos, Shannon Kelly, Tina Hill. 

1 44 Sports 

Improvement with experi- 
ence is what has been dis- 
played by the women's volley- 
ball team. With the upgrade of 
the schedule last year, the team 
made an impressive stride to 
reach .500 this year. With their 
record, they received a bid to 
take part in the Middle Atlan- 
tic Conference play-offs this 

We definitely 



The women experienced a 
loss to Upsala College in the 
first round which ended their 
hopes for a play-off crown. It is 
not to be overlooked that the 
Lady Jays did make it to the 
tournament and displayed 
their talents like a veteran 
team. They will grow increas- 

ingly stronger as they continue 
to gain experience. 

With a majority of the team 
returning next year under 
Coach Drazkowski, the Lady 
Jays are looking forward to be- 
ing cheered on even farther in 
their conference and tourna- 

Shannon Kelly, Voula Kyriako- 
poulos, and Monica Lehman guard 
the front line. 

Volleyball (19-20) 

Sophomores Shannon Kelly and Monica 
Lehman achieved both All-MAC and All- 
Eastern Region honors. 
Senior co-captains Tara Latzo and Sonya 
Bockman provided leadership to a young 



e^lmi. * ; , , 

% f I 

Tara Latzo dives to put the ball back 
in play for E-town. 

Sports 145 

^b ^^ 

Steve Schultz prepares for an escape. Matthew Hurley on top of the sit- 

Having two MAC Champions at 1 18 lbs. and 167 lbs. 

Matt Hurley reaching his 100th college career win. 
The team finishing with a 9-9 record for a 500 season 
The team surprise win over a very good Juniata team. 

146 Sports 


Qrappiers Gettin' Down 


Unbending, unyielding, 
staunch, and steadfast are four 
adjectives that come to mind 
when one thinks of the Blue 
Jay grapplers. The season be- 
gan with an aura of emptiness 
as senior Gary Lloyd was miss- 
ing from the line-up. Also, af- 
ter 28 years of Coach Ober's 
presence at the edge of the mat, 
the active duties were left in 
the capable hands of first year 
assistant, Eric Mast. 

The Jay Birds wanted re- 

spect. Because the team lacked 
contenders for one and some- 
times two weight classes, they 
had to forfeit points for those 
particular matches, forcing the 
wrestlers to work even harder 
to get those points back. De- 
spite the initial disadvatage, 
the Jays succeeded because of 
their hard work. A turning 
point in the season was the 
Mount Union Tournament. 
After struggling a little at this 
event, the Jays regrouped and 

attacked the rest of the season. 
The grapplers finished with a 
record of 9 wins and 9 losses, 
which placed them ninth in the 
MAC standings. 

Two men achieved MAC 
championship status, both 
qualifying for nationals at 
Trenton State University. The 
determination and hard work 
of the team as a whole earned 
them the respect that they 
wanted, giving them a season 
to look back on with pride. 

Kevin McFadden has everything under total control. 

Mike Ahem receives another of his many victories. 

Row 1: Mike Ahern, Aaron Smith, John Teoli. Steve Shultz, Nate Maclay. Row 2: Manager Kate Krufka, Jeff 
Mickletz, Alex Dunnigan, Asst. Coach Eric Mast. Kevin McFadden, Matt Hurley, and Manager Sherri Koontz. 

Sports 147 

Lady Jays 


It may not have been the 
ending they wanted, but the 
Lady Jays Basketball team 
ended their season with a re- 
spectable overall record of 
15-9 (6-4 in the MAC North- 
west Section). Although there 
were a few disappointments, 
Head Coach Yvonne 
Kauffman was pleased with 
her team's overall efforts. 

"I think what pleased me 

the most (about the season) 
was some of the teams we 
beat. We had a hard schedule 
and a lot of the games we lost, 
we lost by only one or two 
points. You're looking at just 
a few points of making a sea- 
son a great finish or just a 
good finish," stated 

The Jaygals had their fair 
share of heartbreakers, as 

they lost two games by two 
points or less to Susquehan- 
na, the first by a score of 72- 
70 and the second by a score 
of 86-85. 

E-town also outscored their 
opponents 1,751 points to 
1,571 points. With the excep- 
tion of rebounding, the Blue 
Jays dominated nearly every 
statistical category. 

Ruth Woltman attempts a foul shot. 

Stephanie Cox and Ruth Woltman double team their opponent. 

Row 1: Heidi Metzger, Sue Richie, Stephanie Cox, Marci Grossman, Amita Mehta, Jen Harleman. Row 2: Coach 
Yvonne Kauffman, Susie Young, Sue Burkhouse, Julie Ogurcak, Lauren Reeser, Ruth Woltman, Jackie Schiavoni, 
Kris Kruse. Deirdre Hendrie. 

148 Sports 

Sports 149 

Rob Duncan Tights his way through to 
the basket. 

Tom Kuffa keeps the ball in bounds. 

Tom Kuffa named to the National Association of Baketball Coaches 
Division III All-Mid Atlantic District Second Team. 

Ron Urich doubled his points-per-game average of last year, to an 
average of 15.4 points. 

Tom Kuffa led the Blue Jays in scoring with an average of 1 8.6 points 
per game. 


1 50 Sports 


For the first time in two 
i^ears, the Blue Jays were left 
jut of the MAC post-season 

The long, and often incon- 
sistent winding road that 
;pitomized this young and 
nexperienced 1991-92 
.quad, ended on a high note 
lowever, as the "Mighty 
slue" finished the campaign 

Men's Basketball 

with two straight road vic- 

While E-town struggled to 
find consistency, there was 
one constant in their play 
every night. "We always gave 
our all and played hard, even 
though sometimes we played 
well and sometimes we 
didn't," remarked Tom Kuf- 

Even though the season 
was disappointing, Coach 
Schlosser states, "My goal 
here was, and is, to establish 
a philosophy and personality 
for our team and I think we 
are accomplishing that goal 
and I'm certainly excited 
about the future here." 

Dave Karli attempts to make a shot. 

Ron Urich passes the ball while keeping an eye on the opposition. 

■ I -■■ 


ow 1: Dagan Nelson, Creighton Faust, Travis Crozier, Rob Urich, Dan Fitzsimmons, Mike Anderson, Rob 
hincan. Row 2: Coach Bob Schlosser, Dave Karli, Mark Coassolo, Tom Kuffa, Dave Bartoli, Eric Schwartz, 
larold Crush. Bob Mrazik, Brett Charleston, Assistant Coach Steve Schulman. 

Sports 1 5 1 



Men's Dual Meet Record of 8-6 (first winning season since 1973). 
Highest Men's Team score in MAC Championship (since 1973). 
Double Conference Champion Micheal Schlotterbeck 100 and 200 yd 

Women's Team showed steady improvement by winning most of their 
last games to achieve a 6-9 overall record. 

52 Sports 

Spftsfun' and Sptashin' 


The men's swim team made 
quite a splash in their 1991-92 
season. These waterlogged 
Jays achieved their first win- 
ning season since 1973. 

Under the direction of Mike 
Guinivan, the men swam their 
way to a record of eight wins 
and six losses. Coach Guinivan 
attributes the team's success to 
their competitive edge. "The 
men's team was much more 
competitive this year than in 
the previous years," he com- 


The Lady Jay swimmers, 
while swimming their best and 
steadily improving throughout 
the season, experienced a dis- 
appointing record of six wins 
and nine losses. 

This record is a poor reflec- 
tion of the team's ability, how- 
ever; as the team's size was of- 
ten the determining factor 
which led to the Lady Jay's 
downfall, according to coach 
Mike Guinivan. Fewer swim- 

mers caused less participation 
in events where multiple en- 
tries could have made a sig- 
nificant difference. Further- 
more, six wins is impressive 
for a team of such small size. 

Each member of the team 
did indeed give their 100% in 
competition, thus proving that 
even in a swimming pool, 
Elizabethtown Blue Jays are 
fighting defenders. 

Row 1: Julie Borst, Lynn Repko. Jen Benton, Heather Frank, Wendy Smith, Kelly Donovan, Karyn Suffredini. 
Nicole Files, Marie Andersson. Row 2: Coach Mike Guinivan, Don Blyer, Joey Kondisko, Brian Frost, Mike 
Schlotterbeck. Scott Speakman, Henrik Takkenberg, Steve Fowler, Brian Renninger, Steve Camilli. Frank Belleza. 

Sports 153 

Game ; Set; Match 


The 1 992 Mens Tennis team 
proves that their team is full of 
"aces" as they swung their way 
to an outstanding record set- 
ting season. The Blue Jay rack- 
etman, under the coaching ex- 
pertise of Robert Schott, set 
the Elizabethtown College "all- 
time" record for the most 
number of wins in a single sea- 
son with twelve wins and just 
one loss. Furthermore, the 
team claimed some of the 
highest statistics in the MAC's 
this season as they surrendered 

the least number of points and 
matches in the entire MAC 
conference. One more impres- 
sive fact about the men is that 
they did not lose a doubles 
match all season. With accom- 
plishments such as these, one 
would expect the men to be 
more than satisfied with their 
season. Post-season play, how- 
ever, left the Jays with feelings 
of disappointment and bitter 
sweetness as they lost the 
Northern Division MAC 
playoff. Thus surrendering any 

hopes of breaking the jinx 
which has kept any Blue Jay 
mens tennis team from reach- 
ing the MAC final six consec- 
utive time. Two singles and 
one doubles pair did reach the 
quarterfinals in the MAC 
playoffs. One encouraging note 
for the Jays, though, is that 
most of the team is returning 
next year to continue, and 
hopefully surpass this Blue Jay 

Sean Rowe slams a forehand down the lii 

Timo Huisman prepares for a backhand return. 

Row 1: Assistant Coach Skip Roderick, Nick Kenien, Sean Rowe, Dave Bluett, Piyush Bhatnagar, Head Coach 
Bob Schott. Row 2: Matt Garrison, Nick Duchesne, Mike Chesire, Steve Barnes, Timo Huisman. 

1 54 Sports 


■Ukfwi w » . .*-• 

The Mens Tennis Team surrendered the least number of points and 
matches in the entire MAC Conference. 

The team set an E-town record of 12-1. 
The team won every doubles match during the season. 

Mike Chesire prepares to slam the Piyush Bhatnagar serves the ball to 
ball. his opponent. 


Sports 155 

Amy Jo Lutz serves the 1 

Amy Hite warms up before the match. 

Four players reached the MAC individual playoffs. 

One pair reached the final round in doubles play. 

The Womens Tennis Team posted a 9-2 record for the season. 

156 Sports 

Slice, S(am, or Lob 


The Womens tennis team 
proved that they not only 
"love" tennis, but are also 
skilled at it. Under the coach- 
ing of Robert Schott, the 
Lady Jays posted an impres- 
sive 9-2 mark to surpass 

everyone's expectations. Los- 
ing some of their key players, 
preseason was a time of un- 
certainty. But the Lady Jays 
were determined and played 
their best which proved to be 
sufficient. Post-season high- 

lights include four players 
who reached the MAC indi- 
vidual playoffs. One pair 
reached the final round in 
doubles play, while one single 
lost in the first round and an- 
other in the second. 

Michelle Artz returns the ball. 

Abigail Stoler practices her net game before the match. 

Row 1: Amy Hite. Carla Shoemaker, Brenda Fasolka, Aimee Zeloski. Head Coach Bob Schott. Row 2: Assistant 
Coach Skip Roderick, Amy Jo Lutz, Abigail Stoler, Michelle Artz, Andrea Thornton. 

Sports 157 

Who's On First 


Although 22-10-1 may 
seem like a big accomplish- 
ment for some teams, for the 
Blue Jay baseball team it def- 
initely was not. After being 
ranked as high as fourth in 
the nation last year and en- 
tering the spring with a 
preseason ranking of fif- 
teenth, the Jay's expectations 
were much higher. Following 
their first two games, the 

team traveled to Cocoa 
Beach, Fla., for a eight game 
stand. Returning from Fla. 
with a 9-1 record, the Jays 
seemed to be headed back to 
the NCAA tournament. Un- 
fortunately things did not go 
as planned. The team only 
swept one of four double 
headers along with other dev- 
astating losses. The Jays 
could only manage a disap- 

pointing 13-9-1 record for the 
rest of the season. The 
"Never Say Die" Blue Jays 
did manage to win their last 
four regular season games. 
This secured them a spot in 
the NCAA tournament and 
accomplished the Jay's 
preseason goal of returning to 
the tournament. 

Jon Hendl encourages his pitcher. 

The first baseman stretches to make i 

Row 1 : Mike Anderson, Chris Blum, Chris Grubb, Jon Hendl, Billy Shipman, Creighton Faust. Row 2: Dave Arpa, 
John Hicks, Rodney Martzall. Jere Geib, Eric Toomey, John Deitch. Row 3: Assistant Coach Jeff Gergic, Head 
Coach John Gergic, Brian Siket, Bill Georgelis, Phil Gale, Ricky Lutz, Kyle Evans. 

1 58 Sports 

.«•»•»*»• r !»''*•> «^ 


wim ^L 



victory over 

Z>iv. II 

opponent Kutztown by a score of 1 3 to 0. 


s successful Florida 

trip to 

open the seasor 

where the team 

posted a 

7-1 record-tr 

e best 

start in 

school history. 

This year's 22 wins 


E-town baseball it's sixth consecutive 20 

win season. 




lffls£ I 


Rickv Lutz makes a play in the out- Chris Blum delivers the pitch, 


Sports 1 59 

Kim Matlack follows through on a 

Monica Lehman makes the throw for an 

The Softball team posted a 24-9 season record. 
The Lady Jays won the MAC Northwest Section Championship. 

1 60 Sports 

Sliding to Success 

The sport is called 
i "softball" but the Lady Jays 
played hardball. An aggres- 
sive never-quit attitude 
earned the Lady Jays a 24-9 
record and the MAC North- 
west Section Championship. 
Coaches Pam Drazkowski 
and Brad Brubaker each had 
a word that described and 
acted as a constant reminder 
for the ladies: "Team" and 
'Determination". This par- 
ticular group was very deter- 


mined but their determina- 
tion was part of an overall 
team effort. These qualities 
complemented their talent, 
allowing them to surpass the 
.500 records of the previous 
two years. The Lady Jays got 
a psychological boost when 
they swept Messiah early in 
the season; it provided them 
with an added dose of con- 
fidence, making their skills 
even sharper. Later the team 
pushed Trenton State to the 

limit. Despite this loss, the 
ladies were satisfied by tak- 
ing the number one team in 
the country into extra in- 
nings. Depth was a factor in 
the team's success; the mag- 
nanimous accomplishments 
of the season were due to the 
ability of the group, not just 
one player. The winning rec- 
ord and championship title 
were prizes that made each of 
these ladies proud. 


Row 1: Amy Kline. Lisa Riotto, Deb Lesher, Bonnie Williams, Monica Lehman, Leanne Workman. Row 2: 
Assistant Coach Brad Brubaker, Lisa Boden, Denise Large, Stacey Knerr, Angie Balmer, Michelle Weitzel, Head 
Coach Pam Drazkowski. Row 3: Stacey Hachenberg, Kim Matlack, Valerie Degler, Audry Zawislak, Kim 
Hampson, Kelly Keeney, Kirstin McClune. 

Sports 161 

GOLF TEAM-Row l: Joe Shull, 
Scott Habecker. Doug George, 
Shawn Reynolds. Chris West, Head 
Coach Royal Snavely. Missing: 
an Lake, Jonas Thurdin, Brian 


Intramurals provide stu- 
dents the opportunity to join 
together and compete against 
fellow students at an amateur 
level. There is no pressure of 
MAC records or competing 
with other NCAA Division III 
teams, only the personnal bat- 
tles between friends to be the 
best. Intramurals provide fun, 

162 Sports 


Sports 163 

164 Sports 




Sports 165 

1 66 Sports 

Sports 167 


SXAVFFERS / Kissel Hill 



where quality and 

freshness count! 








E-Town College 

(717) 367 0737 



We voted you most 

likely to succeed 

FAR ™?TmcaK 




Owner • Manager 

M & D Auto Parts. Inc 
865 N Hanover Street 
Ehzabethtown. PA 17022 

(717) 367-5537 


537 W. Main St. 
Mt. Joy, PA 


HOURS: MON. 10-6 

TUES.-SAT. 8-9 


R.D. 2, Rt. 230 

Mount Joy, PA 


168 Advertisements 








PA PUC A00109305 Toll Free 1-800-635-7014 

653-1357 or 653-6151 

The Student Center. 

Going lo McDonald's* is almost as 
much a part of school as going to class. 
You've made us the place to meet, to 
talk, to have a good time, to celebrate 
your victories and help forget defeats. 

You've nude McDonald's more than 
JUSI another place loeat. And that's why, 
at McDonald's, 



i C=J C=> C=D 1=3 ZZZZ3 t=I (=1 C 


Serving Lancaster County Since 1926 

Elizabethtown, PA 1 7022 

Mueller's Flower Shop 

55 N. Market St. 


Bob's Flower Shop 

39 S. Market St. 








(215) 638-2490 


Advertisements 1 69 

The Continental Press, Inc. 

• Educational Publishing 

• Commercial Printing 

Meeting the Needs of Education 
for over 50 Years 

520 East Bainbridge Street 
Elizabethtown, PA 17022 

170 Advertisements 

Our Grade AA 
Rating Means 

Four Times More Quality 
Tests — Up To Ten Times 
More Demanding Than 
Regular Milk. 
All milk is not the same Some 
milk, like Harrisburg Dairies 
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The Finest Milk In 
Harrisburg Dairies milk is 
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Grade AA Hating. To earn a 
Grade AA Hating, our milk 
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many tests for purity and 
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Serve Your Family 
The Best. 

'lb you. Grade AA means serving 
your family the highest quality, 
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To your family, an ice-cold glass 
of Grade AA Harrisburg Dairies 
milk will ]ust mean AAhhli! 


■fce milk that gl&ws em! 



Brothers Pizza 

256 S. Market St. 

Elizabethtown, PA 1 7022 


Best of Luck to 

the Class of '92! 


The staffs of 

The Conestogan 

The Etownian 

Advertisements 171 

1 ■ 

You have made every 

day of our life 
special in some small 
way. Today no words 
can express the pride, 
admiration and love 
for you we have within 

our hearts. 


Mom and Dad 

Glory had a louya! 
We are so proud! 
You are the best. 
Mom, Dad, and Butch 

Congratulations and Best Wishes 

To Ellen and all her friends 

at Elizabethtown. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. KJeinstuber 

To Angela Maxton 
You've done your best 
Received many awards 
You'll start poor, but. . .? 

You've made our lives richer 
Although not our wallets- 
Just want you to know, it 

Was worth every cent(dollar)!! 

Love and good wishes. 

Mom & Dad 

To GINA, a dedicated O.T. to be 
It's been an interesting 4 years watch- 
ing you learn & grow, sharing your joys and 
pains along the way. We know it wasn't 
easy juggling grades, jobs, & a social life. 
But now you are there-at the beginning of 
your career and adult life. Remember these 
3 things: you can change the world, just 
do your best, & the world will be a better 
place; hold onto your ideals because they 
can become new ideas; and keep your faith 
and it will carry you through rough times. 
Congratulations on a job well done! 
We love you. 
Mom and Dad 


To Our Daughter 

Maryann Lampart 

and the Class of 1992 

Wishing You Much Success 

In All That You Do. 

Love Forever, 

Mom, Dad, and brother, Francis 

To Kelly 

Thanks for being the best "kid" 

a parent could ever have been blessed 

to bear. You continually make me 

exceedingly proud of you. I wish you 

all the best life can possibly offer, 

now and forever more! 




Your accomplishments to this 

point in your life have made us 

extremely proud; your future 

accomplishments will bear fruit even 

you can't imagine! 


Mom and Dad 

1 72 Proud Parents 

Dearest Scott, 
My how these four years have flown and 
how we've enjoyed being a part of this 
experience. We couldn't be prouder of 
you or love you more, and our prayer is 
that tomorrow will be even more successful 

and rewarding than yesterday has been. 

May you find and know love as we have and 

may you always allow God to walk by your 



Mom and Dad 

t^^^^^p ^M^^^Mfe ^ ou liavc f°" owe d your 

star to Elizabethtown, 
the Sorbonne & Stras- 
bourg. We hope that 
your star continues to 
^^k shine hrightK and 
9 . leads you to your 
life's fulfillment. 
We love you, 
Mom and Dad 

Dear Lisa, 

It's wonderful realizing a dream, 

knowing that the little girl who 

once filled your life with joy and 

your heart with love has grown into 

a special woman who still makes you 

feel that you're a very important 
part of her life. We hope you know 

how proud we are of you-the 

choices you've made, and the goals 

you've accomplished. And we hope 

that you know how much we love you 

and wish you all of your own dreams 

come true. 


Mom, Dad, and Mark 

Best of luck in the future to 
a great son, brother, and grand- 
son. We are all very proud of 
you. We know you'll succeed in 
whatever you choose to pursue. 
Remember, "You reap what you sow". 

Mom, Dad, Shannon, Keli, and Gram 

May God bless you and guide you in 

all your future goals. He blessed 
us with your love. May He be with 
you as you spread that love to those 
you help. Remember the future is 
yours-take time to enjoy it. 
We are all so very proud of you, but 
then we always have been. Be true 
to yourself-take time to enjoy the 

gift of life. 

Thank you Donna for being you. 

Our love, 

Dad and Mom 

Dear Colleen, 


on your way to becoming a wonderful 

teacher and we couldn't be prouder! 

You have grown into such a lovely, 

caring and warm young lady. You are 

a shining star — a blessing from God 

in our life. May ALL your dreams 

come true and may God ALWAYS hold you 

tightly in the palm of His hand and 

guide you to happiness. We love you 

and we will ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU. 

Keep Smiling!!! Love you, 
Mom, Dad, Bryan, Andy, Nan, and Maggie 

>^^* 1 1° our Barbie 
I HaL our graduate, 
our daughter, 
our pride & joy, 

V § With love and pride 

^^■f^BW '^B& Mom and Dad 

Congratulations, Amy! 

As you pass another of life's 

milestones, know that you've grown 

beautifully and given much. 

Believe in yourself as life's 

opportunities greet you each day. 


Mom and Robin 

Proud Parents 173 

To Missy, 

May your future be one full of 

success and happiness. We all 

extend to you our joy, our pride, 

but most of all our love. 


Mom. Dad, Shelly, Mam, Grandma, and 1 

Heather Kostick 
"To Learn you must want to be 

You have shown us that you real- 
ly wanted to 

learn. You accomplished your 
goal by graduating 
from college to become an El- 
ementary Teacher. 
Onward to your next goal being 
one. We are proud of you. 
Much love and success. 
Mom & Dad 


Trust in the Lord with all 

thine heart; and lean not unto thine 

own understanding. In all thy ways 

acknowledge Him, and He shall direct 

thy paths. (Proverbs 3:5-6) 

Mom and Dad 

Congratulations, Jen, the best in the future! 

With love and pride, your parents! 

We are the music makers, 

We are the dreamers of dreams. 

We are the movers and shakers 

Of the world for ever, it seems. 

"Ode" Arthur O'Shaughnessy 

How sour sweet music is. 

When time is broke, and no proportion is kept! 

So is it in the music of men's lives. 

The man that hath no music in himself, 

Nor is not mov'd with concord of sweet 

Sounds, let no such man be trusted. 


Kimberley J. Hall 

Dear Kimberley, 

May your future be bright and beautiful. 

You deserve the very best. 

We love you! 

Mom and Dad 

We are so proud of our "little 

girl", who 

has become a sophisticated, 


beautiful young woman. We love 

you and 

wish you a life full of happiness 

and success. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Tom, 

Grandmom, Granddad, and 



Dear Diane, 

A teacher you always wanted to be. . . 

Now you have attained that degree! 

Tender lives will be yours to mold, 

Care for them as if they are pure gold. 

We ask God to richly bless 

And give you much success. 

We love you, 

Mom and Dad 




Your Family 

1 74 Proud Parents 


Congratulations! We're proud of your 

accomplishments the past four years. 

We hope your education will give you 

continued success & prosperity. 

Good Luck!! Love, 

Mom, Dad, and Mike 

Congratulations, Sarah! 

We're ever so proud of you 

Love and luv Mum, Dad, and Robert. 


You have always been 

the "light" of our life. 

We are extremely 

proud of you and your values. 

We love you, 

Mom and Dad 

Dearest Ai-Linh, 
Imaze that somebody 
can make it through in 

3 and 1/2 years. . . 

You must be very proud 

of us for being so 

smart to make such a 

fine and marvelous 

daughter as yourself, 


Love from Proud 

Mom and Dad. 

To Eileen O'Donnell 

"I think I can. I think I can."" 

The Little Engine That Could 

"I KNEW you could!" 

Love always, 


First Day-Grade One 


Tiffany, we're very 

proud of you! 

Mom and Dad 

Vivian, thanks for staying the course 
over a tough four years, during which you 

have seen your share of frustrations, 

disappointments, temptations, unexpected 

health problems, emotional lows and 

personal setbacks. You've handled them 

all with maturity, grace, and courage. 

We're immensely proud that you're our 

daughter. Congratulations on your 

graduation — you earned it! 

Love you, 

Mom and Dad 

Congratulations Joy Bearly 

Best Wishes to the Class of 1992 

Love, Mom, Dad. and Scott 

Proud Parents 1 75 

^J| We proud of 
m you and proud to be 
your parents. We 
hope your future 
holds much happiness. 
W We love you, 
Mom & Dad 


To Judson 

It seems like it was just 

yesterday that we were taking 

you to nursery school and now 

you are graduating from college. 

Education has always been a family goal; 

You have made us very proud. 

Congratulations! And the very best 

always in your career. 

Dad, Mom, Johnny, and Jocelyn 

Noelle L. Stiles 

Your college years have passed so fast, 

and your graduating from E-Town at last. 

A model daughter you've become. 

you studied hard and still had fun. 

Goodbye to Mookies, Wog's, Trough, Club Met, 

to Chris, Deb, Terry; your E-Town Homestead. 

We love you dearly and are proud to say, 

our daughter graduates from Elizabethtown today. 

Good luck in the Final Four 


Dad, Mom, and Bonnie 

Oops Bernie Too! 

Dear Heather Marie, 

"Welcome, O life! I go to encounter for 

the millionth time the reality of 

experience and to forge in the smithy of my 

soul the uncreated conscience of my race." 

— James Joyce 

We are very proud that you have accomplished 

your goal! As you choose new challenges, 

remember the love and support of our 

family are your foundation. 

Our love. Dad, Mom, Conan, and Kendra 

You've come a long way 
+ .jj^ Baby, and we're very, 
M*\ 9 very proud of you! 
K^ \ Love! 

Mom & Dad 


Michelle Aitala 

Life is no brief candle for 

me. It is a sort of splendid torch 

which I have got hold of for a 

moment and 1 want to make it burn 

as brightly as possible before handing 

it on to future generations. 

George Bernard Shaw 

Seize the day, Amy! 
Mom and Dad 


Wishing you always. . . 

love to surround you, 

warm memories to cheer you, 

good fortune to walk beside you, 

and happiness to fill your heart. 

Congratulations. . . 

Mom, Dad, Margie, George, Marie, and Jeff 

1 76 Proud Parents 

"Two Bits" 
We're proud of you Jen, 
and want you to remember 
"In all your ways acknowl- 
edge Him, 

and He shall direct your 

Proverbs 3:6 

Much Love, 

Dad and Mom 

A small boy's hand I tried to guide, 

and fill his soul with love & pride. 

Through the years the hand has grown, 

much larger, stronger than my own. 

The boy is gone, a man I see; 

a source of love and pride for me! 

Congratulations Kurt, 

with love and pride, Mom 


This year you will have 

achieved another of the goals 

that you set for yourself. 
In doing that you also helped 
your family accomplish their 
goal-seeing you mature into an 
independent, responsible, and 
caring individual. 

We are proud of you. 
Love from your Mom, Dad, 
Jamie, Jason 

Dear Gretchen, 
May life always return to you 
the joy and laughter you give 

all you meet. 
With deep pride, we wish you 
much success and say congratu- 

Our love, 
Mom, Dad, and Heidi 

Mike Bubnis 

You made it to the 

Winner's Circle! 

Proud Parents 1 77 

Adelmann. Joanna I Early Childhood and 
Elementary Education. 
Education Club. Tutor. Student Advisory 
Council to the Education Dept 
Jen. I give you a hardy "Wah! Wah! Wah!" 
and a purple schoolbus because you're the 
best. Suzie ..PadittieM 

Aitala. Michelle L: Psychology with a minor in 

Cross-Country. Track Club, Psychlogy Club; 
Psi Chi. Habitat for Humanity; Resident 

Thanks for the best four years-Doch(lnkyl). 
Little Jay. the X-C teams and coach, my 
Pshch buddies. Royer 1-S, and especially 

Alphin. Cindra A.: Occupational Therapy. 
SOTA; Schlosser Residence Hall 
Council(pres ), Residence Life Committee; 
SMILE Club. 

Mom. Dad. & Sis. Thank you for putting up 
with me. I couldn't have made it without 
your support and guidance. I love you. 

Amachi, Udochi I.: Elementary Education. 
APB; Resident Assistant. School Productions. 
"O God, help me accept my talent openly, 
nurture it hopefully, develop it faithfully and 
give it freely. And may I learn to say little, 
love much and give my all, that I may 
judge no person and aspire to all that is 
pure and good and resign the rest to your 
wisdom and mercy, Amen." 

Amatulli II. Richard P.; Communications. 
Student Engineer; Technical Director for 

Thanks M&D; VANA 2; Jacqui I LUV U, more 
than U will ever know. Damn Rats!; TV. here 
to the one's that do. .. DB live long...; KB last 
of the FD's. 

Andrews. Michelle R.: Business Administration 
with a concentration in Marketing. 
Habitat for Humanity; Intramural Sports. 
Academic Tutor. 

"The best way out is always through. "- 
Helen Keller. 

Anger. Karen L.: Elementary Education. 
Education Club, Biology Club; Habitat for 
Humanity. Circle K. 

"We the people believe in education. "- 

Arnold. Cynthia A.: Social Work. Dephi 
Society(vice pres ). Alpha Lambda Delta; 
SWSA. Student Senate; Admissions 
Telemarketing Supervisor; Learning Center 
Tutor. Big Brother/Big Sister. Intramurals; 
Dean's List. 

True Friends come along once in a lifetime 
Jennifer, Christine. Karen, Denise and 
Angela- As we follow our individual dreams, 
I will carry a piece of each of you in my 
heart: Friendships and memories will last 
forever. Thank you Mom and Dad for 
everything. Bill I love you and always will. 

Bachand, George David: Biology. Outdoor 
Club. Chemistry Club; Biology Club. 
To the E-Town DOM A Chapter: Party On! 
See ya! Thanks Mom and Dad. 

Bachman. Lisa M.: Business Administration and 
Management with a minor in Religion. 
SAM; Republican Club 
Mom and Dad thanks for all your love and 
support Chris, Patty, and Keirsten it has 

been "real , love you guys 

Bacon, Scott D Music Education Concert 
Choir(pres); Chorale; M.E.N.C (pres.). Jay's 

Thanks to all my friends, teachers. & G 
workers who have made my four years here 
very memorable To all musicians make it 
kick! To the family. Thank you for everything 
and special thanks to Tammy, with all my 

Bailey, Heather: Social Work with a minor in 
Business Administration. 
APB; Habitat for Humanity. SWSA. National 
Association of Social Workers. Tutor. 
Thanks Mom and Dad and the 1992 Plum 
St. girls! 

Barbagallo. Kurt: Social Studies Secondary 
Education with a minor in Psychology. 

Bearley. Jane E.: Political Science with a 
minor in French. 

Modern Language Club(pres.); Political 
Science Club. 

Mom and Dad-I know there have been 
some rough times over the past four years, 
but we made it. Thanks! Love always, Joy. 

Bell. Ronni E.: Communications with a minor in 

SCJ; Etownian(features editor and 
columnist); Student Senate(class sec); 
Alpha Lambda Delta; SIFE. 
Mom and Dad: Thank you for your love and 

Benamati, Michelle: Mathematics Education. 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Mu Epsilon(sec); 
Education Club; Math Club. 

Benton, Jennifer L.: Occupational Therapy. 
Swim Team tri-Captian; OT Club. 
I love you Mom. Dad, and family. 

Billoni, Philip J,: Biology Pre-Med. Biology Club; 
Outdoor Club; Sock and Buskin; Student 
one-act Plays; Dean's List; Delphi Society; 
Intramural Volleyball. 

Bjornestad. Sherri L.: Communications with a 
concentration in Corporate Media. 
WWEC-FM(Music Dir.. Program Manager. 
Station Manager); ECTV(Sound Technician. 
Floor Dir.); Etowian; IABC; SCJ. 
Thanks to all who put up with me. Mom and 
Dad-thanks for the support and 
encouragement to always strive for what I 

Blandmg. Aaron: Business Administration. 
Basketball; Black Student Union; APB. 

Blecker. Cyntia L.: Business Administration- 
Finance with a minor in Psychology. 
Student Senate; Campus Life Council; Peer 
Counselor; Theater; SIFE; Learning Center 
Coordinator; Delphi Society; SAM. 
To my fellow "cell"-mates of the "Ameba"' 
Image the book we could write about our 
adventures in life and love. If our friendship 
here at E-town is only one chapter of our 
lives, I can't wait to see what lies ahead. 
Mom and Dad: Words can't say how much I 
appreciate everything you've done for me. 

Bogar, Susan E. Business Administration with 
concentrations in Marketing and 
SAM Club; Tutor. 

Bolich, Carolyn: Occupational Therapy. IVCF; 

To my mother and father. ..I love you and 
you were my inspiration. 

Brubaker, Stephanie: Political Science. 

Political Science Club. Republican Club. 

Bubnis. Michael A.: Business Finance and 
Computer Science. 

SAM. Intramural Sports; Delta Mu Delta. 
Up in time! 

Bucher, Edward V.: Math Secondary 
Education and General Math. 

Buhl. Jessica A.: Modern Languages-French 
with a minor in Business Administarion. 
Modern Languages/International Club; Ski 
Club; Field Hockey. Intramural Soccer and 
Basketball. Brethren Colleges Abroad. 
"Cheers to all my housemates(Trace, Mo, 
Lynn and K.T.) and to all the rest of my 
friends, the original "Boozero." Mom. Dad 
and Stephen thanks for your support. I love 
you. Europe 90-91; the real year of living 
dangerously. La guestion finale; 2u'est- 
cequ'on fait maintenant? La reponce 
ultimo; Carpe Diem! 

Burgener, Marisa A.: Biology with minors in 
Biochemistry and German. 
Intl Club(sec); ALD(sec). Delphi Society. 
Royer Residence Hall Council(sec ); RLC; 
Biology Club; Chemistry Club; BCA. 
"Wer will dass die welt so bleibt wie sie ist, 
der will nicht dass sie bleibt. "-Fried. (He who 
wants the world to remain as it is. doesn'' 
want it to remain at all.) 

Butch, Susan: Accounting. 
Accounting/Finance Club 

Calabrese, Christina M.: Social Work with a 
minor in Public Administration. 
Social Work Student Association(pres.); 
Head Resident; Resident Assistant; Tutor; 
Biology Club; Rape Awareness Group; APB; 
St. Peter RC Church, Religious Education 
teacher, Newman Club. 
It is the greatest of all mistakes to do 
nothing because you can do only a little. 
Do what you can! 

Campbell, Brenda: Psychology with a minor in 

Psi Chi; Psychology Club; Intramural Flag 
Football, Softball, & Volleyball. Big 
Brother/Big Sister; Tutor. 
Thanks Mom and Dad-you made this dream 
come true. I love you. Garden Girls-where 
would I be without you? You'll always have 
a special place in my heart. ILY! The past 
four years have been the best! 

Campbell. Sheryl A.: Communications with a 
concentration in Corporate 
Communications and a minor in Business. 
SCJ(pres ); Communique(editor); IABC; 
SAM; WWEC Newsreader, Department 
Chairman's Advisory Committee. 
All my thanks and love to my family for all 
their love and support over the past four 
years. Chris-thank you for your confidence 
in me, your friendship, and most of all your 
love. Here's to the rest of our lives. Kidde! I 
love you! 

Carlson, Kelly M.: International Business and 
Marketing with a minor in French. 
Conestogan(editor-in-chief); SCJ(treas.); 
BCA-Strasbourg, France. Board of 
Publications; Marketing Club. Modern 
Language Club; IABC. Intramural Volleyball. 
Thanks to my family and friends for helping 
me through the good and bad times. Je 
rous aimell 

Chappel. Wayne E.: Accounting. 

Christopher. Judson C: Communications with 

1 78 Senior Directory 

a concentration in Corporate Media. 
Baseball(Captain); ECTV, WWEC. Etowian. 
National Minority Student Leadership 
Award, John R. McCullouqh Award 

3lark. Sharon L: Occupational Therapy. OT 
Club, SOTA(exec board). Pi Theta Epsilon, 
ASCOTA. Intramurals. 
Mom & Dad: Thanks for all your help and 
support. I love you! Karen, Tanya Jenny- 
"Procrastination Queens" we made it! 
Thanks for all the great memories; the bats. 
Sydney, landlord firedrill, subartic weather, 
wonder triplet powers, Wolgs "nightmare" 
nights, nutterbutter monster, special treats, 
"not it", "I get", McDonalds, Kayla, "The 
cops are here". Finally, JC: "the best thing 
since sliced bread." 

gBne. Mark D.: Communications. Baseball. 
Thank you Mom, Dad. and Grandma. I love 

:ole, Sarah: History with a minor in 
Bye, Royer 3rd floor! 

:orbett, John: Marketing with a minor in 

Wrestling; Intramural Football and Softball. 
Mom & Dad, thank you for sticking by me 
throughout my years here at E-town. I love 
you! Susan, you are my hero, the sugar in 
my coffee, the wind beneath my wings. ILY. 

ox, Stephanie J.: Business Administration. 
Women's Basketball; SAM Club. 

rane, Mark A.: Business Administration. 
Habitat for Humanity; Varsity Baseball. 
Thanks Mom and Dad for all the help and 

vrkel, Karen: Psychology with a minor in 

Public Administration. 

Psychology Club(vice-pres); Intramurals- 

Big Brother/Big Sister; Psi Chi; Alpha Lambda 


Thanks to everyone who has made the 

past 4 years very special to me. know 

who you are. If I would try to recognize you 

all individually. I'd forget someone, and 

feelings would be hurt. This way we're all 


llton, Melissa M.; Occupational Therapy 
D i Theta Epsilon; SOTA; Concert Band 
5chlosser Dorm Council. 

ivies, Ceri L.: Computer Science with a 
ninor in French. 

Computer Science Club(sec); Swimming 
Thanks Mom and Dad. To Christopher and 
tebecca, your definitely tha best of friends, 
love you both. To everyone else, I'll never 
orget how kind you have been. The best 
)f time have yet to come. 

vis, Jennifer C: Occupational Therapy 
leld Hockey; SOTA-executive cabinet 
MILE; OT Club. 

hank you Mom and Dad for your countless 
lours of listening, cheering, and problem 
olving I love you. Jamie, good luck at 
afayette. you're the best little brother, 
obby & Karen, thanks for all of your 
practical" advise, and always knowing 
ow I feel. To my "roomies", we've shared 
i lot of terrific memories and I really had a 
>t of fun. Good luck! To my field hockey 
•uddies, thanks for the great times. 

a concentration in Management. 

Devlin, Christine: Occupational Therapy. Peer 
Educator; Freshman Class Treasurer 
Student Senate. 

Dianno, Lisa M,: Elementary Education. 
Cheerleading; Education Club, Political 
Science Club. Peer Counselor; Forensics 
Team; Newman Club. 

Mom. Dad. Mark, and Friends- Guess what, I 
finally picked a major! Thanks for making 
my four years at E-town so special I love 
you all. 

Digwood, Jeanette: Biology pre-medicine 
with a minor in Biochemistry. 
Biology Club(pres ); S.M.I.L.E.; Big 
Brother/Big Sister. International Club RA 

Mom. thank you for making my dreams 
come true. I love you! Jimmy, love always 
find away! I love you. 

Dolan, Alicia M.: Communications with 
concentrations in Public Relations and 
Corporate Media. 

WWEC-FM(promotion dir.); IABC(treas.); 
Student Senate. Comm. Dept. Volunteer. 
To my mom. Aunt Alice and family, thanks 
for all of the love and support. To all of my 
friends, especially the Plum St. girls, thanks 
for all of the laughs, tears, and memories, 
They will always be cherished 

Dougherty, Colleen P.: Elementary Education. 
Education Club; Yearbook(sports reporter) 
Newspaper(sports reporter). 

Douglas, Amy E.: Education Club; Delphi 
Society; Student Advisory Council to the 
Education Dept.; SMILE; ALD; College 
Scholar; Tutor; Writing Consultant. 
To my parents-thanks for a fine beginning. 
"Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, 
and remember what peace there may be 
in silence." 

Dubots, Michelle L.: French. Modern 
Language Club(senate rep); Cheerleading. 

Dunnigan. Alexander P.: Mathematics. 

Thanks to family and friends for these past 
four years-it has been a great experience. 
"Enjoy life for what it is. because no one 
knows what the future will bring " 

Eberly, Dale: Communications with a minor in 

Newspaper; Forensics. Extern for M S 

"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and 
lean not unto thine own understanding In 
all the ways acknowledge him, and shall 
direct thy paths. "-Proverbs 3:5.6. 

Ebersole, Mark D.: Religious Studies with a 
minor in Peace Studies. 
Resident Assistant; Head Resident; Co- 
coordinator of Deputation Team. Brethren 
Student Fellowship(pres.); Jazz Band 
Concert Band: Orchestra. 
"Earth's crammed with heaven, and every 
common bush a fire with God. Only he who 
sees, takes off his shoes-The rest sit round it 
and pick blackberries. "-Elizabeth Browning. 

Ehret, Colleen M : Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education. Amnesty 
Infernational(coordinator). Education Club 

Club; Intramural Volleyball and Softball 


Thanks to my family and friends, I never 

would of made it without you guys. 

Enoch, Stephen J.: Psychology Alpha 
Mu(treas), MENC(treas); Brass Club(treas). 

Farkas, Jaimie: Mathematics with a 
concentration in Secondary Education 
Cross Country. Track and Field Club 
Residence Hall Council; RLC; Math Club 
Education Club; Circle K. 
Mom and Dad-One down, four to go! I love 
you both! To Barb. Alec. Mark, Betsy, Cross 
Country team. Coach, and Green Gables: 
Has it only been four years? I feel like I've 
known you all my life and there's still many 
years ahead! 

Ferrari, Maureen: Political Science with minors 
in International Studies and Spanish 
Political Science Club; Freshmen Summer 
Orientation Staff Mom and Dad, I can't 
thank you enough and to my friends and 
roommates, "a lifetime's not too long to 
live as friends". All my love. 

Ferro. Danielle: Business Administration. 
Marketing Club; Newman Club; Intramural 
Soccer and Basketball; Accounting and 
Finance Club 

Let's drink a toast to what might have 
been, to all that we were, but can't be 
again, and let's just be thankful we parted 
as friends. Here's to the past, let the future 
begin. To all my friends thanks for the 
laughter and tears. Thanks Mom and Dad 
for all your love and support! 

Finlan, Timothy A.: Occupational Therapy 
Sock and Buskin; Student 
Productions(chairman): Ski Club; SOTA. 

Fisher, Stephani-Jo: Early Childhood 
Education. Education Club; B.W.I. 

Forlin, Mary-Elizabeth: Biology Education. 
Commuter Council(pres.); Student Senate 
Representative; Education Club; Biology 

Tha'nk you. Scott and Dawn. I'm looking 
forward to a great future with you both. I 
love you. 

Francis. Jeffrey J.: Communications 
Etownian; ECTV; Wrestling; Intramural 
Football. Volleyball and Soccer. 

Frank, Heather L; Mathematics with a 
concentration in Secondary Education 
Alpha Lambda Delta, Delphi Society(pres ) 
Pi Mu Epsilon; Math Club, Senior Class Vice- 
President, Swimming(tri-captain); Modern 
Language Club. 
The beginning of wisdom is silence. 

Fryer, Karen L.: English with a concentration in 

Education and 

a minor in psychology. 

English Club; Psychology Club. Education 
Club. To the gang-l feel that I'm not just 
leaving my friends, but my family. Thank 
you for always being there when things 
were rough; for all the laughter and all the 
tears; for the late nights, scary movies, and 
water fights... You've left me with so many 
wonderful memories. I'll cherish always. 
Here's to many, many more ... 

.ozier. Dane L: Business Administration with Eickemeyer. Diane: Psychology Psychology 

Geib, Ganese L: Elementary Education 
Education Club. Big Brother/Big Sister 
Thanks to Mom and Dad for all their love 

Senior Directory 1 79 

and support. Special thanks to M.H.. S.S., 
and S J. for everything I couldn't have 
done it without ya! 

Georgelis. Bill: Sociology 
Baseball Thank you Mom. Dad. & John. 

Germond. Demse Elementary and Early 
Childhood Education. 
SMIL E (coordinator); Advocates for 
Peace(leadership committee): Brethren 
Student Fellowship(sec); Deputation Team; 
Education Club. Writing Consultant. 

Gieniec. Jennifer A : English. Soccer: BCA- 
Spain; Modern Language Club; English 
Club; Senior Pledge Group; Peer 

Gills. Amy V.: Sociology with a minor in 

Intramurals. Student Assistant College 

Thank you Mom and Robin for all your love 
and support over the past four years. 
Annex '91-'92 thank you for all the 
memories and special friendships that will 
last a lifetime. Good luck to all '92 

Godfrey, Melissa A.: Accounting. 
Accounting/Finance Club(vice pres); 
Learning Center Tutor. 

Grasso. Tamara J.: English Education with a 
minor in French. 

RA, English Club(sec); Religious Life 
Committee; CROP Volleyball Organizer; 
English Department Student Assistant, 
Concert Choir; Chorale; Intramural 

To all of my friends, esp. Scott, Mandy, 
Beth. Joyce N.. Concert Choir members. 
Preservation women. Myer RA Staff, and 
yes. the Apartment women: Thank you for 
helping to make my life sublime. To my 
whole big, wonderful family, esp. Mom, Dad 
and Andy-I would not have made it without 

Greentree. Jennifer: Business Administration 
with concentrations in Management & 

Modern Language Club: Deaf Club; Bio 
Club; SAM(co-pres.); Intramural Bowling; 
Student Cafe Manager. 
I'd just like to thank Lim, Eileen, my parents, 
and especially Marc Without your help, I 
would have never made it! I love you all! 

Gunther, Phillip H : Computer Science with a 
minor in Business Administration. 
Computer Science Club; Intramurals. 

Guthrie. Melinda S.: Elementary Education. 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Education Club; 
College Scholar. 

Habecker. Scott D.: Accounting. 
Intercollegiate Golf; Intramural Basketball; 
Accounting/Finance Club; Delta Mu Delta. 
Heather and Deb, It's not going to matter 
when you're dead. Thanks to all my 
classmates, professors, and especially to 
Mom and Dad 

Hachenberg. Stacey Biology-Pre-Med with a 
minor in Biochemistry 
Women's Soccer: Varsity Softball Stats; 
Biology Club; Newman Club. 

Hackenburg. Stephanie L. Social Work. Alpha 
Lambda Delta. SWSA(vice pres); Amnesty 
International. Field Hockey. Intramural 
Basketball. Volleyball and Softball. 

Haghdoost. Navid R. Biology Pre-med 
Residence Life Assistant; Biology Club. 

Haldeman. Karen: Music Therapy Alpha 
Mu(vice pres); Senior Representee. 
Psychology Club. 

Hall, Kimberley J. Communications with a 
concentration in Public Relations and a 
minor in Business Administration. 
IABC; APB. Founders Dorm Council, 
Intramurals; Tutor. A special thanks to my 
family for always being there. I love you! 
"What does E-town mean to me? Good 
times on South Spruce Street!" SH, LH, TL. 
MH. TP, RJ, and JB... the memories' will last a 

Hammaker. Kenneth E. Accounting. 
Accounting and Finance Club; College DJ; 

Hey Funny Man, no more Joe Montana 
football. Hoss-how about some class 
participation points? 

Heiser, Julie L.: Chemistry Secondary 
Education. APB(publicity); SAACS; 
Intramural Softball and Raquetball; 
Education Club; Ober Dorm Council. 
Thanks so much Mom, Dad, and Net and to 
my friends, "I can't smile without you." love 
you forever!! Jewel. 

Helsel, Scott: English Literature. Student 
Senate(pres.). Class President(fresh.), Class 
Treasurer(sen); Pre-Law Club;. 
Thanks Mom and Dad. Thanks-You are the 
best. Hold on for the next three. I think my 
brain weighs less than when I came here. 

Hennen, Linda: Occupational Therapy. 
Volleyball Team; SOTA Club; Pi Theta 
Epsilon(sec), Outdoor Club; Intramurals. 
Love and Thanks to Mom. Dad. Kathy, and 
my roommates (I'll miss you guys). 

Herr, S. Frederick: Finance. Hang on to hope 
when there is no hope to speak of-for 
nothing is impossible to a willing heart that 

Hessenauer, Meghan M.: Biology with a minor 
in Biochemistry. 

Field Hockey. Amnesty lntemational(treas.); 
Advocates for Peace; College Democrats; 
Students for Choice; Biology Club; 
Residence Life Student Assistant; 

"What life has taught me I would like to 
share with those who want to learn ..That 
until the basic human rights are equally 
guaranteed to all. ..Everywhere is war."- 
Robert Nesta Marley. 

Hester, Jennifer L: Elementary Education. 
Education Club; PSEA, NEA; APB; PSTA. 
I leave behind the classroom and books, 
but will always carry the many wonderful 
memories and special friends close to my 
heart. To my roommates: Thanks for making 
the past four years the greatest. I'll never 
forget you! To my parents: Thanks for all 
your love and support. I never could have 
done it wilhout you! 

Hoffman. Jennifer L: Elementary Education 
with a minor in Psychology. 
Education Club; Psi Chi; APB. 
Mom and Dad. thank you for your love and 
support To all Girls: Renee, Deb, Julie, Wen, 
Kelly. Sue. and Linda I'll remember all the 
fun and laughter too You guys are the 
great. To Naizy, I'll treasure your friendship 
forever. " I will be walking one day, down a 
street far away, and see a face in the 
crowd and smile, knowing how you made 

me laugh, hearing sweet echos of you from 
the past, I'll remember you." 

Hollinger. Rebecca Accounting. 

Holm, Jonathan W. Communications with a 
concentration in Corporate Media and a 
minor in Visual Arts. 

Etowian photographer; Library Assistant. 
Roy Ream Award, Art Assistant. 

Hooker. Deborah L .: Elementary Education 
with a minor in History. 
Field Hockey; Education Club; Phi Alpha 
Theta. Intramurals. History Club; Campus 

Congratulations! Today is your day. You're 
off to great places 1 You're off and away! 
You're on your own. And you know what 
you know. And you are the girl who'll 
decide where to go. Oh! The places you'll 
go! To the Garden Girls 1991-2 thanks for 
everything. I'll miss you! Cold beer, hot 
nights, my sweet romantic college nights. 

Hoppie, Carmella A.: Political Science with a 
minor in International Relations. 
APB; Black Student Union; Cross Country. 
Campus Democrats. Political Science Club; 
Campus Advocates. Karate Club; Campus 
Forum, Freshmen Orientation Staff; Tour 

Sherri. Wendy, and Trisha, Thanks for all the 
grief. See ya when we're famous and a 
special thanks to you three for making E- 
town special to me. Thanks Mom and Dad- 
for being there. 

Hummer II, Donald C: Sociology and 

Intramurals. Political Science Club; 
Psychology Club. 

Hunter, Lisa Marie: Communications with a 
concentration in Public Relations and a 
minor in Sociology. 

Forensics(pres); Etownian; IVCF; IABC; SAM 
Club; Habitat for Humanity. Modern 
Language Club. 

Mom, Dad, and Lori, thank you so much for 
your continued support and love. I love 
you. And to all my friends the best of luck 

Ivey, Patricia E.: Mathematics with a minor in 
Visual Arts. 

Math Club; Etownian; Arts Appreciation 

Jacobs, Renee L.: Communications. WWEC. 
ECTV; Intramural volleyball and basketball. 

Jetter. Christian J.: Business Marketing Club. 

Jones. Jennifer L,: Business Administration with 
concentrations in Management and 

Women's Varisity Soccer; Intramural 
Basketball, Soccer and Volleyball; Schlosser 
Dorm Council; Accounting/Finance Club 

Keefe, Kristin M.: Elementary Education. 
Education Club; Intramural Volleyball. 
To my Mom, I can't thank you enough for 
all your love and support during the past 
four years. I could not have made it withou' 
you. I love you! I leave E-town with many 
special memories and friendships acquired 

180 Senior Directory 

through "hilarious" times that have lead to 
life long friendships. I love you girls! 

Keeler, Sandra L: Occupational Therapy 
SOTA; APB; Circle K; Statician for Baseball 
Thanks Mom and Dad for all the love and 
support you have given me, I never would 
have made it without you-l love you both 
very much! Thank you! You cannot know 
how much I appreciate everything you 
have done for me. To all my OT buddies- 
Thanks for putting up with my "casual" 
ways. You guys have been great! I will miss 
you all. Good luck. To my best buddy TK- 
Thanks for always being there for me. I love 
ya! Forever Friends! 

Keeney. Starlene A.: Psychology. Psychology 
Club. IVCF; Habitat for Humanity; SWSA; 

"College is over now my life may begin. 
Thank you to my family and friends who 
helped me make it through." 

King. J. Edward: Business Administration with 
concentrations in Accounting and Finance. 
Dorm Council, Residence Life Council; 
Acccounting/Finance Club; Intramurals; 
WWEC DJ; Computer Room Assistant. 

Kipp, Diane L.: Elementary Education, 
Education Club; Myer Dorm Council; Tutor; 
Peer Educator. 

Special thanks to my Mom. Dad. and family 
for always being there with your love, 
support, and encouragement. I love you! 
To my friends, thanks for all the memories, 
and remember friends are FOREVER! I'll miss 

Kireta, Lisa C: Psychology. Psi Chi; Psychology 

The future looks brighter through open 
eyes-and an open mind. I love you, D. 

Klienstuber, Ellen L.: Mathematics. Math 
Club(vice pres.); Pi Mu Epsilon(pres); Alpha 
Lambda Delta(pres.); Delphi Society(sec); 
Concert Band; Student Senate; Campus 
Life Council; Student Assistant; Tutor; 
Phonathan volunteer; Class Gift Committee 
Thanks Mom and Dad-I couldn't have done 
it without your support-l love you! Denise 
and Jen-Thanks for standing by me-l love 
you guys! 

Kline, Amy S.: Psychology. Varsity Field 
Hockey and Softball. Psychology Club. 

Klun, Kristin A.; Biochemistry with a minor in 

SAACS; Biology Club; Intramural Sports; 
Tutor; Amnesty International. 
I couldn't have done it without you. Mom 
and Dad. To the girls-We have had the best 
of times-Thank you for everything. "My 
family and friends are the best things I have 

Knepper. Suzanne: Early Childhood 
Education. Education Club; Commuter 
Club Officer; Intramurals. 

Knorr, Dana: Elementary Education. 
Education Club; Deaf Awareness Club; 
IVCF; APB; SMILE; Intramural Soccer and 
Volleyball; Tutor. 

Mom and Dad. thanks for everything. I love 
you! Debbie. Amy. the rest of the Gable 
girls, and all my other great friends, thanks 
for all the great times! I'll miss you all! 

Kostick. Heather L.: Elementary Education 
with a minor in Psychology. 
Education Club; APB; Big Brother/Big Sister. 
A special thanks to my mom, dad and 
friends for all their support, especially 
through student teaching. You're the best! I 

love you! Heather. 

Kramer. Tonya A.: Occupational Therapy. 
SOTA. Women's Basketball. Biology Club; 
Intramural Volleyball; Softball; and 

Thanks Mom, Dad. and Tara for all the love 
and support you have given me, I never 
would have made it without you-l love you 1 
To my friends-as we go our separate ways 
may our friendships always remain close. I 
will miss you all! To SK and JM-Thanks for 
always being there! You're special friends! 
Brent- You have been my big inspiration! 
Thanks for the many memories! I love you! 

Krause, Debra A.: Accounting. 
Accounting/Finance Club(pres.); Delta Mu 
Delta(pres); Delphi Society; ALD; College 
Scholar; Society for the Advancement of 
Management. Student Senate, Ski Club. 
Cross Country. Intramurals. 
Thanks to my friends for all the laughs. 
Thanks to my family for their love and 
support, especially Mom and Dad! 

Kreider, Holly J.: Mathematics with a minor in 
Religious Studies. 

Brethren Student Felloship; BCA-England; 
Advocates for Peace; Deputations Team; 
College Scholar; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi 
Mu Epsilon; Dephi Society. Movie 
Committee. Learning Center Coordinator 
and Tutor. 

Krom. Randy P.: Business Administration and 

Krum, Leslie B.: Communications. Swimming; 
Forensics Team; Etownian(news reporter); 
WWEC(news reporter). 

Kurczewski, Michele A.. Political Science with 
a concentration in Public Administration 
and a minor in Business Administration. 
SIFE(sec); Student Senate; Political Science 
Club; Tutor. 

To my family: Thank you all very much. I 
never would have made it without all your 
love and support. I love you! To the possee: 
Well, we finally made it!! You guys mean 
the world to me. No matter what the future 
holds for us, I know we'll make it eventually! 
Thanks for making my E-town years 
memorable. I'll miss you guys. 

Kurkis. Sharon L.: Occupational Therapy. 
SOTA; Deaf Awareness(co-founder and 

Thanks to my family for helping me 
accomplish my dreams. Thank you for 
always being there, I love you. To all my 
friends, thanks for all the fun and also all 
the support. 

Lake, Brian: Business Administration and 
Management. Soccer; Golf. 

Lamport, Maryann: English Literature with a 
minor in Psychology. 
Psi Chi; Sigma Tau Delta; Newman 
Club(sec). Mom and Dad-your love has 
given me the strength to be what I am 
today-Thank you. Sandy and Michael M. 
proving that brothers and sisters don't have 
to be related. Gina. we will always have 
"SAOR", D-3 crew, thanks for everything, 
and Mike "Good morning!". 

Landis, Tiffany: Business Administration with a 
minor in Marketing. 
SAM Club; Accounting-Finance Club; 
Varsity Cheerleading. Alpha Lambda Delta; 
Intramurals; Tutor. 
Thanks Mom and Dad for making these 

past 4 years possible and for your love and 
support! Garden girls may the special bond 
of friendship we share keep our hearts 
together forever. -ETT love and Roses 
forever! David-if you can dream it, you can 
achieve it, ILY-T-Bird. 

Latzo, Tara M.: Occupational Therapy. 
Volleyball. Intramural Basketball and 
Softball. SOTA; Dance Club; Alpha Lambda 
Delta; Phi Theta Epsilon. 
To Mom. Dad. Steve, John, Joe, and Tree- 
Family is forever; I love you all. To the pale, 
pink house on Spruce Street-Thank you for 
sharing four wonderful years. Lou-special 
thanks for your unbeatable friendship. 

Laudermilch, Judith: Business Administration 
with a minor in marketing. 

Lefever. Dwight E.: Communications 

Lehn. Kristen E.: Social Work. SWSA. 

Lepold, Dennis: English Secondary Education. 
English Club; Education Club; Intramural 

Dani-I love you always 1 Thanks Mom and 
Dad for everything I love you! Bon-you'll 
never know how much I admire you. too. 

Lesher, Debra: Business Administration. Field 
Hockey; Softball. Accounting/Finance Club. 
Special thanks to Chris for all his support. 
Thanks Mom adn Dad for all your 
encouragement. Alicia, Amy, Nicole, 
Steph, Carolyn and Donna thanks for 
everything. I'll miss you. Heather special 
thanks for all of your support and your 
friendship. I'm going to miss you. 

Lewis, Katrina E.: Modern Language/Spanish 
with a minor in Business Administration. 
International Language and Cultures Club; 
S.A.M; APB Modern Language Club; BCA 
Barcelona; WWEC. 

Love and thanks to my family and friends 
for all their support. 

Little, Beth A.; Early Childhood and 
Elementary Education. 
Education Club; Schlosser Dorm 
Representative; Student Senate. 
"Obstacles are those frightful things you 
see when you take your eyes off the goal." 
Without the love and support of my parents 
and Bob, I would not have made it to this 
point! Thanks to Col and Barb, what a 4 
years we have spent together! Without 
both of you it would been a boring 4 year. 
Remember our crazy times that we have 
had together-we have made our last "Brick 
in the Wall" 

Loose, Ann-Marie: Music Therapy and Music 
Education with a minor in Psychology 
Concert Band; Orchestra. Brass Ensemble; 
Concert Choir; Chorale. Piano Ensemble. 
Habitat for Humanity. Alpha Mu(pres.); 
MENC(vice-pres); Band Staff; Student 
Senate; Alpha Lambda Delta. Psi Chi; 
Conestogan(section editor); Intramurals. 

Lusch. Gretchen: Elementary Education. 
Swimming. Education Club. 


MacNair, Jennifer S.: Business Administration 
with a concentration in Management and 

Womens Basketball. SAM. 
For all my accomplishments I give thanks to 
my mother and grandmother, the best 
parents I could have ever asked for! Kim 
and Jodi, I love you! Mark and Dale too! 
Tonya and Ruth I hope we stay close 

Senior Directory 181 

always! Sharon. Lisa, and Dawn thanks for 
all the help your good friends! 

Madzelan. Nicole Political Science with a 
minor in International Studies, German. 
Political Science Club, Modern 
Language/International Club 
Thanks to Mom, Dad and all of my friends, 
you made my years at E-town all the more 

Massey. Jennifer Business Administration with 
a concentration in Marketing 

Masso, Kelly L: Communications. 
ECTV(reporter & producer), Forensics; 

To ECTV and all who follow, good luck and 
be patient, change is slow. Best Wishes. 

Mastrangelo, Krista Psychology with a minor 
in Business Administration. 
Psychology Club; Psi Chi; APB; Circle K; 
Varsity Softball; Intramurals. Tutor 
Thank you Mom and Dad, I love you. Sigma 
Gamma Gamma forever-you girls are the 
best. "I never had friends like the ones I 
had when I was in college. Does Anyone?" 

Mateer, Kristin I?.: Elementary and Early 
Childhood Education. 
Circle K. Young Republicans. Royer Hall 
Council(pres ): Resident Assistant; Ober Hall 
Council. Education Club; RLC. Big 
Brother/Big Sister. 

Maxton, Angela M.: Communications Mass 
Media and English Secondary Education. 
ECTV(assignment editor, moderator, 
director, videographer), IABC(vp 
promotions); SCJ(vp); Concert Choir; 
ALD(historian); Habitat for Humanity. 
Etowian(feature reporter). 
To all of my friends especially Ann, Kelly, 
and Gina thanks for the wonderful times. 
Because of you I've had a wonderful 
college experience. Thanks Mom, Dad, and 
Amy for all of your love and support. I 
wouldn't have made it without all of you. I 
love you! 

Mayer, Wendy G.: Communications. 
Etowian(features and news editor); WWEC; 
ECTV. SCJ. Marketing Club; Advisory 
Committee for Dept, of Comm.; IABC; Big 
Brother/Big Sister. College Bowl; Intramurals. 
I can't remember who met who first, I can 

memories will be close to my heart forever. 
I.L.Y. Special thanks and much love to my 
parents and family for supporting me and 
making these best years of my life possible. 
I love you. 

McClure. Ann P.; Communications. 
Etowian(photography editor). IABC. 

McFadden. S. Kevin; Business Administration 
and Marketing. Wrestling. The House. 

McGay. Christine J.: Social Work with a minor 
in Business. 

SWSA; Brass Ensemble. Intramurals. Dorm 
Council, APB. 

M & D; Thanks for your constant support 
and encouragement. I love you both! 
Virgina. Snelton, Palsy, Yen Yak. Nymph 
you guys are the most caring group of 
people(individually and collectively)- 1 
wouldn't trade our memories for anything. 
Thanks for all the laughs and good times-l 
love you! Smoochie we've had some great 
times together, Good luck with teaching. I 
know you're going to be terrific! 

McGinnis. Michael B.: Chemistry with a minor 
in Business Administration. 
Campus Judicial Board; SAACS(pres), 

Outdoor Club. Habitat for Humanity. 
College Bowl, Big Brother/Big Sister, 
Conestogan, Learning Center Coordinator 
& Tutor. 

Thanks Mom for all your support, I love you! 
Marisa. Suzie. and Brett-you guys are 
special friends. DOMA will live on. sad. sad, 
sad 1 Buick award to Dave. All women to 
Mike. Brett-pizza tonight? Maryann-you are 
truly a special friend, thanks for everythmg- 
Molson's on Thursday? 

McGowan, Carta C: Elementary Education 
with a minor in English. 
Peer Counselor; Dorm Council(Treas.); 
Education Club. APB. Circle K. ■ 
Thank you Mom, Dad, Gramps, for four 
years of support & encouragement, I 
couldn't have done it without you. Karin- 
thanks for showing me the true meaning of 
friendship. I love you guys! 

McGuire. Brigid J.: English-Professional Writing. 
English Club(pres.); Literary Magazine(co- 
editor); Etowian. Conestogan; Writing 
Consultant; Pre-Law Club; Sigma Tau Delta. 
Mom and Dad-Thanks for all your patience 
and support. To my friends- these four years 
have been the absolut best! As for the 

Menzo, Gina M.: Occupational Therapy. 
Neuman Club; APB; SOTA; Pi Theta 
Epsilon(pres.); Habitat for Humanity. 
"Oh what a night"- Ann, Angie, Kelly, 
Maryann, and Sandy- Thanks for all the 
wonderful memories! Missy, Jen and Janet- 
we survived research! Thanks for keeping 
me awake! 

Mikolan, Tricia M.: Psychology with a minor in 
Political Science. 

Psi Chi; Political Science Club. Psychology 
Club; Model UN. yearbook. 
Scripto and Sher-couldn't have made it 
without you both, you guys made it 
bearable and fun! Johnson-you are a friend 
for life. C.H., D.S. -thanks for being such pals. 
Mom, Dad, and Budster-I love you all! 

Miller. Thomas J.: Business Administration with 
concentration in finance. 
Cross Country(captain); Indoor and 
Outdoor Track. 

Mom, Dad, and everyone that has made 
these four years the best years of my life, 
THANKS! Stacy, the rest of our lives together 
will be special, not to mention amazing. 
"Yesterday, there was so many things I was 
never told, now that I'm startin' to learn I 
feel I'm growin' old." -Axl 

Mitchell, Melissa P.: Early 
Childhood/Elementary Education. 
Education Club; Royer Residence 
Council(vice pres.); Schlosser RA. 
Dad, Mom, Mark, Shawn, Dana and Aunt 
Sarah-thank you for always being there. I 
wouldn't have made it without you. I love 

Moore. Barbi: Business Administration with 
concentrations in Management, Marketing, 
and Communications. Delta Mu Delta(vp); 
SAM; Yearbook(reporter); Intramural 
Volleyball; Tutor. 

Thank you Mom and Dad for your love and 
support! I love you Eddie-you are the 
greatest best friend. Finally, the girls of 421 
are the best. Thanx for all the good times 
and memories. Another brick anyone? 

Mott. Robert E.: Accounting. Delta Mu Delta; 
SAM(treas), Student Senate. 
Accounting/Finance Club; Intramural 

Phillipians 4:6 

Musser. Traci L: Communications with a 
concetration in Public Relations. 
IABC. College Republicans. Etownian; 
WWEC; Photography Club; DCAC. 
Well, Mom & Dad, I made it! Thanks for all 
your support, this is only the beginning To 
my friends and housemates-thanks-you're 
the bestl 


Neary. Michele L. Early Childhood Education 
with a minor in Elementary Education. 
Education Club; ABP. 
Mom and Dad-thanks for everything. 

Neely, Missy: Occupational Therapy Band 
Staff; Concert Band; SOTA Club; Pi Theta 
Epsilon. Intramurals. 

Newton. Catharine C: Elementary Education 

Nix. Herbert W.; Business Administration with 
concentrations in Finance and Economics. 
President Class of 1992; Student 
Senate(treas.); Campus Life Council(vice- 
chairman), RA. New Student 
Orientation(co-coordinator). SAM. 
You only get to live life once, so live it to 
the fullest. 

Noble. Amy L.. Communications. Advertising 
Manager for Etownian; Orchestra; IABC. 
I couldn't have done it without Mom, Dad, 
and my friends, who'll last a lifetime. 

Noble, Fred: Communications with a 
concentration in Corporate Media and a 
minor in Business Administration. 
WWEC(production dir); ECTV; Forensics. 
APB. Sock and Buskin; Alpha Psi Omega: 
Sound Designer for Theatre. InterVarsity 
Christian Fellowship; Students Making 
Individual Lives Enriched; Tutor; Spring Arts 
Festival(tech chair). 
All my love and thanks goes out to my 
mentors, parents, peers, and my Lord Jesus, 
Peace, love, and perfect surf eternally!!! 

Nord, Karin M.: Occupational Therapy. 
Schlosser Dorm Council. Circle K; APB; 

To my Mom and Dad-Thanks for all your 
love and encouragement over the years- 
you're the best! Thanks also to Carta, 
whose support and friendship made my 
college years great! 

Norris, Brenda J.: Music Therapy with a minor 
in Spanish. 

Concert Band. Chorale. Alpha Mu; Band 
Staff; Clarinet Ensemble. 
Missy-Thanks for being such a great 
roommate for four years! Mother and Dad- 
Thanks for everything! I couldn't have done 
it without you. I love you! 

O'Donnell. Eileen P : Communications with a 
concentration in Mass Communications. 
Minor in Music. 

ECTV(operations manager); SCJ; 
WWEC(disc jockey & copy/traffic director); 
APB(movies and Act 31); Photography 
Club(pres.); IABC; Forensics Club; Etowian 
Photographer. Concert Band; 
M.E. NO. (publicist). Flute Choir; Story 
Theatre(music coordinator); Neuman Club; 

182 Senior Directory 

Tutor; S.M.I.L.E. 

Thanks for the memories KM, BS, JR. RC, JG, 
LMH. Thanks and you Mom. Thank you all 
for being "The Wind Beneath My Wings." 

Oehme, Michele L: Business Administration 
with concentrations in Accounting and 

Concert Choir; SIFE; Accounting/Finance 

Oswald. Brenda L Biology/Secondary 
Education with a minor in Biochemistry. 
Biology Club; Newman Club; History Club; 
SAC-ED; Education Club. 
Thanks Mom for all of your support and 
encouragement. I love you. 

Parkes. Helen L: Elementary Education. 
Women's Soccer(co-captian); Education 
Club; CROP Volleyball; Intramurals; Big 
Brother/Big Sister; SWSA. 
"The most wasted day of all is that in which 
we have not laughed."- Chamfort. Thanks 
to all my good friends that have all kept 
me smiling, and thanks to my mom and 
dad for all their love and support! 

Patton, Christina E.. Business Administration 
and Marketing. 

Pearce, Susan L: English Education with a 
minor in Psychology 

Pedrick. Alison: Elementary Education. 
Education Club; S.M.I.L.E. 
To my friends-always remember the times 
we spent together laughing, crying, and 
doing things we shouldn't have. Best of luck 
to you all. Mom and Dad-thanks for all your 
love and support. I love you! 

Pelletier, Monique; Mathematics. APB 
Executive Board; Business Finance; Math 
Club; Outdoor Club. 
Aux meilleures parents, Je suis toujours 
reconnaissant. Thanx to my special friends- 
D.. M.. E.. M., D., Pizza. 

Peters. Karen L: Occupational Therapy. 
Concert Band. SOTA; jazz band. Pi Theta 

To all my family and friends: You're the 
best! Thanks for all your love, help, and 

Peterson. Stephen: Business Administration 
with a concentration in Marketing. 
Wrestling; SAM, Intramural Sports. 

Pocase, Deirdre C : English-Professional 
Writing. Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Tau 

Your love has brought me this far... I only 
wish you were here to see me. 

Polin. Denise M.: Mathematics. Pi Mu Epsilon; 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Delphi Society; Math 
Club; Concert Choir; College Bowl; Choral 
Union; College Scholars. 
"I love you. honey. I'm so happy you came 
to E-town!" 

Pomroy. Jill L.: Communications. Arts 
Appreciation Club(pres); Etowian(ad 
manager); ECTV(promotions consultant); 
Spring Arts Festival Coordinator 

Poole. Tiffany L.: Social Work SWSA; Class 
Representative, Peer Counselor; Amnesty 
International; Intramural Volleyball and 

Potter, Wendy L.: Elementary Education. 
Education Club; Yearbook Staff. 
A special thanks to my family who have 

been there through it all. Always giving 
encouragement, support, and advice. I 
love you! To T.M. and S.S. thanks for all the 
memories both good and bad. You both 
made E-town bearable! And to HI. may all 
our dreams come true... 

Powers, Kimberly A.: Communication with a 
concentration in Public Relations. 
IABC; SAM Club; Ski CLub. 

Preston. Brett P.: Chemistry. 
Campus Judicial Board; Editor-in-chief of 
Conestogan; Society of Collegiate 
Journalists; SAACS(vice-pres.). Freshmen 
Orientation Staff; Habitat for Humanity; Pre- 
Law Club; Concert Choir. 
"Carpe Diem"-Seize the Day! Thanks 
Mother & Dad for your love and support. To 
Mike, Suzie, & Marisa-Thanks for the 
memories. Mike & Dave-Keep on searching 
for high hair! Mike-Always look out for the 
juicy chicken on your steering wheel. 
Laurie-I want to renew my one-year 

Pugh. Norma L.. Mathematics. Black Student 
Union, College Democrats; Physics Club; 
International Languages and Cultures Club 

Puppala. Sujatha: Psychology with a minor in 
History. Psi Chi(vice pres); Advocates for 
Peace; Arts Appreciation Club; 
International Club; College Democrats; 
Dorm Council. 

Putman, Jennifer M.: Elementary Education. 
Education Club; Student Assistant to the 
Education Department. 
Thanks Mom and Dad for supporting me 
during my four years at E-town-l love you! 
Joey-your friendship has meant everything 
to me-thank you. To all my other friends- 
thanks for the terrific memories-l'll miss you! 

Rainey. Susan M.: Elementary Education. 
Education Club, Brethren Student 
Fellowship; BCA; APB(movies); International 
Club. Deputation Team; CROP Volleyball. 

Rapp, Martin G.: Political Science. Sock and 
Buskin; Pi Sigma Alpha; Theatre Club. 

Reed, Susan: Early Childhood and Elementary 
Education. Education Club. 
A special thanks to all of the terrific friends 
I've made here and to my mom and dad 
for everyone's never-ending support and 

Rehling, Wendy: Social Work. Social Work 
Student Association(treas.); Peer 
Counselor; Intramurals. 
Good luck to my 13 S.W. classmates. We 
finally made it. Thanks to all the friends I've 
made throughout my four years. The good 
times will never be forgotten. Steve, thanks 
for making my last two years very special 
You'll always be #1 on my top ten lists. 

Reigart. Judith C. Accounting. 
Accounting/Finance Club(P.R officer); 
Habitat for Humanity; Intramural Sports. 
Academic Tutor. 

Reissner, John: Business Administration with 
concetrations in Marketing and Finance. 
Students in Free Enterprise. APB; Varsity 
Stay out of trouble and have a happy day 

Repko. Lynn N.: Elementary and early 
childhood education 
APB; Circle K, Ski Club; Education Club; 

I finally made it! Thank you Mom and Dad 
for all of your hard work that has made it 
possible for me to recieve my education. I 
couldn't have made it through the past 
four years without your love and support. I 
love you! To my housemates, it was quite 
an experience. You're the best! To all of my 
friends-thanks for helping to make my 
college years the best years of my life. I 
love ya! 

Rhile. Barbara: Elementary education with a 
minor in history. 

Varsity Cross Country; Track and Field; 
Education Club. 

To all my buddies on the cross country 
team-I'm going to miss you guys! 
Remember that the race doesn't always go 
to the swiftest, but to those who keep on 
running. Jaimie. Cathy, Mark. Viv-we made 
it! Thanks Mom and Dad! 

Rhoades. Roberta Beth: Social Work with a 
minor in Public Administration. 
Social Work Student Association, Brethren 
Student Fellowship; Deputation Team; 
Habitat for Humanity, Resident Assistant; 
Learning Center Student Coordinator; Rape 
Awareness and Education Group. 
Thanks to Mom and Dad and my big sisters 
for their endless amounts of love and 
support. To all my friends, lots of love and 
thanks for all the laughter. Suji. Holly. 
Denise, Chris, Michelle, and Jen-you're the 
greatest! I love you all! 

Rhoads. Keirsten A.: Business Administration 
with a concentration in Marketing. 

Ricketts. Robin J.: Political Science with a 
minor in Business Administration. 
Marketing Club, SAM Club. SIFE; tutor. Mom. 
Dad. Nancy, Cindy. C.J., and Buck: Thanks 
for all your love and support! I couldn't 
have done it wihtout you believing in me! I 
love you all! 

Riley, Jennifer E.: Music Education with a 
minor in Mathematics. 
Concert Band; Orchestra; Concert Choir; 
Choral Union; Chorale; M.E.N.C.(vice pres); 
Math Club; Brethren Student Fellowship. 
Advocates for Peace; Alpha Lamda 
Delpha; Pi Mu Epsilon; Delphi Society; 
Student Assistant-music, Tutor; Writing 

I love you. Mom and Dad! Thanks to 
everyone who helped me out when I was 
trying to figure out what to do with my life. 
Ellen. Denise. Sarah. Abbey, and Rachel-it's 
been fun 

Riotto. Lisa' Communications. Softball. 
Thanks Mom and Dad for all your love and 
support. I love you both! 

Robin, Melanie D.: English with a minor in 

Alpha Lamda Delta, Intramurals; English 
Club. College Republicans. 
Mom and Dad: You made it all possible. 
Thanks for sacrificing your Mercedes for my 
diploma. To everyone who supported me 
along the way: it will not be forgotten. 

Robinson, Linda K.: Business Administration 
with concentrations in marketing and 
international business and a minor in 

Resident Assistant; Head Assistant; Modern 
Language Club(pres); 
Marketing/Advertising Club(vice-pres.); 
International Club. SIFE, College 
Republicans. Tutor, Writing Consultant. ALD; 
Delphi Society. Who's Who Among 
American Colleges and Universities. 
"Few people are successful unless a lot of 

Senior Directory 183 

other people want them to be ."-Brower. 

Rojahn. Alicia: Elementary Education 
Education Club 

Ross. Ashley: Elementary Education. 
Education Club 

Thank you Mom and Dad for all of your love 
and support Thank you Pete for being so 

Roughgarden. Andrew P.: Economics 
Intramurals. APB. Sock and Buskin; Theatre- 
Concert Choir; Chorale. 
"There's no end to great art. That's why 
great art is a reflection of God, because 
there's no way to truely comprehend 
God. "-Rev. John R. Rodland. 

Rowley. Jeffrey J.: Social Work. Habitat for 
Humanity. SAM Club; Social Work Club. 
Always do your best, because that's all you 
can do. 

Runkle. Rebecca L: Music Therapy and Music 
Education with a minor in Psychology, 
AID. Alpha Mu(treas.); MENC; Student 
Senate; Choral Union; Chorale. Concert 
Choir, Intercollegiate Chior; Tutor. 
Mom and Dad-you always said I could do it, 
even when I wasn't so sure. Thanks for 
everything. I love you. Ceri-we have shared 
so much together. ..remember German, the 
cookie-baking party, the beach, "S UP." 
and all the great times. You're the best! 

Ruth, Donald E.: Economics and Marketing. 
Students in Free Enterprise. 

Saienni, Robert W.: Social Studies. History 
Club(treas). Students for Choice; 
International Club, Education Club; College 
Democrats; Student Senate. 
C-1, don't get too outa hand when I'm 
gone! See Lisa, I made it. 

Salva, Elizabeth M.: Occupational Therapy Pi 
Theta Epsilon(sec, student rep), Newman 
Club; Biology Club; APB. 

Sauder, Stephanie L: Elementary Education. 
Education Club. 

Scattergood, Katherine L: Biology-Pre-med 
with a minor in Biochemistry. 
Field Hockey. Biology Club; Amnesty 

Mom, Dad, and Dad-this is it! I made it or 
should I say we made! Thanks for all of your 
love and support. To all of my friends, the 
boozers, the hockey team, and my Bio 
buddies, and all of the great times we 
have shared and the memories that areyet 
to be made. May your futures be filled with 
peace. love, and happiness. 

Schaeberle. Michael D.: Chemistry with a 
minor in Business Administration. 
Wrestling; SAACS; Outdoor Club. Thanks 
Mom! To E-town D.O.M.A. founders- keep 
the spirit alive; we're always here for you. 

Scharr, Mark W.; Engineering Physics. Cross 
Country(capt.); Track and Field Club(vice 
pres). Physics Club. 

Segletes, Jennifer L: Occupational Therapy. 
SOTA, Pi Theta Epsilon: Alpha Lambda 
Delta; Delphi Society, Biology Club; College 
Scholar, Learning Center Coordinator and 

Shafer, Debbie L.: Elementary Education. 
Deaf Awareness Club; Education Club; 
Outdoor Club; IVCF; Amnesty International. 
Good luck to my great friends. Amy and 

Dana, and all the girls in Green Gables. It 
was an awesome four years, I couldn't 
have made it without you guys. Special 
thanks to Harry-my love-who made my last 
year here more than extra special. 

Shaffer, Sherri: Business Adminstration Finance 
and Modern Languages-French. 
Peer Counseling, Freshman Orientation; 
Student Senate: Yearbook Staff; ALD; Delta 
Mu Delta(treas), Modern Language Club; 
Tour Guide: Tutor. 

Thanks to WP. BM, TM, JB, and CH for 
making my three years here great! Je vous 
aime tous et vous me manquerez! 

Shaughnessy, Moira S.: Communications. 
Etownian-Layout Editor, IABC. Intramural 
Softball and Volleyball. 
To all my housemates(Jess. KT, Trace, Lynn, 
Bridey, Tracy, Jackie, & Alison), thanx for all 
the great memories. To the original 
"Boozers", beware of the "pain of grain". 
To the Etownian staff, good luck and keep 
it pumpin'. Thanx Mom, Dad, Mary, Megan, 
Fred, & Seamus for giving me all your 
undying support, laughs, & patience-your 
Little Mo did it! 

Shaw-Young, Melissa: Elementary Education. 
APB; SIFE; Circle K; Education Club; Summer 
Orientation Staff; Intramurals; 

Mom and Dad-you made all my dreams 
come true-Thank You-I Love You. Garden 
Girls we've shared it all-l'll hold each of you 
close in my heart forever. Thanks for the 
memories-l believe we've made history- 
Sigma Gamma Gamma JDK-Always follow 
your heart-lt'll you to the "goods"-Biggs. 

Sheaffer, Ann-Marie: Occupational Therapy. 

Shin, Angela A.: Psychology with a minor in 

Psychology Club(pres.); Intramurals. Many 
things will change as we go our separate 
ways. But, we will always remember the 
times we have shared together. No matter 
what the future holds, we will forever 
remain in each others hearts. "Friends are 
friends forever." M.W.S. 

Shoemaker, Abigail A.: English-Professional 
Writing. English Club; Literary Magazine 
Editor. Advocates for Peace. 

Shue, Jessica L. English Literature. 
Varsity Field Hockey; Literary Magazine; 
English Club; Freshmen Orientation Staff 
Dr. Dwyer-You've inspired me! Bev-Thanks! 
Family and Friends(especially Nerd)-Thanks 
for the good and bad-you've helped me to 
learn from it all! And thanks for listening to 
my poetry-even when you didn't feel like it. 

Sinay, Rachel J.: English Literature with a 
minor in Religion. Sock and Buskin 

Sitzabee, Kerianne: Communications. Sock 
and Buskin(sec); Alpha Psi Omega(sec). 

Slavin, Kerri A.: Occupational Therapy. Sock 
and Buskin(vice pres); SOTA(senate rep): 
Student Senate. Theatre. Peer Counselor; 
Outdoor Club; Pre-law Club. 

Slazinski, P. Kelly: Occupational Therapy. 
SOTA; Peer Counselor; Outdoor Club; APB; 
Spring Play. 

Thanks Mom and Dad. I finally made it. 
Erick, now I can experience the real world. 

Smeltzer, Kimberly L.: Occupational Therapy. 
OT Club; Intramural Volleyball. 
To Mom. Dad, Wendy. Grams, Nana, and 
Papa:Thank you for the neverending love 
and support you're given me throughout 

my entire education I love you guys! To th( 
"Annex girls of 1991-1992". Keep our 
precious memories close to your heart, Ma^ 
our friendships remain close for a lifetime! 
Thanks for a great year. I love you! 

Smith, Alison L.: English with a concentration 
in professional writing. 
Mom, Christine, and friends, I've only ever 
asked for the best and because of you 
that's what I got. 

Smith, Corinne R.: Communications. IABC, 
WWEC; Conestogan; Etownian. 

Smith. Sharon A: Communications. 
S.I.F E.(vice pres); Admissions Coordinator. 
Etowian; IABC; Alpha Lambda Delta. 

Smither, Vivian: Psychology. 
Psychology Club; SMILE Club; Circle K; 
Political Science Club. 
Thank you Mom and Dad! Believe it or not, 
finally made it! 

Snyder, Melissa L.: Mathematics with a 
concentration in actuarial science and 
statistics and a minor in business 

Volleyball manager; Peer Counselor; Alpha 
Lamda Delta(vice-president); Pi Mu Epsilon; 
Student Senate; Delphi Society(treasurer); 
Math Club(president). 
Thanks Mom and Dad for all your support. 
Without you. none of my dreams could 
have come true. 

Snyder, Susan K.: Psychology. Psych Club; Psi 
Chi; Big Brother/Big Sister; Intramurals; 
Karate Club, Dance Club; co-op House 
leader; Pub. for Admissions. 
Being one of the Garden Girls gave me 
more memories here at E-town than I could 
ever imagine. Thank you Sigma Gamma 
Gamma for the best years of my life. I.L.Y. 
Mom & Dad, you have made all of this 
possible for me, thank you so much, I love 
You! John "I'm innocent" Corbett-my best 
friend throughout good & bad times; I will 
always cherish our memories. 

Standbridge, Susan B.: Elementary Education. 
Education Club; Cheerleader; Intramural 

Thanks and love to Mom, Dad, Joan, and 
Beth-the best family anyone could ask for! 
Annex '91 and '92-two generations of 
annex leaves me with lifelong memories 
and friendships! "Remember what we've 
said, and done and felt about each 
other. "-CSN. 

Stanzione. Joseph; Elementary Education. 
Soccer; Education Club. 
"I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry 
with the saints, the sinners have much more 

Stauffer, Philip H.: Physics. 

Steuber, Sarah J.: Chemistry and Physics with 
a minor in Math, 

Chemistry Club; Physics Club; Math Club; 
ALD; Pi Mu Epsilon. Delphi Society. 

Stiles. Noelle L.: Business Administration 
concentrating in Accounting and 

Royer Dorm Council(treas), Residence Life 
Council; Accounting Club; Marketing Club. 

Strayer, Kelly A.: History. History Club; R.A.; 
Royer Hall Council; Student Senate; Alpha 
Lambda Delta; Phi Alpha Theta; Delphi 
Society; Tutor, Education Club Residence 
Life Council; College Scholar, Dean's List. 
Thanks Mom and Dad. I love you! Never 
forget the pleasure of the journey. 

184 Senior Directory 

Testani, Michael R.: Psychology Psychology 
Club. Soccer. 

Thompson. Megan S.: Communications. 

Thrailkill, Sharon: Business Administration. SAM 
Club; Intramural Sports. 

Tiefenthaler, Donna C: Social Work with a 
concentration in Peace Studies. 
Women's Soccer; Social Work Student 
Association(sec); Advocates for Peace; 
Habitat for Humanity. 
Love and luck to my best friends-Amy, 
Nicole. Alicia. Steph. Deb, Heather, and 
Carolyn. Thanks for the memories. 

Todd. Suzanne J.; Occupational Therapy, 
Soccer; Newman Club; SOTA, Schlosser 
Residence Hall Council. RLC(vice pres.); 
Commission on Education Rep.. Phi Theta 
Epsilon; Athletic Trainer. 
"I expect to pass through this world but 
once. Any good, therefore, that I can do or 
any kindness that I can show to any fellow 
being, let me do it now and not defer or 
neglect it, for I shall not pass this way 
again." Friends are friends forever. ..Thanks 
Mom and Dad. Thank you for all the love 
and support; I love you. Has. 

Trala, Patricia A.: Biology-Pre-Med with a 
minor in Biochemistry 
Royer Dorm Council; Conestogan Staff; 
Orchestra. Concert Band; Biology Club. 
Mom and Dad thanks for all your love and 
encouragement. I love you both! Doug-I 
don't know if I could have made it without 
you. Thanks for all your support, I'll love you 
forever! LB, SH, CM, MK. KS, and KR here's to 
many great memories! 'Only as far as we 
dream can we be, only as far as we seek 
may we go. "-unknown. 

Tressler. Susan A.: Elementary Education with 
a minor in Psychology. 
Education Club; Intervarsity Christian 
Fellowship; SMILE; Concert Band, Concert 
Choir. Chorale; Bible Study Leader; Alpha 
Lambda Delta; Delphi Society; College 

Time to leave college and go on to bigger 
and better things-elementary school. 
"Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, 
stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always 
give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, 
because you know that your labor in the 
Lord is not in vain." 

Trimble, J. Scott: Industrial Engineering. Cross 
Country; Track Club; SAM Club; Physics and 
Engineering Club. 

Tucker, Mara B.: Occupational Therapy with 
a minor in Biology. 

SOTA(fundraising chairman). Ski Club; 
SMILE, OT Admissions Student Co- 
coordinator; Dean's List: Peer Counselor. 
"Aim for the moon and if you miss you'll 
reach the stars." Thank you to my friends, 
family and professors who've encouraged 
me these past four years. 


Wagner, Rebecca J.: Biology-Pre-med. 
Biology Club(vice pres); Student Senate. 
Alpha Lambda Delta, Choral Union; 
S.W.S.A.; Newman Club; S.M.I.L.E.; Deaf 
Awareness. CROP. Volleyball; I.V.C.F.; Lab 
Assistant; Tutor. 

Thanks-to Mom and Dad for giving me the 
chance to make my dreams come true, 
and to Ken, for living them with me. I love 


Warren, Sandy: Communications with a 
concentration in Public Relations and a 
minor in Spanish. 
SCJ(sec); IABC(vice-pres. of 
programming); WWEC; Etowian; ECTV; 
Modern Language Club; Newman 
Club(vice-pres.); BCA; Concert Band; 
Choral Union; Jazz Band. Theater; Dept. 
Chairman's Advisory Committee. 
Mom and Dad, thanks for investing the love 
and $-it was worth it! I love you both. To 
Sheryl, Maryann, Mike, Brett, Toni, Bryan. 
Mike, Dave, & Sharon-Thanks for the 
memories! We couldn't have done it alone! 

Wauhop, Brian C: Communications with a 
concentration in Corporate Media. 
Concert Choir; WWEC; Newspaper; 
ECTV(station-manager); Society of 
Collegiate Journalists. 
Thank you Mom and Dad! 

Weaver, Patience A.: Business Administration. 
APB(movie committee); Yearbook 
Committee; Intramural Volleyball 

Weis, Wayne D.: Business Administration with 
a concentration in Management. 

Weithamp. Clyde: Economics. 

Westervelt, Kenneth C: Biology-Pre-Med with 
a minor in Biochemistry. 
Circle K; Habitat for Humanity; SAACS; 
Biology Club(pres.); Student Senate. 
To Dad: My thanks to you can never be 
great enough for all you have done to 
support me in this endeavor. Thank you 
from the bottom of my heart. 

White, Heather M,: Communications with a 
minor in English. 

ECTV. English Club. Society of Collegiate 
Journalists, Student Senate. 
I owe everything to my wonderful parents, 
understanding friends, and caring 
boyfriend. Without all of the support, 
encouragement, and hugs, I never could 
have made it. I love each of you dearly! - 

Wiles, Barry: Computer Science. Cross 
Country; Track Club; Intramurals; Computer 

Wilson, Deborah L.: Occupational Therapy. 
Cross Country; OT. Club; Intramurals. 
To Mom. Dad, Car, Ed, and Barb-Thank you 
for everything. How did I get so lucky!! To 
A.S.. M.F.. E.H., L.G., A.F.-I couldn't have 
survived without you. You guys mean the 
world to me. To the Annex-I love you guys 
to death! As the song goes-The times that I 
shared with my best friends-are the best 
times that I've ever had. B.J. You're my B.F. 

Wosiski, Krista: Early Childhood and 
Elementary Education. 
Circle K; Ski CLub. Volunteer Club, SMILE; 
Education Club, Habitat for Humanity; IVCF; 
Amnesty International; Choral Union. 

Wyrick, Merrie 8.: Business Administration. 

Yutzler, Gretchen M,: Elementary Education 
Education Club(vice-pres). Education 
Club; PSEA. NEA. PSTA. Dorm Council. APB; 
Modern Language Club; Concert Band; 

Mom, Dad, and Heid-Thanks for the 
encouragement, love, and support. Thanks 

K, CD, C.A.J for the laughs and memories- 
forever friends. "I touch the future, I 
teach." CM. 

Zeigler, Dale B.: Communications with a minor 
in Business Administration. 
Etownian(Editor in Chief); Communications 
Department Student Assistant; SCJ; IABC; 
Communications Department Chairman's 
Advisory Committee. 

"Treasure the love you recieve above all. It 
will survive long after your gold and good 
health have vanished. "-Og Mandino. 

Zeigler, Renee A.: Elementary Education with 
a minor in psychology. 
Education Club; Psychology Club; Peer 
Counselor; APB; Intramurals. 
Mom and Dad-Thanks for all the love and 
support-everything that I am is because of 
you. Jen(n)-thanks for the laughter, the 
caring, and for being that loud girl across 
the hall. To the RG girls-You guys are the 
best: "I breathed a song into the air, it fell 
to earth I knew not where, long afterward 
from beginning to end, I found it in the 
heart of a friend." 

Zenhausern. Rachel: Communications. 
Concert Choir. Chorale; Sock and Buskin; 
Advocates for Peace; WWEC; ECTV; 
Photography Club; APB. 

Zeoli. Denise: Elementary Education. 
Education Club; Admissions Tour Guide; 

Christina. Angela. Cindy. Karen. Jen. 
Gretchen, Mom, and Matthew: Thank you 
all for everything!! I would not be here or 
who I am today without all of you! I love 
you all! P.S. Crabbag. 

Zerbe. Jennifer A.. Communications with a 
concentration in Public Relations. 
Field Hockey(captian), Myer Dorm Council. 
WWEC(weather person, news staff); 

Mom and Dad: Thanks so much for all your 
love and support. Without you I couldn't 
have gotten this far! Jenny: you-mare! How 
much of the list is complete? "warm". 
Thanks for being the special person you 
are. Tish thanks for putting up with me and 
chatting all night. You're the best! Always 
remember "Bull Moose". Eric-I love you! 
Nuff said 

Zimmerman, Heather E.: Accounting. 
Accounting/Finance Club(sea); Student 
Senate Representitive, Intramural Sports, 
Thanks Dad and Mom for all your love and 
support, I couldn't have done it without 
you. To the Annex girls and Carolyn thank 
you for the memories. I will treasure them 
always. I love you girls. To Kirk-your love, 
support and companionship over the past 
four years has been priceless, I love you 
Best of luck to the class of 1992. 

Zimmerman, Tracy L.: English and Psychology. 
Sigma Tau Delta(pres); English Club(vp); 
Co-editor Literary Magazine, Psi Chi. Psych 
Club; Psych Student Asst. Writing 
Consultant. Tutor; Features Reporter- 
Etowian. Dean's List. 

Love, Congrats to my unbelievable friends 
brainy, waki. all-cat, morra, kimberly. 
motion, the summer of '91 troppers, wine 
coolers with laura, the indestructible bunk 
beds, spitting Chinese girls, legality, the 
cranfield court gang, betty. much love and 
a huge thank you mom. dad. moogs. 

Senior Directory 185 

\at.., riffanie 113, 139 

Ackerman. Jason 107 

Adams. Heidi Sue 1 13 

Vdelmann, Joanna Lee 72,98 

Ahem, Mike 147 

Ahrens, Marc 28, 103 

Aigner, Liz 63, 106 

Aitala, Michelle 67, 72. 1 12, 1 17, 143 

Ucehurst, Kirsten 105, 1 17 

Akerman, Kevin 66, 103 

Alas, Mariless de 64 

Mlegra, Jennifer 61.62 

Allison, Brooke 65 

Alphin. Cindy 65, 72 

Amachi. Udochi 2 1 . 4 1 . 72. 1 04. I 1 7 

Amati, Tracy 115 

Amatucci. Maria 65 

Amatulli. Richard P 72 

Anderson. Mike 151, 158 

Andersson. Marie 60, 1 1 9, 1 52 

Andrews, Bobbi 109 

Andrews, Michelle R 72 

Anger. Karen 69, 72, 98, 105 

Arnold, Cindy 64, 72 

Arscott, Christa 104 

Artz, Michelle 115, 157 

Asani, John 119 

Ashby, Tova 61 

Austin, Erica 104 

Avecedo. Augie 26, 27, 30, 61, 1 10 


Bachand. George D 68.72,107 

Bachman, Lisa Marie 72 

Bacon, Beth 64, 1 1 3 

Bacon. Scott D 72 

Baer. Brad 107 

Bailey, Heather 64, 72, 1 1 8 

Baisden. Jo-Anne 109 

Baker. Michelle 62. 1 I 5, I 1 6 

Baldwin, Gina 61.62,63,64,67,107 

Balichik, Mike 105 

Balmer. Angie 161 

Banda, Susan 73, 1 19 

Bankard, Jen 62 

Barbagallo. Kurt 73 

Bard, Heather Ill 

Bardzik, Mike 21, 59, 107 

Barnes, Betsy 61, 64, 65 

Barnes, Harry 105, 143 

Barnes, Steve I 54 

Barnhurst, Linda A 73. I 19 

Barstow. Sue 114 

Bartell. Jacqueline 114 

Bartoh. Dave 151 

Baughman. Jacqueline 104 

Baumbach, Jen 1 06 

Baylor, Denise 115 

Bcal, Mike 110 

Bearley, Joy 60, 73 

Beck, Angel . .. 67, I 15, 143 

Beck, Lance 111 

Bell. Michclc 60 

Bell. Ronni 9, 52, 55. 57. 73 

Bell, Steve 103 

Belleza. Frank 152 

Belsky. Alec 67, 68, 143 

Belzek, Tracy A 73 

Benamati, Michelle 73 

Benton. Jennifer 2, 10, 73, 152 

Bcntzel, Chris 110 

Bentzel, Lori Ill 

Berki, Violet 113 

Berry, Andrea 54. I 1 1 

Berry, Gretchen 67, 106 

Betsker, Faye 140 

Bhatnagar. Piyush 103, 154, 155 

Bidle, Traci 64, 65, 114 

Bikle, Ferd 21, 59, 107 

Billoni, Alison 56, 198 

Billoni. Phil 34, 35, 73 

Bjornestad, Sherri 56, 57. 73 

Black. Chris 102 

Blanche, Jeremy 103 

Blanding, Aaron 73 

Blecker, Cyndi 65. 66. 73 

Blow, Rebecca 105 

Bluett, Dave 154 

Blum, Chris 158, 159 

Blyer, Don 52, 105, 152 

Blythe, James 107 

Boblick, Angela Ill 

Bockman, Sonya 144 

Boden, Lisa Ill, 139, 161 

Bogar, Susan E 74 

Bol, Colleen 65, 108 

Bolanowski, Patti 54, 1 1 1 

Bolich, Carolyn 60, 74 

Bolich, Heather 106 

Bombaro, Kristie 69, 139 

Bonardi, Elizabeth 115 

Bonnette, Anne 107 

Boring, Julie 65, 105 

Borst, Julie 55, 152 

Bouscaren, Mike 24 

Bowman, Marisa 65, 67, 1 15, 143 

Bowman, Sherry 113 

Boylan, John 110 

Breen, Jennifer 58, 59 

Brett, Jill 108 

Brocato, Ami-Jo 62. 1 1 5 

Brody, Steve 107 

Brown, Dorothy 105 

Brown, Julie 53, 61, 69, 105 

Brown, Karen 105 

Brown, Marc 102 

Brubaker, Stephanie 74, 1 18 

Bruegel, Martin 66 

Bubnis, Michael A 74 

Buch, Tom 105 

Bucher, Edward V 74 

Buck, Allison 105 

Buckey, Tara 109 

Buhl, Jessica Ann 74 

Buonanno, Michelle 56, 1 12 

Burgener, Marisa . 60, 69. 74 

Burgess, Kerri 107 

Burk, Kelly 114 

Burkett, Kara 109 

Burkhouse, Sue 148 

Burrell, Mindy 54. 58, 59, 66 

Bush, Melissa 68. 1 1 5 

Butch, Susan 74 

Bsington, Monica 65, 67, I 1 I 

( aggiano, Courtney 67 

Calabrese, Christine 64, 74 

Callaghan, Doreen 115 

Camilli. Steve 60, 61,67. 152 

Campbell, Brenda 65. 74 

Campbell, Sheryl A 74 

Campbell, Teri 114 

Campbell, Tricia 115, 144 

Carbaugh, Jennifer 64,65.114 

Carlson. Kelly 54. 57, 74. 99 

Carter, Faye 60, 67 

Carter, Heidi 35, 67 

Cashner, Annette 60, 61, 67, I 13 

Cessna, Stephanie 113 

Chang, Chuson 69 

Chappel, Wayne E 75 

Charleston, Brett . . : 151 

Chatterton, Lynn 55, 58, 1 1 1 

Chell, Paul 21. 107 

Chen, Fen Wang 143 

Chesire, Mike 104, 154, 155 

Chew, Kim 57, 75 

Childs, Sandy 61,64,65, 112 

Christie, Beth 65, 105 

Christopher, Judson C 75 

Ciesielka, Andrew 103 

Cinkutis, Cheryl 66, 107 

Cipollini, Kerry 105 

Clark, Sharon 65, 75 

Cleary, Kelly 112, 139 

Cline, Mark D 75 

Clocker, Casi 55, 57 

Coassolo, Mark 5,151 

Coates, Jen Ill 

Coffman, Kristen 113 

Cole, Lynn 62, 63, 113 

Cole, Sarah 59, 68, 75. 1 1 3 

Colella, Paul 103, 137 

Coleman, Becca 108 

Coleman, Lisa 58, 107 

Concodora, Nicole 65 

Condron, Chris 137 

Considine, Marie 112 

Conway, Heather 66, 1 16 

Cooper, Cathy 

Cooper, Laurie 1 39 

Cooper, Todd 1 04 

Corbett, John 75. 1 10 

Corcoran, Denise 115 

Cordery, Jimmy 107 

Corley, Chad 107 

Coroneos, Lambi 104 

Coucoulas, Andrea 67 

Cox, Rae Lynn 1 04 

Cox, Stephanie 5, 75, 148, 149 

Crane, Mark A 75 

Crawford, Julie 58, 113 

Crozier, Kimberly A 75 

Crozier, Travis 151 

Crush, Harold 151 

Cummings, Tiffany 107 

Cushman, Mandy 55, 67 

Cvrkcl, Karen 65. 75 

Cyr, Debbie 59, 114 

Czetli, Elissa 


D'Adderio, Phil 136, 192 

Dailey, Bekki 113 

Dalton, Melissa Marie 75 

186 Index 

iDando. Mike 103 

iDaRamus, Beth 58, 59 

Davenport, Amy . .... 194 

Davies, Ceri Lynne 76 

Davis, Becky 107 

Davis, Jenny 65, 76, 140 

Davis, Melanie 54, 62, 1 15 

Davis, Teri . . 115 

Dawson, Terry 109 

iDeAngelis. Frank 58, 59 

Dechert, Christine 67, 106 

iDegler. Michelle 68, 193 

Degler, Valerie 107, 140, 161 

beitch, John Ill, 158 

Delaney, Karen 139 

Dell'Oso, Damian 102 

DeLong. Christine 66, 107 

DeLozier, Dane 10.76 

Demby, Ron 12, 107, 117 

DeStefano, Jeff 76 

JDetwiler, Melanie 61. 62 

Devlin, Christine M 76, 1 14 

|Dianno, Lisa M 76 

Diaz, Pam 53, 58, 59, 114 

Diehl. Denise 57 

Digwood, Jeanette 69, 76 

Dijstelbloem. Hilde 112 

DiMarco, Danielle 139 

Dimino, Joe 102 

Diven, Kelly 1 39 

Dolan, Alicia 57, 76 

Donovan, Kelly 1 13, 152 

Donze, Nicole 107 

Dougherty. Colleen Patricia 76 

iDouglas, Amy Elizabeth 76 

Doyle, Elizabeth A 76 

Dray, Larry 110 

jDuBosq, Jeff 103 

Dubois, Michelle Lee 76 

Duchesne, Nick 154 

Duncan. Rob 150, 151 

Dunn. Amy 115, 139 

Dunn. James 107 

Dunnigan. Alex 77.147 


Eagler. Krista 112 

Eberly, Dale 77 

Ebersole. Mark 77. 105 

Edwards. Melissa 62, 65, 68 

Ehret, Colleen 1 3, 77 

Eickemeyer. Diane 

Eicker, Todd 54 

Ellis, Robert 58 

Elsworthy. Scott 103. 117 

Emig, Ray 68 

Enoch, Stephen J 77 

nnght. Karen 54, 68, 1 1 1 

Eshleman, Natalie 113 

Mcaghan 52. 53, 67, 106 

-vans. Kyle 158 

hick, Brian 67, 105 

; arkas, Jaimic 62. 77. 143 
: asolka. Brenda 157 

Faust, Amy 115 

Faust, Creighton 151. 158 

Faust, Diana 60, 68 

Faust, Gail 108 

Feeney, Holly 67 

Femu, Fidelis 119 

Ferrari, Maureen 77 

Ferro, Danielle 

Fidler, Jennifer 14. 54, 57, 59. 107 

Fieldhouse, Madeline 64, 65, 67, 107 

Fielding, Keri 66 

Fierro, Frank 103 

Files, Nicole 54, 113, 152 

Fillebrown, Pam 60, 1 1 1 

Fink, Amy 56, 57, 61 

Finlan, Timothy A 77 

Finnegan, Shannon 115 

Firkal. Pam 115 

Fisher, Becky 115, 144 

Fisher. Stephani-Jo 77 

Fitzsimmons. Dan 151 

Fletcher, Beth 61, I 14 

Florin, Heather 27, 67, 107 

Flower, Robert 25. 67, 107 

Forlin, Mary-Elizabeth 77 

Forney, Jenn 53 

Forney, Trisha 1 1 5, 144 

Fosko, Christine Ill 

Foster, Beth 58, 62, 115 

Foster, Emily 14, 56, 59.67, 107 

Fouchet. Jen 113 

Fowler, Steve 152 

Frain, Debbie 105 

Francis, Jeffrey J 78 

Francis, Leigh 4, 62 

Frank, Heather,117,152 

Franz. Robert 103 

Frazier, David J 78 

Freeman, Stacy 116 

Freitag, Monika 54, 107 

Friedmann, Bill . 58, 59, 103 

Friling, Katie 115 

Fritchey, Ann 65, 67, 1 13 

Frost. Brian 2, 110. 152 

Fryer, Karen 62, 78 

Fussaro, Barb 144 

Gale, Phil 103, 158 

Gallagher, Stacy 62, 65, 1 1 3 

Gandy, April 105 

Garabrandt, Christine 54. 55. 56. 57, 111 

Garlick, Nona 78 

Garrett, Nicole 66, 107 

Garrison, Malt 25, 110 

Gates, Jen 58 

Gates, Louise 78 

Gearhart, Tiffany 113 

Gebhardt. Timothy 107 

Gehringer, Megan 105 

Geib. Ganese L 78 

(ieib. Jere 158 

George, Doug 162 

Georgelis. Bill 78.158 

Germond. Denise 61, 64, 78, 114 

Getz, Lisa 1 1 3 

Ghergo, Jeff I I I 

Gibson. Alan 67, 105 

Gibson. Stephanie 58. 59, 1 1 1 

Gieniec, Jennifer A 78 

Gilbert, Matt 103 

Gilligan, Laura 1 15 

Gills, Amy V 78 

Giovanos, Chris 106 

Gluck, Kelly 113 

Glynn, Jennifer 140 

Gockley, Jane 61 

Godfrey, Melissa A 78 

Gonzalez, Angel 61 

Gonzalez, Jon 12 

Goode, Curita 105 

Goodling, Amy 104 

Grasso, Tammy 56, 79, I 16 

Gratalo, Rob 103 

Graybill, Brian 110 

Green, Jen 68, 112 

Greenbaum, James 110 

Greentree, Jen 66, 69, 79 

Greer, Garth 103 

Greger, Laura 54, 61. 65, 107 

Gregory, Lesley 113 

Greiner, Chuck 61, 68 

Greist, Molly 14, 62, 108 

Griffith, Clayton 107 

Grimm, Marcus 56, 57 

Groh, Mitch 103 

Grohotolski, Gregory 57 

Grossman, Marci 148 

Grubb, Angie 58, 61, 104 

Grubb. Chris 103, 158 

Grubb, Susanna 113 

Gruin, Kris 105 

Guarino. Joe 61. 104 

Guber, Joe 67. 68 

Guerrera, Missy 139 

Guerrera. Tony 103 

Guhl, Tim 66. 107 

Gulko, Pamela 66, 1 14 

Gunther, Phillip H 79 

Gustavsson, Karin 60, 1 19 

Guthrie, Melinda S 79 

Guyotte, Amy 108 


Haase, Ethan I 10 

Habecker, Scott 66.79, 162 

Habingreither, Gwyn 66 

Hachenberg, Stacey 69, 79 

Hackenburg, Stephanie L 79 

Hacker, Lynn 64 

Hagadone, Kristina 105 

Hagan. Ned 110 

Hagedorn, Tricia 64 

Haghdoost, Navid R 79 

Hahn, Jennifer 63. 1 1 5 

Haight. Debra 60,61.66. 144 

Haldeman, Karen 10.62.79 

Hall, Jeff 67, 107. 117 

Hall. Kimberley 56, 79 

Halpin, Patrick 61, 105 

Hammaker. Ken 66. 79 

Hampson. Kim 161 

Hamsher. Brett 103 

Hancock, David 105 

Handel. Laura 61. 105 

Hanlon. Jennifer 114 

Hannigan. Christine 58, 62 

Hannon, Kelly 65, 108 

Hardick. Tricia 63.65.113 

Harlan. Kim 1 1 3 

Index 187 

Harleman, Jen 148 

Harrier. Gary 103 

Harris. Pam 1 I 1 

Hartigan, Gretchen 115, 139 

Hartman. Glenn 65 

Hartman, Sandy 53.61.69,105 

Hartsell, Chuck 103 

Hassinger, Becky 62, 1 13 

HalhawavJill 62, 108 

Hatier. Renee 54. 61.69, 117 

Hauer, Heather Ill 

Havener, Beth 67, 68, 143 

Hayes, Bridget 21,56, 58,59,67 

Hazelwood, Lisa 113 

Heagy. Troy 69 

Hecker. Tom 105 

Heckler, Harry 59, 60, 67. 68, 103. 117 

Heffner. Angie 56, 64, 108 

Heffner, Julie 64, 105. 117 

Heinz, Matthew 69 

Heiser. Julie Lynne 79 

Helfnch. Carla 104 

Helms, Dave 58, 59, 62, 103 

Helsel, Scott 41, 52, 68, 69, 80 

Hendershot. Kelly 113 

Hendl. Jon 158 

Hendne, Deirdre 148 

Hennen, Linda 80, 144 

Henning. Kelly 68, 105 

Henry. Tracey 113 

Hensinger, Kathy 111,138 

Herman. Jennifer 107 

Hernandez. Amy 60, 63, 67. 1 1 3 

Herr. S Frederick 80 

Herrick. Marc I 10 

Herring, LaShonda 61 

Hershberger, Tammy 57, 107 

Heslop. Suzanne 113 

Hess. Erik Ill 

Hessenauer, Meghan 69, 80 

Hester, Jennifer Lynne 46, 80 

Heufing. Matt 67 

Hewett, Jen 109 

Hewson, Heather 107, 138, 139 

Hicks. John 158 

Hitchner. Kristin 115 

Hite, Amy 62, 1 1 I. 139, 156. 1 57 

Hnat. Joe 69 

Hock, Jennifer 54, 105 

Hoffman. Angela M 80 

Hoffman. Chad 110 

Hoffman. Jennifer L 80, 1 19 

Hoffman. Kim 107 

Hoffman, Kristin 65, 1 1 3 

Hoffman, Terri 60, 63, 67 

Hoffman, Tess Ill 

Holcomb, Rebecca Ill 

Hollinger, Rebecca N 80 

Holly. Blake 110 

Holm. Jonathan W 80 

Holman, Scott 110 

Holran, Betsy 64, 109 

Homza. Kerianne 108 

Hooker. Deborah 26,31,61.80,119,140 

Hoppie. Carmella 21, 80 

Horwitz, Bary 105 

Hosier. Eric 102 

Howell. Ra> 65 

Huisman. Timo 1 54 

Hull. Jenny 69 

Hummel. Alyssa 104 

Hummer. Donald C 80 

Hunsicker, Gina 62, 66,67, 105 

Hunt. Tara 56 

Hunter. Lisa Marie 36. 81 

Hurley. Matt 146. 147 

Hutchinson. Wendi 61,62, 115 

Hyde. Amy 139 

Hyman. Sue 104 


Innerst, Dana 69, 105, 117 

Innerst, Julie 1 06 

Ireland. Linda Ill 

Ireland, Tammy 108 

Ivey, Patricia Ellen 81 

Jackson, Kelly 108 

Jacob, Ken Ill 

Jacobs, Renee 57, 81 

Jacobs, Wanda 61 

Jacobs, Wendy 69, 1 1 5 

January. Daniel 57 

Jarzynski, Jocelyn 111,138.139 

Jennings, Tara 55, 56, 58, 63, 69, 107 

Jetter, Christian J 81 

Johnson, Ed 56, 57, 1 1 1 

Johnson, Michele 68 

Johnson, Sabrina 106, 140 

Johnston, Michele 58, 81 

Jones, James 139 

Jones, Jennifer L 81,138,139 

Jones, Ken 136 

Jordan, Jennifer 62, 108 

Jung, Colleen 63 


Kabatt, Jennifer 104 

Kain, Stacy 64, 65, 106 

Kandisko, Joey 107 

Karli, Dave 151 

Kasper, Laurie 139 

Kauffman, Derick 107 

Kauffman, Steve 110 

Kaunitz, Kim 68, 69, 107 

Keane, Kelly 5 

Keefe, Kristin M 81 

Keeler, Sandra L 81 

Keeney, Kelly 161 

Keeney, Starlene A 81 

Keller, Brian Charles 57, 67 

Kelly. Shannon 144, 145 

Kenien, Nick 154 

Kennedy, Janet 65, 108 

Kennedy, Jennifer 65, 108 

Kcnsinger. Mindi 114 

Kidd, Monica 113 

Killeen, Keri 112 

Kindon, Matt 110 

King. Bill 105 

King, J Edward 81 

King, Scott 107 

Kipp, Diane 62, 81, 109 
Kireta, Lisa Christine 81 

Kirkner. Bethany 63. 6*1 

Kirouac, Sue 68, 1 14, 11(1 

Kleinman, Wendy ION 

Klcinstubcr, Ellen 61, 62, 82, 1 If 

Kline, Amy S 82, 161 

Klun. Kristin A 821 

Kmicczak. Jenn 119 

Kncpper. Suzanne 82J 

Knerr, Stacey 67, 1 15, 16ll 

Knorr, Dana 60. 82J 

Ko, Chin ml 

Koll, Stacy 54, 62 

Kolo, Linda 1051 

Kondisko. Joey 1521 

Koontz, Sherri 1 131 

Koppenhoefer, Christa SSI 

Kostick, Heather 62. 82 

Kramer, Tonya Ann 44, 82 

Krause. Debra 41,66,821 

Kreider. Holly J 82 

Krom, Randy P 83 

Krufka, Kate 62, 109 

Krum, Leslie B 821 

Kruse, Kris 105, 148 

Kuffa, Tom 150. 151 

Kuhmann, Rachel 1071 

Kurczewski. Michele 58, 59. 82 ! 

Kurkis. Sharon Leigh 83] 

Kuspa. Angela Ill 

Kynakopoulos, Voula 144, 145 

Ladd, Martha 112. 143 

Lagassie, Michelle 104 

Laine, Eric 29 

Lake. Brian E 83 

Lamb. Wendy US 

Lamoreaux, Lore 115 

Lampart. Maryann 49, 61, 83, 1 15 

Lance, Hope Ill 

Lander, Stephanie 6{ 

Landis, Mark 6o 

Landis, Sheila 56. 1 14; 

Landis, Tiffany 83 

Landry, Kristine 115. 139 

Lane, Eric 67^ 

Lape, Katnna 113 

LaPorte, Lisa 62. 1 1 "/' 

Large, Denise 161 

Latzo, Tara 65, 83, 144, 14S 

Laudermilch, Judith 83] 

Lawrence, Linda 101 

Lawrence, Matt 58, 68, 103 

Lazuka, Tanya 65, 83; 

Leaman. John 10* 

Lee, Edward 35, 67 

Lee, In Kuk 1 1 C 

Lefever, Dwight E 40, 45, 83 

LeFevre, Charlotte 69. 1 1 1, 14C 

Leffler, Allison 67, 106; 

Lehman, Dean 104 

Lehman. Laura 10a 

Lehman, Monica 144, 145, 160, 16 ll 

Lehn, Kristin E 83 

Lehn, Laura 68 

Lchto. Kim 61 

Leidig, Jeff 103 

Leitch, Melissa 115 

Leming. Celia 28. 67. 106 

Leonard. Shannon 111,139 

188 Index 

Lepold. Dennis J 83,110 

|Lesh, Jayne 60, 114 

Lesher, Deb 83, 118, 140, 161 

Levengood. Tami 10, 58, 59 

Lewis, Donald 58, 61, 63, 64, 67, 107 

Lewis, Jeremy 110 

Lewis, Katnna 60. 83 

Leytham, Allison 56, 63, 1 15 

Lindsey, Monica 105 

Lisa, Steve 62, 1 1 7 

Little. Beth Ann 84 

Livingston, Luke 29 

Lobaugh, Amy 105 

Loges. Megan 113 

Long, Andy 107 

Loose, Ann-Marie 4, 54, 62, 63, 65. 84. 99 

Lopez. Jim 110 

Lowe, Jim 102 

Lucas, Deanna 64, 1 1 4 

Luciano, Jason 21, 67 

Ludwick, Laurena 108 

Lusch, Gretchen 84 

Lutz, Amy Jo 1 56, 1 57 

Lutz, Ricky 158, 159 
Luy, Dale 143 


Mackowiak, Donna 104 

Mackowski, Matt 103 

Maclay, Nate 147 

MacNair, Jennifer S 84, 1 10 

Madden, Ann 53, 58, 59, 105 

Madzelan, Nicole 84. 1 18 

Maguire, Megan 66 

Mahan, Jenny 59, 1 14 

Mahoney, Keith 110 

Makary, Mark 

Manfred. Beth 1 1 5 

Mann. Greg 68 

Markey. Missy 109. 116 

Markle, Beth 114, 116 

Marsh, Wendy 68 

Marshall, Liza 107, 139 

Martin. Kim Ill 

Martins, Debra 107 

Martzall. Rodney 107, 158 

Massey, Jennifer 84, 108 

Masso, Kelly 56. 57, 84 

Mastrangelo, Krista 65, 84 

Mateer. Kristin Rae 84, 99 

Matlack. Kim 160. 161 

Matukaitis. Mike 102 

Maxton. Angela 24. 84. 99, 193 

Mayer. Wendy 57, 84 

Mazurkevich. Susan 106 

McAfoose, Tamm\ 105 

McArthur, Jocelvn 104 

McCall. Brian 53.58.59, 105 

McCleaf. Jennifer 105 

McClune, Kirstin 1 40. 141. 161. 1 94 

McClure. Ann 13,55,84 

McCluskey. Kathryn 62. 63. 113 

McColgan. Sandra 58, 104 

McDonald. Lisa 66, 1 12 

McDonnell. Elizabeth 1 14 

McEwen. Paula Ill 

McFadden. J Kevin 85. 147 

McFadden. Sherilyn 62. 1 13 

McGay. Christine 37, 64. 85 

McGinnis. Michael 27. 68. 85 

McGowan. Carta Catherine 85 

McGuire. Brigid . 57, 85, 197 

McGuire, Jeremy 117 

McHarness, Cyndi 68 

McHose, Cathy 62, 115 

McManus, Rob 67, 102 

McNeal, Maria 113 

Mehta, Amita 1 1 1, 148 

Melcher, Kelly 58, 1 1 1 

Menzo, Gina 64, 85, 99, 1 15 

Merhar, Jen 61 

Mertz, Danielle 62, 1 1 5 

Metzger, Heidi 148, 149 

Mickletz, Jeff 147 

Mikolon. Tricia M 85 

Miller, Beth 60.61.65 

Miller. Jennifer 58, 59, 105 

Miller, Kevin 107 

Miller, Kristy 66 

Miller, Mary 61,62, 112 

Miller, Megan 106 

Miller, Penny 105 

Miller, Rosemary 67 

Miller, Scott 107 

Miller, Thomas J 85, 143 

Mink, Dan 103 

Mitchell, Melissa P 85,98, 115, 116 

Mitschang, Susan 112 

Modres, Jeannine 1 99 

Mohr, Anne Marie 65, 106 

Mohr. Michael 106 

Mollar, Daniela 104 

Montaperto. Kristin 58, 61, 1 13 

Moore, Barbi 36, 66, 85, 99 

Moore. Jen 112 

Moore, Roberta 65, 108 

Moran, Jennifer 67.85,105 

Morns, Chrissy 112 

Mott. Robert E 66, 86, 105 

Motz, Benjamin 69, 107 

Mountis, Athena 114 

Moyer, Amy 107 

Mrazik. Bob 151 

Mudd, Lisa 67, 113 

Muff, Tammy 107 

Munden, Laurie 113 

Munley, Maura Ill 

Murray. Amy Ill 

Murray. Bill 29, 67 

Murray, John 107 

Musa, Emmanuel 119 

Muschick, Paul 55, 56, 57, 61 

Musmanni, Nick 112 

Musser. Traci Lyn 86 

Myers, Cheryl 115 

Myers, Karen 54 


Nace. Tina 106 

Nagle. Beth 62. 113 

Nalpathanchil, Jessie 60. 61. 107 

Napoh. Rob 57. 66 

Naradko. Deborah 116 

Naylay, Jack 105 

Neary. Michele Lynn 86 

Neely, Missy 86. 1 1 I 

Neff, Kathleen S 86 

Nelson. Dagan 151 

Nevi. Brian 106 

Newton. Cathy 86 

Nice, Jennifer 66 

Nichols. Christine 54 

Nichols, Leslie 63, 113 

Niedbala, Kristin 61 

Nix, Herb 52, 61, 86 

Noble, Amy 55, 86, 118 

Noble, Fred 7, 57, 64, 86 

Noble, Natalie 113 

Noll, Tami 66, 1 1 1 

Nord, Kann 65. 86 

Norris. Brenda 45. 62, 86, 1 1 1 

Norton. Michele 58, 59 


O'Brien, Megan 69 

O'Donnell, Eileen 56. 57, 62, 86 

O'Hop, Laurie 104 

Oberst, Terry 67, 104 

Obuhanick. Miki 56, 59, 62, 1 14 

Ocone, Marie 62 

Oehme, Michele Lynn 87 

Ogle, Brian 110 

Ogurcak, Julie 109, 148 

Olson, Marc 69, 105 

Ordeix, Isabel 60 

Orrs, Sue Ill 

Osmundsen, Lisa 113 

Oswald. Brenda 61.69.87 

Paddock. Dusty 106 

Pahl, Betsy Ill 

Palmer, Heather 112 

Palmer, Justin 103 

Panella, Brian 66, 1 1 1 

Papeika. Michelle 115 

Parker, Brandon 110 

Parkes. Helen . 62,87, 139 

Parrish. Damon 103 

Parry, Heather 69. 1 1 1 

Patel. Ravi 6.61. 107. 117 

Patton, Christina E 87 

Patton, Paula 56 

Paul. Brandy 66 

Paul, Jennifer 113 

Paules, Eric 54, 57, 66 

Paulus, Jen 113 

Pavis. Jeremy 107, 198, 199 

Pavlich, Kristen 139 

Pawlowski, C 110, 136 

Pearce, Susan Lyn 87 

Pedersen. Aric 104 

Pedrick. Alison . 62,64,87, 113 

Pelletier. Monique 87, 1 1 1 

Penglase, Pamela 65. 68, 1 13 

Pental. Bret 105 

Perry. Heidi 7, 57, 107 

Perry, Sarah 63 

Peterhensel. Erin 1 1 1 

Peters. Karen L 87 

Peterson. Stephen A 87 

Petko. Jane 1 1 5 

Pezelv. Rob 103 

Pfeiffer. Krista 56, 63, 1 1 1 

Phillips. Barry Ill 

Phillips. Jessica 105 

Index 189 

Phillips, 1 aura 1 1 \ 

Phillips, Tish 140 

Piazza, \m> 1 1 1 

Pichiarello, Ann 104 

Pierantozzi, Maryellen 62 

Piercy.Phil no 

Pinard. Dawn 61, 66, 1 1 I 

Pizanie, Alison . . 112 

Plait. Linda 65. 106 

Plotl. Glenn 57 

Pocasc. Deirdre (' 87 

Poinsett, Jennifer I | 5 

Poklembo, Lisa 108 

Poley, Jason I io 

Polin. Dcnise 61. 87 

Pomroy, Jill Louise 87 

Poole. Tiffany Lynn 88 

Poore, Allison 66. 105 

Postens. Tara 106 

Poller. Wendy Leigh 88 

Powers. Kim 56 

Powers. Kimhcrls Ann 88 
Preston, Brelt 54.57,58.61.68,88 

Prim, Jenny 115 

Principe, Michelle 113. 117 
Pugh, Kevin 53.102.117 

Pugh. Norma 61. 88 

Puhalla, Eve 88 

Puleo, Dennis 143, 194 

Puorro. Bclh 144 
Puppala. Sujatha 14.65,88,115 

Puro, Hope 66, 1 14 

Putnam. Jen 62, 88, 115 


Rager, Jennifer 


Raimo, Elizabeth 


Raine. Tracy 

27, 41. 52 

Raincv. Susan M 


Rainville, Renee 

62. 113 

Ramsa\. Karen 

65. 106 

Randies. Krssta 


Rapp. Marty 

28. 29. 34. 67. 88 

Readinger. Beck\ 


Reddig. Michael 


Reed. Susan 


Reedman. Jennifer 


Reek. Pamela 


Recser. Lauren 


Rehling. Wends 

64,88, 119 

Reid. Jacqueline S 

69, 89 

Rcigan. Judith C 

66. 89 

Reinbold. Eric 


Reiner. Michelle 


Reissner. John 


Renniger, Ann 


Renninger. Brian 


Rcpko. Lynn 

89, 152 

Reynolds. Douglas 


Reynolds. Shawn 

110, 162 

Rhile, Barb 

62.67, 89. 143 

Rhoades. Beth 


Rhoads. Keirslen Ann 


Rhodes. Shells 

1 II 

Rich. Dase 

1 1 1 

Richardson. Ann 


Richardson. Lisa 


Richie. Sue 

1 1 1. 148 

Ricketts, Robin 

89. 1 1 5 

Ridgely. Kan 

1 14 

190 Index 

Rieck, Amy 64,65 
Riles. Jennifer 12. 59. 62.63. 89, 115 

Riley, Lee 103 

Riotto, I isa 8'>. 161 

Kisser. Ann 67 

Ritchey, Andrew 1 04 

Ritchie. Teresa 65. 105 

Roberts. Kathy 60. I 14 

Robin. Melame D 89 
Rohmson. Beth 58, 59. 62. 67, 105 

Robinson. Linda 89. 113 

Roh, Ike 107 
Rohrer, Elizabeth 62, 65. 115 

Rojahn. Alicia 90 

Rommel. Erick 29. 67 

Rorick, John |02 

Roscoc, Chris 6 1. 103 

Rosenfeld, Ayelet 105 

Rosetti, Karen | |2 

Ross, Alan 1 07 

Ross, Ashley 90 

Rossini, Joan 67, 143 

Rough, Kevin 68 

Roughgarden, Andy 90,107 
Rowe, Sean 103, 154 

Rowley, Jeffrey J 90 

Rubinkam, Mike 56 

Rumbaugh. Chris 102 

Runk, Kevin M0 

Runkle. Rebecca Lynn 90 

Russack, Julie l 1 3 

Russo. Barb 66. 109 

Russo. Maria I 12 

Ruth, Donald E 90 

Sabaka, Bethany 62 

Sahd, Matt 61 

Saienni, Rob 58,59,62,90.106,117 

Salva, Beth 64, 90 

Sandford. Mandy 68,115.116 

Sauder, Stephanie 62, 90 

Saulle, Rick 3, 43, 55 

Savare, Kate 10, 63, 109 

Savidge, Kristy 58, 1 14 

Scattergood, Katie 69. 90. 140 

Schaeberle, Michael 68. 90, 107 

Schaeffer, Jennifer 61 

Schaper, Bryan R 90 

Schappell, Carol 67. 112, 143 

Scharfenberger, Mike 35, 107 

Scharr. Mark 67. 91, 142, 143 

Schellhorn, Lisa 139 

Schiavoni, Jackie 66,148 

Schildknecht, Matt 106 

Schlotterbeck, Mike 103, 136, 152 

Sehmalenberger, Kevin 102 

Schm'ehl, Colleen 65, I 13 

Schork, Jennifer 58 

Schott, Karen 104 

Schravesandc, Mark 60. 61, 67, 118 

Schuette. Pam 54, 107 

Schult/. Steve 146 

Schultz. Tern | 39 

Schuman, Kevin 66 

Schwartz, Eric 151 

Sciarello. Lora 107 

Scott. Derek 56,67, 110 

Seagrist. Shawn 102 

Sccor. Dana 58, 63, 114 

66. 115, I 

30. 60, 



63. 69. 1 

91, 1 

65. IC 





56. 59, 9 


Segletes, Jennifer L 
Seller. Tracy 
Severin, Sergei 
Sesret. Robert 
Sgrignioli, Mike 
Shady. Jennifer 
Shaeffer, Jen 
Shafcr. Debbie 
Shafer. Joe 
Shaffer. Sherri 
Shannon. Katie 
Shaughnessy, Moira 
Shaw-Young, Melissa 
Sheaffcr, Ann-Marie 
Sheldon, Heather 
Sheppard. Scott 
Shifflet, Tony- 
Shin, Angela 
Shipman, Billy . 
Shoemaker, Abbey 
Shoemaker, Carla 
Showalter, Heather 
Shuck, Scott 

Shue. Jessica 

Shull. Joe 
Shultz, Steve 
Sides, Steph 
Siekierka, Carol 
Sielski, April 
Siket. Brian 
Silvestro, Charlene 
Simmons, Matt 
Simon, Andrea 

Simon, Nicole 

Simpson, Don 

Simpson, Mary Beth 65, 

Simpson, Skip 10( 

Sinay. Rachel J 9 

Sinkway, Steven 10 

Sinno, Beth .11! 

Sitter, Lee Anne 1 1< 

Sitzabee, Kerianne 34, 67, 91 

Siyani, Green 56, 1 IS 

Slavin, Kerri 58, 59. 65. 67, 92 

Slazinski, Kelly 64. 92 

Sleighter. Michelle 69, 1041 

Smathers, Cassandra 10a 

Smearman, Brenda 107 

Smeltzer, Kimberly L 92 

Smith. Aaron 147 

Smith, Alison 67. 92. 115. 143 

Smith, Becky 65. 107 

Smith, Connne 92 

Smith, Dee 68. 1 1 1 

Smith. Heidi 65. 115 

Smith, Karen 109 

Smith, Kim 108 

Smith, Sharon Ann 

Smith, Wendy 

64. 65. 92 


62. 108, 

Smither, Vis 

Snavely. Arlisa 

Snook, Kris 

Snyder, Michelle 

Snyder, Missy 6 

Snyder, Susan 

Spader. Kris 

Speakman. Scott 

Spencer, Rob 

Spragg, Andrew 

Sprengel, Gary 

Slandbridge, Susan B 






, 92, 144 



110. 152 

60. 104 




Stanson. Marcy 105 

Stanzionc, Joseph 92 

Slarks. Shanita 54, 105 

Stauffer, Philip H 92 

Steeley, Michelle 67, 142, 143 

Steiner, Heather 54. 107 

Stellatella, Chris 1 1 1 

Slephan, Natalie 67, 108 

Stern, Crissy 107 

Steuber, Sarah 61,69,93,105 

Stevens, Leah 115 

Stevens, Tanya 104 

Stiles, Noelle 66, 93, 99 

Stiner, Pam 104, 144 

Stoler, Abbie 68. Ill, 157 

Stoltzfus, Laurie 60, 66, 1 1 1 

Story, Karen 199 

Strayer, Kelly 59, 62, 68, 93. 113.117 

Strehl. Laurie 65 

Strieker, Amy M 93 

[Stuckey. Mary Jo 69 

Studders, Eileen 104 

Stutler, Amie 61. 62. 1 13 

SufTredini, Karyn 152 

Sunho, Do 102 

Suozzo. Tony 23 

Swatner, Ron 110 

Sweeny, Katy 65, 67 

Sucnson. Man. Ann 115 

Tag, Tamm\ 109, 144 

Takkenberg, Hennk 67. 118, 152 

Tallman, Brandi 52 

Tarsi, Lisa 34. 35, 107. 117 

Tavares, Tony 66 

Tcgethoff, Willi 60, 118 

Teoli. John 147 

Testani, Michael R 93 

Thompson, Megan 56. 93 

Thornton, Andrea 61, 157 

Thrailkill, Sharon 93 

Tiefenthaler, Donna 64, 1 18 

Tillman, Trina , 61, 67 

Tillyer, Mike 10 

Todd, Sue 61.64,65, 67, 93. 119 

Tonia, Piotr 107 

Toomey, Eric 158 

Torbeck. Brian 103 

Torre, Jason 110 

Trala, Patricia A 93 

Treaster. Tricia Ill 

Tregea, Steven 105 

Tressler, Chris 102 

Tressler, Susan A 93 

Trexler. Amy 65 

Trexler, Heidi 62 

Trimble. Scott 93. 142 

Troutman, Marcy 62, 1 15 

Tu, Ailinh 64. 93 

Tucker. Mara Beth 94 

Tufarolo, Karyn 63 

Tully, Danielle 104, 143 

Turnbull, Stephanie 68. 105 

Uftring, Karl 
Uhlig, Carrie 
Ulmer, Rob 
Urich. Ron 
Urland. Julie 

Vacula, Nicole 
Van Buren, Diane 
Verdelli, Joanne 


62, 115 
66. 140 



Liber. Becky 
Uciyama, Eijiro 



Waff, Holly 68 

Wagner, Becky 40,61,69,94 

Wagner, Judson 110 

Wagner. Kathleen 115 

Wagner. Melanie 55 

Walker. Chris 103 

Walper, Nicole . . 115 

Walter, Jennifer 55, 105 

Warfel, Faith 115 

Warner, Marcy 65, 105 

Warren, Sandy . . 28,29,56.57.61,94,115 

Watkeys, Kim 58, 66, 105 

Watson, Amy 115 

Watts, Kristen 63 

Wauhop, Brian 56, 57, 94 

Weaver, Angie 65, 106 

Weaver, Patience A 94 

Weaver, Sherry 104 

Weber, Rachel 107 

Weeks, Jen 65 

Weidner, Anne 105 

Weis, Wayne D 94 

Weiss, Susan 58, 59, 60, 113 

Weitkamp, Clyde 94 

Weitzel, Michelle 161 

Wells, Douglas A 94 

Welsh, Kathleen 114 

West, Chris 162 

Westerfield, Sue . . 64, 67 

Westervelt. Kenneth 69, 94, 98, 105 

Wetmore, Douglas 94 

Wheatley, Gin 61, 105 

Whelan, Beth 58. 61, 113 

White, Heather 56, 57, 94 

White, Ida 104 

Whitmeyer, Michele 104 

Whitney, Erin ....'.... 58. 62 

Wickenheiser, Mat 102 

Wiessner. Gina 66. 105 

Wilcke, Sarah 112 

Wiles, Barry 67, 94. 143 

Wiley. Martha 140 

Williams, Bonnie 161 

Williams, Dionne 60 

Williams, Mark 107 

Willison, Barbara 114 

Wilson, Deb 66, 95. 115 

Wilson, Kenny 102 

Wilson, Patricia 60. 63 

Winston. Marimba 1 13 

Wischner. Lynn 67. 69. 108. 139 

Wise. Knstie 62 

Wise. Michael 104 

Wolf, Holly 66 

Woll, Pamela 62 

Wolson, Amanda 1 14 

Woltman, Ruth 148 

Wolyniak, Rebecca 65,199 

Woodeshick, Karen 60.115 

Woodfield, Missy 54, 64, 68 

Workman, Leanne 161 

Worley, Staci 66 

Wosiski, Krista 95, 1 1 4 

Wright, Debi 54, 56, 58, 62 

Wright, Steph 105 

Wulderk, Holly 111 

Wyman. Jen 116 

Wyrick, Merrie Beth 95 

Yacklovich, Kristi 105 

Yeager, Gretchen 67, 1 13 

Yingling, Ginger 68 

Young. Susie 148 

Yunger, Liz 60. 69, 1 1 1 

Yutzler, Gretchen 62, 95 

Zachary, Dave 57,61. 110 

Zakis, Christy 58, 59, 66, 140, 141 

Zarrella, Dina 60, 64, 1 1 1 

Zawislak, Audry . . 108. 161 

Zeger, Kirk 143 

Zehringer, Mark 105 

Zeigler, Dale 13,55,56,57,95 

Zeigler, Renee 31,95. 119 

Zeloski, Aimee 65. 67, 108, 1 57 

Zenhausern, Rachel 59. 67. 95 

Zeoli, Denise 37, 62, 95 

Zerbe, Jen 95, 140 

Zimmerman. Heather E 95 

Zimmerman. Karen 56, 199 

Zimmerman, Tracy 57, 95 

Index 191 



A student takes a break from writing 
a paper. 


". . .Forever, 

So many faces in and out of my life. 

Some will last, 

Some will just be now and then. 

Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes. 

I'm afraid it's time for goodbye again. . ." 

"Say Goodbye To Hollywood" by Billy Joel 
(c) 1976 JOEL SONGS 

All Rights Controlled and Administered by EMI BLACK- 

All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. Used 
by Permission. 

192 Closing 

Michelle Degler helps another stu- 
dent prepare for an upcoming exam. 

■ > 

Phil D'Adderio takes a break be- Angela Maxton works hard on her 
tween classes to get a drink. Senior Seminar paper. 

Closing 193 

Moira Shaughnessy discusses a novel Kirsten McClune and Amy Daven- 
with two fellow students. port find that any place can be a 

good place to study. 

194 Closing 

Closing 195 

196 Closing 

Two students enjoy reading their Robbie Martin, a January 1992 grad- 
mail. uate, enjoys coffee with Skip Rod- 


Closing 197 


ma B| 


Jeremy Pavis takes time to decorate 
Instructional Services worker, Al- his loft 
ison Billoni, always greets you 
with a smile. 

198 Closing 


Jeannine Modres, Karen Story, and 
Rebecca Wolyniak pose for a group 

Karen Zimmerman shares a laugh at 
Instructional Services. 

Closing 199 

200 Closing 

•■".v>;; >•*•->■ -.^viW-'-"-- - ■ ^H ^ ■■■'■'is.' ■ I •<*•.• V - I ■ I 

1 , H BH EH • ra #$28* Ik 

l| Kg!!